A/N: This is the final chapter of the story! I figured since it was going to be short, why not write it and post it now? I hoped you enjoyed the story and the Chapter! :)


New York City

Danny and Sam walked along the hallways of New York University as they looked for their dormitory. Sam couldn't actually believe that her parents had let her come to New York with Danny, but then again it was because of her parents that she was able to come; then again it was because of her grandmother putting some sense in her parents. Danny actually couldn't believe that he was with Sam at this moment in time. While Danny knew that he wanted to major in Astrology, Sam on the other hand needed some help in choosing which Danny didn't seem to mind helping her at all. Danny continued to walk along the hallways when his phone went off. Sam eyed Danny went to get his cell phone and noticed that it was Tucker in which he happily obliged in answering the phone.

"Hello?" Danny placed the phone to his ear as he looked for his room key.

"Dude, I am saying hello from the University of Florida!" Tucker yelled into the phone. Danny rolled his eyes and put it on speaker for Sam to hear.

"Well then, hello from South Florida." Danny chuckled.

"Hi Tucker." Sam chimed in with a smile.

"Hey Sam! How is New York treating you?" Tucker asked.

"New York is just the way I like it. It's busy and full of people with their own way of doing things." Sam sounded as if there was pride in her voice. I figured she would like it, Danny thought to himself while looking at his cellphone.

"So, what's up? How's Florida?" Danny asked.

"It's great, and you will never guess who came to USF with me?" Danny and Sam gave each other questioning looks before hearing a familiar voice. "Hey guys!"

"Valerie!" Sam's face turned into a smile.

"You applied to the University of South Florida, Valerie?" Danny wondered.

"I sure did and after I found out that Tucker was coming here, I decided why not." Valerie's voice beamed with pride.

"Well, we're happy for you Val." Sam said. "Hey, we'll talk to you guys later. Danny misplaced the room key again."

"I didn't misplace the room key." Danny retorted but at the same time he was looking for the key in his pockets.

"Sure you didn't honey." Sam's voice oozed with sarcasm.

"We'll leave you to your finding of the room key." Tucker half joked.

"We'll call you guys later." Valerie added. And with that, Danny hung up the phone while placing his phone back in his pocket. Sam continued to search for the room key along while Danny had thought of another idea.

"Wait a minute! Why do we need a room key?" Danny turned to Sam and smirked.

"Why do we need a room key? Danny, did you really ask that?" Sam's eyes widened at her boyfriend. "We need a key because we need to get in and out of the room and…" Sam stopped talking when she noticed Danny making his hand turn invisible and placing it inside the room. The door then opened as Sam looked in shock. "And how stupid am I? Of course, you have ghost powers to get us in the room."

"Uh-huh." Danny smiled affectionately. Danny looked to see the room had 4 beds inside the dormitory. That meant that Danny and Sam were going to get new roommates, but the question was who?

"Well, we might as well start unpacking." Danny shrugged his shoulders while choosing their beds. "Then afterwards we can head to the office and ask for a new room key."

"Or, you can help me choose my major." Sam smirked.

"Why don't you just major in literature." Danny thought for a moment. "All of those Goth poems you write are sure to get yourself a book deal."

"And as much as I love when you think of ideas like that, I don't think it would be a bestseller." Sam shrugged her shoulders.

"I'd by a million copies of your books if that was what it took to be a best seller." Danny blushed as he spoke.

"And that's why I love you." Sam smiled. The door then knocked, which meant that Danny and Sam's new roommates were probably there. Sam turned her head to Danny's while giving him a smile. "Do you want me to get the door?"

"Please and thank you. That way if it's a crazy Danny Phantom fan then I can bust out of here." Sam rolled her eyes and headed to the front door. When she opened the door her face turned into shock at who she saw. It was Catherine and Mallory…they were coming here?

"Hello? Are you our new roommate?" Mallory said with a smile. Sam squealed and when Danny heard, he ran over to her in a defensive stance.

