ME: Time for the Autumn to be defended-good Lord, we're in for a fight.

"AHH!" Staff Sergeant Malcolm Geffen screamed in his English accent as he rushed in with his two comrades. "Bloody Hell, we're under attack mates!"

"Da?" Corporal Vasily Beloi sarcastically responded in his Slavic one. "I had no idea!"

"Shut up Vaz!" Sergeant Lian Devereaux butted in. Her Asian/French-Canadian nationality showed. Rolling her eyes she got on the radio. "Captain Ponder, this is Sergeant Devereaux. We've secured Launch Bay Seven and are awaiting orders! Over."

"Copy that Sergeant," the demoted officer responded. "Uh, you've got a Pelican inbound, but don't worry-."

"Wait, what?" the female NCO barked out as her Company Commander shut down the link.

Suddenly the distinctive dropship swooped in. All three of the Orbital Drop Shock Troops screamed in shocked and raised their MA5Cs as their reaction.

Carolina jumped out of her ride. A trio of Marines guarding the hangar opened fire but the 7.62x51mm NATO rounds had no effect. With her boots the Freelancer knocked over the only woman in their group, grabbed her by the neck and slammed her into the nearest of the other two ODSTs.

The remaining one screamed in fright. "Dasvidaniya Comrades!" he yelled.

Carolina calmly grabbed him by the head as he turned to run and slammed his face into her raised right knee. Dropping her now unconscious opponent she calmly got to her pilot.

"Niner, we're all good here."

"Got it boss, here comes the rest of the party-goers."

With that York, Maine, CT, Wash, Tex, Wyoming, North and South charged out of the "Blood Tray." All armed to the teeth and ready to win.

"Mother of Invention, this is Foxtrot Zero-Eight. Team has been inserted and we're ready to commence with the mission. Over."

"Copy Agent Carolina, standby-." Suddenly the frequency just went from being useful to a headache producer.

"Boss?" York asked. "What just happened?

"I just lost Mother," she answered. "Niner, can you raise Command?"

"Negative. Can't get a signal from the outside."

"Well," South commented, "looks like we aren't in the frying pan now."

"Shut it South," Carolina scolded her.

(ME: Heads-up; in this version, Carolina is the older sister of the Dakota twins. Come on, she grabbed both of them before getting the two to safety and South seems to envy Carolina and dislikes her showing up to help out her and North.)

"Yes Mom," the younger agent sarcastically responded. Just before the lights went out.

"FOOLS!" a commanding voice said, further spooking the already fuckin scared-ass Freelancers. "You have made a mistake boarding this sacred temple!"

"Crazed religious fanatic isn't in this year," Wash said as he shook in his grey and yellow armor. "Dude, what the fuck is wrong? We all know the rules!"

"Could've fooled me," a male voice that was just as commanding but less creepy.

"Aw shit."

ME: Who is this mysterious man? WTF is with him? And why did they turn out the lights?