Chance- Chapter 1

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Before we start a brief synopsis of the characters would be nice:
Sasuke, one of the main characters, is in his mid twenties, he has no facial expressions and doesn't laugh, have very much fun, is cheap but has a lot of money.

Hinata, one of the main characters, is in her mid twenties also, is very pretty but has no money, lived in a small house and is on the verge of having is go into bankruptcy and lose the house. She has bad luck and is clumsy.

Now the story-

Sasuke wakes up at 7:30 a.m. sharp every week day, it's a habit now; it's all according to schedule for him. He brushes his teeth, brushes his hair and puts on his suit. Ties his tie and his shoes, and then zips up his jacket. He takes the coffee out of the coffee maker and pours himself a cup.

Right when he is about to leave his phone rings and he runs to get it.

Sasuke, "Hello?" He says tiredly

Naruto, "Hey bro! It's me! Naruto."
"Why did you call me, you know I have to go to work at this time."
"Come on, can't a bro just talk to you for a sec?"
"What is it?"
"Well, I've decided I'm coming over this weekend."

"Well, it has been years since we have talked face to face, and I want to see your wife, I haven't had the pleasure of meeting her."
Sasukes mind, "Oh yeah, I forgot lied to him about me having a wife."
Naruto, "So, I'll be their this Saturday, 6 p.m., okay?"
"I guess."
"See you soon."
The phone hangs up then Sasuke looks at his watch.

"Shit, it's almost time for work!"
Sasuke runs to his car and hops onto the wheel and drives away to his job.

*At Work*

Sasukes mind, "What am I going to do? I can't reveal this lie to him, it is the only thing I've got over him."

His co-worker then walks up to him and pats him on the back.

Shino, "Hey bud, what'cha doin'?"
Sasuke, "Trying to fix the bugs left in this program then I'll be done as long as I can get the encryption codes by tomorrow."
"Work, work, work, is that all you do? How about a break from this for a while?"
"I don't think so, I'm busy."
"Busy, shmusy, just for a sec, lets go to the water fountain and relax for a minute."
Sasuke then looks at his watch and says:
Sasuke, "I guess I can spare a minute."
Shino and Sasuke walk over to the water fountain and they both pour themselves some water out of the dispenser.

Shino, "So, how has life been treating you?"
Naruto, "Fine."
"Fine, just fine he says. I think its time you got break from this dump for a while."
"What do I need a break for? Nothing or rather no ones waiting for me at home, nor do I have anything to do after work."

"That's exactly why you've gotta get your head outta the game plan, man. Listen, why don't you go out with me and the guys tomorrow after work? We are going to the bowling al…"
Sasuke then looks at his watch.

Sasuke, "Look at the time, minutes over, back to work."
Later the day.

Sasukes mind, "Oh yeah, I forgot about my brother being here this Saturday, maybe I should hire a fake wife, an actress."
Sasuke laughs in his mind but shows no facial emotion

Sasukes mind, "Actually, that's not a bad idea, I'll try that as soon as I get home."

*After work: At home*

Sasuke turns on his laptop and connects to the internet.

Sasuke, "Lets see, hire actresses."
He clicks on a page and gets the phone number, he then dials the number and someone picks up.

Lynda, "Thank you for calling Avid acting, Lynda speaking."
Sasuke, "Oh, hey Lynda, I need an actor to come here and pretend to be my wife for few days."
Lynda, "Okay, anything else?"
"Yeah, make sure she can cook… and give me the cheapest one you could find."
Lynda, "O…okay, and will that be all?"
He then gives his location and his credit card number.

Lynda, "Thank you for choosing Avid Acting!"
They hang up at the same time and then Lynda thinks to herself

Lyndas mind, "Man, what a cheapskate."

Sasuke, "Now, all I have to do is set up a room for my 'wife' and then the rest is a done deal."

*Next Morning*

"Ring, Ring, Ring…" went Hinatas phone as it rang.

Hinata, "Hello"
Hinatas boss, "Hinata, I've got a job for you."
"Really? I'm so glad! Where is it?"
"Oh its at _ in _road."
"Great! I know where that is. What do I have to do? And when do I have to be their."
Then everything was explained to her.

Hinata, "Thanks soo much for entrusting me with this job!"
Hinatas boss, "Sure, just try not to mess anything up."
Hinata, "You can count on m…"
Then she tripped onto the floor.

Hinatas boss, "Hinata? Are you their?"

"Uh, I'm fine sir, thanks again."

"Good luck."
He hung up while Hinata was trying to get herself orientated again.

Hinata, "Looks like I've got a job for the time being!" She then jumps in enjoyment, but then trips on her foot and fall back onto the floor.

Hinata, "Eww-Guw!"

*Later that day*

Hinata arrives by a taxi and as soon as she arrives she looks at the huge home that she will be residing in.

Hinata, "Wow, look how big it is! This guy must got a lot of money!"
She rings on the door bell and a man opens the door, it's Sasuke.

Sasuke, "Welcome, come inside."
Hinata, "Why thank you."
She walks cheerfully inside looking and inspecting the huge home.

Sasuke, "So you are the actor?"
Hinata, "Yep, I am, I will be portraying your wife right?"
"That's true; please sit down so I can explain things to you."
She sits on a big red couch.

Sasuke, "Well, for starters, we should set up some rules, rule number one, never sit on my couch."
Hinata smiles away cheerfully not noticing that she is sitting on his favorite couch.
Sasuke, "Ahem…"
Hinata, "Oh, you mean this one?"
Sasuke nods. Hinata sits on one of the lovely chairs with pillows on the seat.

Sasuke, "Well, rule number two, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner you will be cooking."
Hinata, "Sure, my original goal was to become a chef until my uncle decided he…"
Sasuke, "Great! That brings us to rule number three, never speak unless spoken to."
Hinata then looks down at her hands.

Sasuke, "Rule number four, when my brother comes this Saturday, make sure you have a fancy feast prepared for us, you can eat where we eat that day, but till then you will eat in your room, which you will have to clean in a regular basis and the rest of the house also."
Hinata then frowns at him.

Hinata, "I'm not a slave, I'm a hired actor!"
Sasuke, "Great, now I hired you to act like a maid."
Sasuke then looks at her straight into the eye, goes up the stairs and says-

"Get some rest, you are going to need it."
Hinatas mind, "Man, what did I sign into?"

To be continued…

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