A/N: I do not own Danny Phantom (trust me, I wish I did) :). I decided to make Sam into a ghost for this story. For her outfit, just think of what she wore when she was under Undergrowth's spell in 'Urban Jungle' Hope you all enjoy and of course, read and review!

Fighting ghosts. That was what Danny Fenton's day mostly consisted of. Sure, it was a hard job for a High School student to fight the supernatural every day and get good grades, but if there was one thing Danny was good at, it would have to be multitasking. But what was going through Danny's mind right at this very millisecond? Well, let's just say that The Box Ghost had Danny covered on all sides with-you guessed it, boxes. Danny turned to every side that was possible and tried to destroy every box in sight, but the more he tried to hit the ghost infused boxes, the more they regenerated.

"This wasn't exactly what I was hoping for." Danny spoke to himself as he used his ghost ray to continue fighting off the ghosts. The boxes kept coming and Danny was running out of ideas on how to defeat them. He sort of wished that he brought backup like his girlfriend Sam Manson suggested, but Danny thought he could have handled the Box Ghost himself. After all he was a nuisance in the ghost zone and in the human world. Danny didn't have time to think how he was going to explain to Sam that once again, she was right. Right now he had bigger ghosts to fry.

"The boxes will be your doom Danny Phantom! For I...the Box Ghost shall have you perish from all of these boxes!" But before the Box Ghost could even get out an evil laugh, a crash came through the wall of the warehouse. Danny and the Box Ghost turned towards the wall and saw none other than Sam Manson in her ghost form giving the Box Ghost a sly look.

"Not today Box Ghost." Sam rushed into the scene of the catastrophe while letting out a small smile.

"Sam!" Danny yelled out. Sam wasn't sure what Danny was so worked up about until she noticed boxes flying right towards her. Sam let out a slight yelp before joining Danny's side.

"So his plan actually worked?" Sam inquisited.

"If his plan was to annoy me to the point where I want to shoot his head off, then yeah. It worked." Danny spoke with a tinge of aggravation in his voice.

"So what's the plan?" Sam tried to whisper in Danny's ear. Danny's heart started beating quickly as Sam stood close to him. He knew he was supposed to figure out a way to get Box Ghost back into the Ghost Portal, but there was just something about Sam that made his whole world better. He knew he loved her with all his heart and he was sure that she felt the same way. He knew he wanted to spend every aching moment with her and he would do whatever means to do so.

Looking at Sam made him remember the first time that she had ghost powers. During their Junior Year, Sam spoke to Danny about how much she wanted to help him fight ghosts, so in order to help him she turned herself into a ghost. At first Danny was upset that Sam went behind his back to become a ghost, but he soon grew to love it since he had to admit that she was doing this to help him...and it would give them something to do together. He even remembered when Sam was trying to design her outfit when it came to fighting ghosts. Of course, since Sam was a vegetarian she felt that it was fitting to have vines in her outfit...something that Danny didn't mind since it was kind of hot. Ever since then, wherever Danny went, Sam followed him. They hunted ghosts together and soon became inseperable no matter where they went. It was almost impossible not to love Sam and her natural way of wanting to give back for all that Danny has done. Danny could have thought of a million things...but right now, he had to be snapped out of his thoughts when Sam let out a slight yell.

"Huh?" Danny blurted out.

"A plan!" Sam repeated sounding exasperated. "Can you think of a plan to get us out of this?"

"I could think of one." Danny looked at the box army charging towards him.

"So what is it?" Sam questioned. Danny's eyes lit a light green as if he came up with a new idea.

"I have it!" Danny turned to Sam as he lit up a ball of energy. "I need you to hit all of the boxes with your vines."

"Hit and freeze attack?" Sam's face lit up.

