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Chapter 5: The Power Of Two Can Be Something New

Now I'm not really sure what happened one moment I'm heading off to the jousting the next I'm swallowed by people and forced onto a really big and hungry jungle cat...this is nothing like Tigger in Winnie the Pooh.

What? I watched that as a kid and Tigger was always so nice and bouncy unlike this death machine I'm currently strapped to. Currently my surroundings are a little room with a big window to the left and a big door ahead of I sigh feeling a bit nervous.

It's not all bad I did name him, his name is Chompy I think thats a good name

"Porter are you absolutely crazy?" I yell at him as he smiles beside me.

"Relax Carl I have everything under control."

"Hey Porter quick question," I say grabbing his attention. "Why the heck is there a rocket strapped to Chompy!"

"Well how else are you supposed to fly?" Hmm Fly, Fly...FLY!

"And when was the flying added into this?" I say trying desperately not to freak out/ throw up/ pass out all at the same time that CAN happen you know.

"Um lets see today Tuesday and yesterday was Monday and last year was 2011-"

"What? Just get to the point Porter!"

"Right the point is that i just added it in about," He then looked down at his imaginary watch. "About two freckles-I mean seconds ago."

"Your an idiot sometimes Porter."

"An idiot I might be Ser Carl however I am the idiot who is your best friend." He smiles brightly at me and I sigh.

"Why did I have to get stuck with you again?"

"Because without me you'd still be a wimpy, scrawny, a social outcast, no good at sports-"

"OK I get it jeez didn't have to be so hard on me," I say cutting him off. "Wait if that what was I was what am i now?"

He said nothing and just smiled at me.

"OK that grin is starting to creep me out a bit Porter."

"Right now Carl it's your chance to be a hero."

"You do realize how cheesy you sound right now." Though I do admit as fire has erupted in my heart and soul.

"I know but you've been treated bad your entire life and now it's time to show your worth and remember with a strong heart you can accomplish anything."

"You got that from Hercules didn't you." Though it was very inspiring.

"Maybe," At that moment the giant gate in front me opened up revealing a large stadium with loud cheering. "Go get 'em Hero."

I breath deeply as I guided Chompy out of the gate. I took a look around the whole stadium was packed full of all sorts of people peasants, upper classmen and women, and the...princess.

I then see a couple of workers come out of a large door with a big tub of chocolate now when I say big I do mean big the things the size of a large swimming pool. I am lead over to a waiting area of the wall closest to me.

I see the other door on the far side of the Colosseum open up and reveal another guy with really pale skin bright blonde hair and a giant mole on his face and riding a tiger almost identical to Chompy. At that moment the Princess made an announcement.

"Hello my fellow subjects today is a great day," She started and the crowd started to cheer again louder than before. "And I know if my father was here he would be proud of this day."

She smiled brightly then continued. "Now the first match of this evening, court Harold if you please." She motioned for the guy holding the trumpet next to her to begin.

He blew his trumpet loudly then spoke. "The first match is between two young competitors in their first ever joust." The crowd cheered loudly again.

"Now on the left we have the peasant coming it at 6 feet, Ser Seymour Fancypants esquire!" He exclaimed and i can't help but chuckle I mean Seymour Fancypants really. The crowd give a decent roar of enthusiasm.

"And on the right we have the other newbie coming in at 5 foot 9 Ser Carl Monteclaire!" And you know what I get NOTHING you could hear the wind go by jeez I must be quite uninspiring.

I wave nervously to the crowd and I hear light clapping from up high I see the princess herself clapping for me. That must have been enough for the rest of the crowd because they starting to cheer and clap too as I saw Denise give me her sweetest smile.

"Now joust hands will you give the noodles of Destruction to the jousters." The Harold commands trying to be dramatic and failing horribly at it. The hand's dip them in chocolate before handing one noodle to each of us. I'm not going to lie it is disgusting touching a pool noodle dipped in chocolate but quickly let the thought fade away into the back of my self conscious thought.

"Now remember no hand to hand conflict and no groin shots," He looks down at both of us. "So without further delay let the 68th annual Super Awesome Mega King's Joust commence."

"On my count," Princess Denise calls out. "3,2,..." Is this ever going to sta- "1, GO"

And just like that Ser Fancypants comes charging at me i panic and hit the jet pack button. So me and Chompy are currently up in the air and good 4 metres up from the ground. "OK listen Chompy when he comes at us I want to dodge the attack and the charge OK?" He roars in answer I'll take that as a yes.

And if planned here comes Fancypants charging right up at us and at the last moment Chompy dodged it. "Good job Chompy now charge!" He listens and use my noodle and hit him it the gut and try for a second but he blocked it.

"Heh for a small fry your not too shabby," He begins to laugh. "But that doesn't mean I'll lose to you.

As soon as he finishes he swings and barely misses my head as I duck and retort with a slice to his stomach.

It dazes him for a second jeez what are these noodles made out of. He looks at me again fury in his eyes. "You'll pay for that." He spits out.

