Chance Chapter 4-

*At the Mall*

Sasuke, "*Yawn* Looks like we are here."
Hinata, "Yippee!"
"What are you so happy about?"
"Oh nothing…"
Hinatas mind, "YEAH!"
Sasukes mind, "I have a bad feeling about this."

*In the mall*

Sasuke, "Okay, where do you want to begin?"

Hinata, "Oh, this one here."
She points at a store with lots, and lots of women's clothing.

Sasuke, "I guess we can begin our voyage their, just try not to bore me…"
Before he could finish his sentence Hinata was in the store choosing clothes.

Hinata waved Sasuke over to where she was and he walked into the store to where she was.

Hinata, "Here, look at this one, what do you think of it? Does it look good on me?"
She puts it on her body to give a glimpse of how it would look on her.

Sasuke, "Why don't you just go into the changing room and try it on their?"
Hinata then jumps in happiness and falls down, Sasuke lifts her up back to her feet then smiles lightly.

Sasuke, "Changing rooms are that way." He points to one of them.

Hinata blushes lightly and walks up to it. She starts changing while poor Sasuke has to wait outside sitting on a bench. Once she finally gets out with the dress on she takes a twirl and looks at him seriously.

Hinata, "What do you think?" Then another twirl.

Sasuke, "Its okay."
She goes up close to his face and (revealing a bit of her cleavage) asks:
Hinata, "Only okay?"
Sasuke puts his hand on her face and pushes it away from his.

Sasuke, "Its fine, don't waste too much time on one freaking dress, this was my day off, you know. You're lucky for having such a person take you shopping, so generous of me."
He then pats himself on the back.

Hinata, "Whatever…"
She then tries on more then 20 dresses and skirts and pants and jeans, poor Sasuke endured it all.

She dragged Sasuke to all sorts of stores, at the last stop she said:
Hinata, "Hey, what don't we go to Claires and get some accessories? What is clothes without any accessories? I just can't be done!"
Sasuke looks at her with a face of desperation to get the hell out of their.
Sasuke, "You're just trying to crunch every dime you can out of me aren't you?"
Hinata, "No commento!"

Hinata and Sasuke go to Claires and buy a few necklaces and hair bands and jewelry in general for her.

Sasuke sees one necklace with a star on the end, and he likes it.

Sasuke, "Hey Hinata?"
Hinata, "What is it?"

"Try this on."
She turns around and he puts it on her neck. Hinata faces him again with a light blush and looks at him with a happy face.

Hinata, "Is it good?"
Sasuke, "It's great, we are definitely getting this."
They go to leave to the mall but Sasuke notices a store that sells expensive rings and jewelry.

Sasuke, "Damn, wait a sec Hinata, I forgot the most important thing, the ring."
Hinata, "Huh? What ring?"
"We are pretending to be married, remember? We need a ring."
He grabs her arm and brings her into the store.

Hinata, "Sasuke, all the rings here are super expensive."
Sasuke, "Nah, its no big deal, just pick anyone you want, and don't worry about the price."
Hinata then decides, hell if she's gonna pick something its going to be big and pretty.

Sasuke, "Look at this ring, don't you like it?"
Hinata, "Wow, it's so pretty, with its diamonds around the big one."
Sasuke, "Ok, we will get this one and I will get a basic gold ring."

*At the car*

Hinata, "Aren't these rings just precious?"
Sasuke, "Yeah they sure are, I'm so proud of myself." He then pats himself on the back again.

Hinata, "Sasuke, thanks for everything."
Sasuke, "No big deal at all, and don't worry…"
He pats her on the head.

Sasuke, "I won't take this off your paycheck."
Hinata jumps in happiness again but then fall onto the gravel.

Sasuke, "You are such a klutz, but I like that about you."
Hinata blushes but looks the other way.

Hinata, "I don't need you to tell me that."
Sasuke, "Let's go."

*Back home*

Sasuke puts his coat and all the bags of clothing on the floor.

