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Chapter 1: A Great Night With No Frights

Carl POV

Yes Friday night Is here finally. Now hopefully tonight will be a great night with my girlfriend Denise. Now you might say Carl you got an angel to fall for you sly dog you, however that is not the case I find it almost incredible she even likes me. Yea me clumsy, sports impaired and awful at socializing the one the only Carl Montclaire (insert triumphant music here).

I mean the past couple years have been 'fun' to say the least, yea if you call getting trapped in a shadow dimension almost completely deleted on a computer and being mauled by a female Serge 'fun'.

I admit there were the good times however being turned into Carlie wasn't one of them though I did learn some lessons from being a girl for a week.

OK so enough of the reminiscing right now I am watching the cool unique and totally chill Porter Jackson, completely freak out about his date with Jen Jen.

"OK Carl the white with black stripes or the black with white stripes." He says to me and i look at him confused.

"What?" He says disheartened. "Its a big deal."

I can't tell the difference between the two. "Wait aren't you two going upstairs for your date?" I say to him referring to heaven. He just nods at me.

"So don't they have a strictly white rule up there?"I say to him he looks generally shocked at me.

"I guess your right ha never thought of that." He says.

"So don't you have to get going it is 7 right?"

"Oh snap you're right," He smiles Fiendishly at me.

"Speaking of snaps when Is Denise getting here?" He says kinda gloomy I know he wants us to be careful after all angels and humans aren't supposed to date after all (yea stupidest rule ever)

"Soon I hope after all with you Becky and mom gone me and a Denise can have some alone time." I say and smile at him.

"Yea well just don't do anything stupid." He says to me and I look at him hurt by his comment.

"When have I ever done anything stupid?" I say to him smugly. "OK what about the time you tried cheating at the science games." He says to me.

"Well that was diffe-" I don't get to finish cause he cuts me off. "What about when you snuck over to spy on the terrendale tigers?"

"You know what I think it's about time you did your head bobbing thing and go." I say to him annoyed.

"I think your right my good man and remember don't do anything." He says before beaming out.

Now what to do while I wait for Denise to get here...I got nothing.

"Carl get down here we need to talk." I hear my mom say for down the stairs. I wonder what she wants to talk to me about.

"Coming Mom." I say back to her before heading down the stairs only to discover my mom at the bottom of the stairs with her arms crossed oh snap I'm in trouble.

"Carl, Becky has informed me that you have a Girlfriend you neglected to tell me about," She says while leering at me. "Care to explain why?"

"Oh you know me mom busy, busy, busy." I say and smile awkwardly at her.

"Carl yesterday you spent your day on the couch counting the number of specks on the ceiling." She says and she's not lying I did and I counted 231,345 specks.

"Well I don't know Mom I guess I guess I hadn't thought of it." I say to her and it's true I really haven't thought about it.

"Well that settles it then your girlfriend..." I don't think she knows her name.

"Denise." I say answering her.

"Right Denise is coming over for dinner tomorrow." She says to me.

"Well I guess that's only fair...WAIT WHAT!" Denise meeting my embarrassing mom and evil sister.

"Yup so you better invite her," I know I'm beat right now and now I'm gonna be girlfriendless just great all I can do is nod in agreement. "Well me and Becky have to get going."

"OK mom you two have fun with whatever it is you guys do to have fun." Whatever they do it's not like I care about it.

"We do fun things unlike you Carl who is more boring than watching paint dry." Becky chimed in and I have to admit she has a point I can be quite dull.

"C'mon Becky it's time to go. Bye Carl see you when we get home." Mom says giving me a hug before her and Becky leave through the front door. I sigh in relief what am I going to do.

I was standing there for awhile until I felt a pair of soft hands cover my eyes. "Guess who?" the voice says to me.

"Is it Alex?" I answer back toying with the voice.

"No not Alex." The voice answered back.

"is it Jane, Brittany or Serge?" I ask back to the voice.

"Too red, too full of herself and heck no I'm not a dude."She says back to me.

"Well in that case you must be my beautiful, funny and smart girlfriend Denise." I say to her before removing her hands form my eyes and turning around to see her cute freckle filled face blushing like crazy.

"Aww you're so cute you're blushing." I say before kissing her lightly on the lips. She kisses back with her sweet lips that taste oddly like strawberries.

After we pull away she looks flushed once again and I hear a faint whistle. I cup her flushed cheeks softly and lean over to whisper in her ear. "You don't need to be so nervous around me after all I'm just Carl."

She smiles up at me and says. "Thanks Carl your the best boyfriend ever!"

I laugh at what she said. "And your the best Girlfriend ever!" I tell her back and I grab her hips and bring her close while giving her an Eskimo kiss. She in turn wrapped her arms around my neck.

"Oh yea I wanted to ask you if you wanted to come over for dinner with my family tomorrow?"

"Are you sure, I don't think they're like me." She answers gloomily.

"Don't say that," I say back to her "My mom and even Becky will like you trust me."

"OK Carl And thank you for being so sweet." She says to me I kiss her again and then whisper your welcome to her.

"So how about a movie?" I whisper to her and she nods slowly.

I put in the movie it was 'Marly And Me' not going to lie I cried 20 minutes before Marly died the first time I watched it. I sit down on the edge of the couch and she sits beside me.

"What I don't get a snuggle buddy?" I ask her cockily.

"Yes, yes you do." She says before snuggling into my chest I bring her closer to me until she sitting on my lap watching the movie and laying her head on my chest.

About 20 minutes into the movie I hear her letting out soft even breathes and I'm positive she fell asleep. I decide it's OK so I rest my head on hers relax. I could not be more happy than I am right now.

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