"What? Who?" Danny looked who was at the door and quickly stopped what he was doing. "Mallory! Catherine! Great to see you."

"Danny! It's great to see you too!" Catherine engulfed Danny and Sam into a hug. Danny at first hugged her back but then gave her a confused look.

"Wait a minute, what are you doing here? I thought you were in Oxford." Danny raised his eyebrows.

"We transferred from Oxford to NYU over the summer. Now we can be able to get the college experience that you Americans get." Mallory explained. "And we don't have to worry about Headmaster Hoggins."

"Speaking of Headmaster Hoggins, I heard faintly about the trial." Sam thought for a moment. "Do you know what happened to her?" As soon as Sam had asked, Danny had taken out his phone and started surfing the internet. Catherine, Mallory and Sam gathered around him as soon as Danny let out a sigh.

"Hoggins was found guilty and was given a 180 year sentence." Danny's eyes widened.

"Well she was robbing everyone from their money." Sam said. "And since this was her second offense, the judge wasn't having any of that."

"And now that Vlad is out of our hair forever, we can finally relax." Danny said.

"But you do intend on going to visit home at some point, right Danny?" Sam smirked.

"Of course I intend to go to Amity Park—how does Thanksgiving sound?" Danny half joked. Danny did intend to go home, but for now he needed to focus on school. But at that moment, Danny needed to focus on getting something to eat since he was starving. "Speaking of thanksgiving, who wants some food?"

"You're hungry, aren't you?" Sam teased.

"Maybe a little." Danny blushed.

"How about we head to the NYU cafeteria and then we can eat at the park?" Mallory suggested.

"Right now, that sounds like a great idea." Danny smiled. Danny, Sam, Mallory and Catherine closed the room door before Danny realized something. "But before we go, I need to go and get a new room key. I lost mine."

"But you were only here for 2 hours!" Sam exclaimed.

"Well, I'm not good at keeping things." Danny admitted.

"Let's go." Sam rolled her eyes while grabbing Danny's hand. First they had to get the new room key, and then they had to go and get some food.

Catherine, Mallory, Danny and Sam sat at a nearby park while eating their food and observing their surroundings. Danny usually hated school, but of course this was college. Anything could happen. He also liked the fact that he was with Sam, and that nothing could have changed that. Mallory and Catherine continued to eat their food while eyeing the sky.

"So have you guys decided what you want to major in?" Danny wondered.

"I want to major in Criminal Justice." Mallory said.

"I would like to major in Criminal Justice as well." Catherine agreed.

"Why?" Sam wondered.

"Because when we were fighting ghosts with you and Sam and defeating Vlad it made us think that we want to help other people. It just made sense to us." Mallory shrugged her shoulders.

"Well then, we hope that you're able to be successful." Sam said while wrapping her arms around Danny.

"Yeah I…" Danny was going to continue to say something until he sensed something. He had sensed a ghost, here…in New York.

"Let me guess, a ghost?" Catherine asked.

"Yep." Danny let out a sigh. "Now the question is who was the idiot that decided to show up?" As Danny continued to think about it, someone appeared behind them. Sam turned her head and let out a groan.

"It is I! The Box Ghost!" The Box Ghost appeared and cackled. Danny and Sam rolled their eyes while Danny changed into his ghost form.

"Is he dangerous?" Mallory wondered.

"Dangerous? No." Sam growled.

"Annoying? Yes." Danny added while hitting the Box Ghost with a ray. "I'm going to have to take care of this."

"Are you sure that you don't want help?" Sam wondered.

"Nope, I'm good." Danny shook his head.

"Are you sure about that Danny?" Sam asked. "Because the last time that you said that you were fine, you almost had trouble with him."

"Fine, you want to help? Let's go." Danny said. With no hesitation, Sam transformed into a ghost as Catherine and Mallory looked in awe.

"Hey Box Ghost?" Sam taunted.

"What is it Ghost children?" The Box Ghost was a bit confused when Danny flew up towards him.

"BEWARE!" Danny smirked as his fist flew at the Box Ghost.