"Quick Chompy fly up higher!" I exclaim and he listens without any hesitation. As we fly higher i peer down to see him flying straight for us. He makes it to us before i even have the chance to tell Chompy to move and he catches me in the jaw hard.

I get flinged off the seat and i clutch for dear life on the saddle of Chompy. I can hear him laughing again. "Heh that all you got you weakling thought you had more fight than that in you." C'mon Carl you can do this you still have your noodle.

I see him laughing at me more and see he's not paying attention so with all my strength I have I manage to pull myself up. Since he close enough in range I grab his attention. "Hey Fancypants!"

"Huh..?" Is all he gets out before I whack him hard across the face right in his mole with the pool noodle and successfully knock him off of his tiger and tumbling to the ground. He was caught by a rope though.

I hear the crowd around me cheer loudly at my successful win. I wave to them happily and see the Princess smile at me and I smile back. I lead Chompy back to the ground and into the stables. I untie everything from Chompy and tell him to rest for a bit.

"Well if it isn't the Hero come back from his first win," Porter chuckles loudly. "So how was it?"

"It was amazing Porter to say the least." I think back to Denise and feel my cheeks heat up at how beautiful she looked.

"Heh looks like the Hero's blushing," He Laughs again. "What is it princess got your tongue?"

"No...," I try to think of something. "I got sunburned you know, dang those UV rays and all."

"Yea sure whatever you say Carl," He says and pauses for a moment. "Oh good news you got seeded so now you only have to win 3 matches instead of 4 to become champion."

"Really? Thats great 2 chances for me to get my butt kicked."

"Relax Carl you'll do fine just remember who your doing this for."

"Right Princess Denise," I say and he looked down sadly. "What?"

"Well I thought you would partially do it for your best bud Porter but I guess not."

"Yea of course I'm doing it partially for you too Porter," He smiles at me and then a question arises in my head. "Porter who's is the champion right now."

"Hmm not really certain the person only likes to be referred to as The Champion so I have no idea anything more than that."

"Ahh best not to worry about it isn't that right Chompy?" I say and he roars triumphantly. "See me and Chompy got it down pat."

"Haha i guess so Hero well I'm gonna go check out some concession stands and what not." He says before leaving.

"OK Chompy lets get you all ready for the next match in an hour and a half luckily we were seeded and get some time off." I say before taking a brush off the wall and begin to brush the dust and remains of chocolate off of Chompy.

I continue to do this until I hear a soft behind me. "You are so compassionate towards your tiger." i turn around and am shocked to see Princess Denise so shocked that I step backwards and get my foot caught in a bucket. As I try to free myself I fall backwards into the water trough.

I hear her giggle and see Chompy roll his eyes at me. "P-princess Denise what are you doing here?" I ask wondering what she would want with me.

"Please call me Denise and I wanted to see the new 'amazing' jouster for myself." She says using quotation signals on the word amazing.

"Well it's an honour to be able to talk with you your highness." I say and bow a bit.

"Hey listen Ser Carl it's just Denise to you, OK?" She says giving out a small huff of disappointment.

"I'm sorry your high-I mean Denise." I smile towards her and she smiles back at me.

"Well Carl I'm gonna make you a deal if you win today's jousting tournament you get to keep your tiger." I brighten at her words.

"Really you'll let me keep Chompy?" I say more excited than a kid in a candy store filled with free candy.

She giggles again. "Chompy?" She asks with a hint of amusement and heart. I blush at this, she probably thinks I'm weird now.

"Yea he likes than name, isn't that right Chompy?" I say to him and he tilts his so it looks like he's saying "Kind of".

She giggles yet again. "Thanks for the backup buddy." I give a sigh and Chompy lets out a sound of what appeared to be laughter.

"Your pretty cute Carl," She starts and then it looks like an idea popped into her head. "Another condition if you want to have Chompy is you have to take me on a date." Yup that's the Denise i know and love.

"Now would I say no to the most beautiful girl in the world." I say trying to be suave and oddly succeeding cause a small blush appeared on her pale cheeks.

"O-OK.," She stuttering a bit. "Now if you win the tournament and take me on a date you can have Chompy." I nod my head in understanding.

"Ugh hear you are Denise I've been looking for you for like ever," I hear a voice say from the stable doors. "Eww it's so disgusting in here and are you talking to a peasant." Ahh Brittany I thought I knew that voice.

"Brittany do not be rude to Carl," She turns back to me. "Sorry Carl thats my lady in waiting Brittany and she has no patience." She giggles at her own joke and I laugh too.

"C'mon Denise we have to go like right now."

"OK, OK Brittany I'll be right out." Brittany then leaves the stables. "I'm sorry again."

"Hey it's no problem Denise." I reassure her she smiles and comes up to me before placing a kiss on my cheek quickly. She retreats blushing a furious red and trying to hide her face.

I smile brightly at her and wave to her as she leaves. "Good luck Carl and be careful you do owe me a date." I laugh, that is definitely my Denise.

"Well Chompy," I say turning back to him. "It's time to do some planning for our next match..."

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