The New Rebellion failed, just as the Old Rebellion did. The rebels were slightly more successful: they did manage to take over all of Panem and kill the Capitol's President. However, once the first presdient, President Paylor, died, the candidates for the presindency played dirty. They sparked rumors, spreaded lies and turmoil, and even assasinated the top nominee. During this time of unrest and weakness, the Capitol seized the advantage and took over, quickly re-instating power over the Districts and truly destorying District 13 once and for all. District 12 was put back into action as a nessessity, and the Capitol slid back into their old routines, deserving the luxruy of their lives. After all, the Districts had taken everything from them, including their children, put into the Seventy-Sixth Hunger Games, which is nicknamed "The Capitol Games." So as punishment for their crimes, the Capitol re-instated the Hunger Games upon the Districts.

The Seventy-Seventh Hunger Games has been called the climax of all the Games. Not one Hunger Games has ever come close to the ferocity and intrigue that this Game had. Twists and turns lurked around every corner, horrors were many, and fear was turned in the hearts of every being who watched the show, inside or outside of the Arena. It is said that even the winner of this Game wakes up screaming every night, still haunted by the Games that nearly didn't let a victor remain.

~Excerpt from The Silent Killer: A Complete History of The Hunger Games

Rosilian Snow stood in front of the cameras. Her face was smooth and umblemished like all in the Capitol, but there was something in her eyes, ice-blue just like her grandfather's, that was harsh and tortured: she only sign that she had been the victor of the Capitol Games. Although the odds were repeatedly stacked against her, she managed to come out on top; the sole survivor.

The cameras clicked on, and she was live.

"Citizens of Panem," she addressed them, her voice smooth, "The New Rebellion has officially failed. As many of you already know, I, Rosilian Snow and victor of the Seventy-Sixth Hunger Games, am the new president of Panem."

She paused to let the information sink in.

"I have thought long and hard over what I should do to punish the Districts for their uprising against the Capitol. I considered anniliating another District. I considered making the Districts work as slaves, instead of for pay, blackmail instead of bribery. But," she said, "I have decided that the best way to show the Districts that all that they did, all that they worked for, was in vain, is simple."

"I have been through the Hunger Games. I have fought and killed and saved and won and lost, all at the same time. I have seen their horrors and lived it. I know how the Districts feel when they see a tribute fall. I have felt the way a victor does when she comes home a stranger."

"And I have decided that there is no better way to punish the Districts."

The live audience was in an uproar, cheering and crying out in suppory of her descision.

She waited for them to quiet down before continuing. "One thousand, seven hundred and one District tributes have died in the Hunger Games, not including the victors killed in the Seventy-Fifth, or the victors that were executed in the -three Capitol children have died as well. Those Capitolian children's deaths will be avenged. I don't care if it takes a hundred more years of Hunger Games, with twenty-three hundred more District children dead."

"So put on your reaping dress, and gather in the town square. The Seventy-Seventh Hunger Games are about to begin."

Her eyes sparked with a slight madness.

"And may the odds be ever in your favor."

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