"Yep." Danny's determined frown flashed into a smile. "You hit, I freeze." Sam had no issues when it came to listening to Danny. She quickly started to hit the boxes as they came towards her and Danny froze the boxes in place when they hit the ground. In no time the boxes froze and ceast attacking which left the Box Ghost wide open. Danny flew towards the Box Ghost and gave him a frightening look. "I suggest that you think of a new plan because your old one was just put on ice." Danny used an ecto energy ball and hit the Box Ghost to the wall. Sam came from behind with the Fenton Thermos and sucked the Box Ghost in. Danny heaved out a loud sigh with a tired yet satisfied look on his face. "Phew."

"Maybe next time you might want to think things through before you say you don't want any back up." Sam replied with a playful tone in her voice.

"Maybe I should listen to you more often." Danny said with a smile. Sam knew that Danny would never purposely try to keep her out of ghost fights, but both Sam and Danny had to admit...this was the Box Ghost that they were talking about.

"Just call me next time a ghost tries to roughh you up." Sam's face then became concerned while walking up to Danny. "The Box Ghost didn't hurt you, did he?"

Danny scoffed while placing an arm around Sam's shoulders. Danny tried to be as macho as he could-to the point where Sam would laugh.

"I'm fine Sam. I promise." Danny smiled affectionately.

"Good." Sam's voice became firm. "Because if he did then I will drown him in boxes."

"I don't think he'll have a problem with that." Danny grabbed Sam's hand as they began to fly away. "To him, getting boxes will be like getting a puppy for Christmas."

"Yeah, you're probably right." Sam smiled. "But I would probably keep my guard up if I were you. The ghosts in the ghost zone might not give you a great graduation gift."

"Probably not." Danny chuckled slightly. "I think the ghosts in the ghost zone would want me dead before graduation."

"Well as long as I am around then the ghosts will have me to answer to." Sam said.

"Well good." Danny leaned closer to Sam before pressing a soft kiss on her cheek. "That was what I was counting on."

"So, did you get acceptance letters from colleges yet?" Sam wondered.

"Not yet." Danny shrugged his shoulders as they continued flying through the sky. "Have you?"

"I did get a couple but a lot of them are too snooty for my liking." Sam stated.

"Let me guess. Harvard? Stanford? Princeton? Yale?' Danny slightly teased.

"What if I said that I did get accepted there?" Sam gave a small smile towards Danny.

"Well then I would have to wonder why did you say no?" Danny asked.

"Because I am waiting for your college acceptance letters to come in." Sam's face turned slightly serious. "I just hope that we get to go to the same college."

"I think that we will." Danny shrugged his shoulders, but deep inside he was feeling a little uncertain.

"You think?" Sam sounded confused at Danny's logic.

"I know." Danny rephrased his sentence. He and Sam finally reached her house as Danny and Sam flew around the corner. Sam changed back to her human state while looking at Danny.

"I'm not sure how to exactly use these powers yet." Sam smiled.

"Well I thought you were getting the hang of it." Danny gave Sam a confident grin. "Besides, you were the one that wanted to be half ghost during our junior year of High School."

"I never thought it would be hard." Sam said. "You make it look easy."

"Me?" Danny pointed at himself in confusion.

"Yeah." Sam's face turned into a shy smile.

"Well, you are doing a great job so far." Danny grabbed Sam's hand while comforting her.

"Really?" Sam asked.

"Really." Danny assured her. Danny turned to his watch and noticed the time. It was already going to be 9pm. Which meant it was time for Sam to start heading on home so she'd be there before curfew.

"Well...time to go." Sam said. Danny's face looked a little disappointed at realization that Sam had to go.

"See you tomorrow at school?" Danny asked.

"You know it." Sam softly replied. She leaned forward and pressed her lips to Danny's almost oblivious that they were kissing in an alley. Danny removed his lips from Sam's while letting go of Sam's hand. Sam walked to her door and closed it softly, leaving Danny to wonder what life would be like after High School, where life would take him and Sam. Danny had a lot of decisions to make before graduation, but in reality he wasn't sure if he wanted to make them at this very moment. He wasn't even sure if he wanted to make them at all.