Sasuke, "*Yawn* It looks like we have had a full day together. Why don't you cook us some thing to eat? ...Hinata?"

When he looked around, she was sleeping on his couch.
Sasuke, "Didn't I say never sleep on my favorite couch? You never follow rules… you are so unorthodox… but that's what I like about you."
He looks at her sleeping for a while and goes up to her

Sasuke, "Good night, Hinata."
He kisses her cheek, goes upstairs and brings a blanket for her.

Sasuke, "Sweet dreams."
Hinata, "*Snore*"

He chuckles to himself then goes into his room.

He jumps onto bed.

Sasukes mind, "I'm too tired to take a shower, I will do it in the morning tomorrow."

Sasukes heart beats quite quickly and he fells, somewhat happy. He looks down on his hands.

Sasuke, "What is this feeling? I don't know what it is… it's so strange."

He shuts off the light by clapping and goes to sleep with his jeans on.

*Next Morning*

Sasuke, "*Yawn* Darn it, I woke up extra early today, I might as well take a shower now."
He hears a vacuum in the background.

Sasuke, "Sounds like Hinata got an early awakening too, good for her."

He takes his necessary clothes and goes into the shower.

Hinata, "Almost done… Crap, I forgot to vacuum the small carpet in the bathroom."

She picks the vacuum up and opens the door into the bathroom. She then looks up and sees Sasuke with only a towel on his waist.

Sasuke, "…"
Hinata, "Ah….ah…"
She then covers her face with her hands.

Sasuke, "Ahh, Hinata did you want to join me? Why didn't you just tell me? This is so unexpected!"
Hinata turns around and runs out the door, closing it behind her.

Sasuke, "It was going to be fun, darn it!"
He enjoys teasing her.

Hinata goes into another room with her heart beating and blushing madly.

Hinata, "That man, what was he thinking? That was embarrassing!"

Sasuke puts on his shirt and pants then goes into the room she was in.

Sasuke, "Come on Hinata, if you wanted some alone time with me, you could of just said so."
She looks sternly at him, blushing, but serious.

Hinata, "I want no such thing."

Sasuke, "Aw, too bad, we could've had something here."
"In you dreams." When she says this she decides to go back to work but then falls onto the floor because she tripped on a table's foot.

Hinata, "Ouch…"
Sasuke looks at her, and laughs a bit.

Sasuke, "You can't even go a day without tripping or falling, can you?"

He picks her up by the waist, he looks at her in the eyes but she just looks down.

Hinata, "My whole life, I have been accident prone."
Sasuke, "I can see that, did your mom drop you when you were a baby?"
"NO! What led you to such a conclusion?"
"Just asking, no need to be defensive."
She looks at him at the eyes madly, with fire in them.

Sasuke, "Okay now, just make some breakfast, no need to burn a wet bush."
Hinata, "I guess so, just wait in your room, I will call you down when breakfast is ready."

He goes back into the room while Hinata goes into the kitchen with her heart still beating quite quickly.

Hinata, "Why is my heart beating like this? He is cheap, and weird. But nice at times."
She smiles to herself for a second.

Hinata, "I'm going to make this the best breakfast he has ever eaten!"
When she was done she called him down to eat what she had made.

Hinata, "Here you go, I cooked sliced bread with butter and made bacon, scrambled eggs and home cooked Meshi."

Sasuke, "Meshi? So early in the morning?"
"My mother always made Meshi in the morning, I don't know why, but this is made with love, so please enjoy it."
"I plan on it."
He eats some while Hinata only looks at him for approval.

Sasuke, "Great food, well done."
She smiles with accomplishment.

Sasuke, "Hinata, my brother is coming tomorrow, so I want you to set up a room for him, I think he is going to stay the night, since he is coming here around 6 p.m."

Hinata, "Okay, I'll do it."

Sasuke, "And whatever you do, never eat any of his chocolate."
"What? Chocolate? Why?"
"You will find out soon enough."

To be continued…

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