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Ahaha... well, anyway... the song used as the epigraph is "Good Enough" by Evanescence, as it says there, and it's beautiful. GO FILL YA EARS WITH ITS MELODIOUS SOUND NOW OR CAPTAIN JONES'LL HAVE THE KRAKEN LAY WASTE TO YER LAPTOP.

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Under your spell again

I can't say no to you

Crave my heart, and it's bleeding in your hand

I can't say no to you

Shouldn't let you torture me so sweetly

Now I can let go of this dream

I can't breathe, but I feel... good enough...

I feel good enough for you...

Drink up sweet decadence

I can't say no to you

And I've completely lost myself, and I don't mind

I can't say no to you

Shouldn't let you conquer me completely

Now I can let go of this dream

Can't believe that I feel... good enough...

I feel good enough...

It's been such a long time coming, but I feel good

And I'm still waiting for the rain to fall

Pour real life down on me

'Cause I can't hold on to anything this good enough...

Am I good enough for you to love me too?

Aaaahhh... yeah...

So take care of what you ask me...

'Cause I can't say no...

-"Good Enough", Evanescence

"'Go find the Flyin' Dutchman,' they said, 'you're the fearless one'," Lynn muttered, briefly diving under the line of raging waves and propelling herself forward farther and faster. She surfaced and shook the excess water from her eyes. "'What's the worst that could happen?' I said," she continued, slapping the water with wide strokes of her arms and kicking her feet under it. "Ha! It was too late for all that drivel when I began this idiotic quest, and it's just gotten even later. I am cold, I am wet, and I am TIRED!" She sighed, then started treading water so she could rest for a moment. "I've found hide nor tail of that phantom ship. This is ridiculous. I ought to just turn back and head home... I'm not going to find anything out here..."

She was ready to turn around and go back to shore - safe, warm, dry shore - when something caught her eye. It was a ship! Oh good Lord, a ship! - maybe they could save her the swim to shore, if the crew was so brave as to let a stranger aboard.

She jumped up and plunged into the water, swimming through as fast as she could. Moving both legs wildly and spreading her arms repeatedly, soon she could see the shadow of the large ship beside and above her. She shot to the surface and took a deep breath, throwing her head back to look up at the ship. Unlike some, her name wasn't painted on the side, and Lynn could barely see the railing.

"Avast ye!" she shouted as loud as she could. She wasn't a shipmate herself, nor had she ever been, but thanks to her father being a first mate on the Angel May throughout most of her life, she'd picked up on quite a bit of the nautical language. After about ten seconds with no answer, she scowled. "You bunch of bilge-guzzlin' scallywags, don't you ignore me!"

A second later someone leaned over the railing, but she was startled because - well, because the someone in question looked like some sort of combination of a man and a hammerhead shark! A shark, for God's sake! She had to be dreaming. "Ahoy there, lass," he snickered, obviously amused at her predicament. "Be ye friend er foe?"

She glared up at him, trying to stop her heart from pounding against her ribcage so powerfully. Bloody hell, she didn't care who or what he was, she wouldn't just swim away with her tail between her legs - err, so to speak, anyhow. (Wouldn't want to offend this shark... man... creature.) "Pull me up there! I need to get back to land!"

"Aye? Well, seems ye're outta luck then. We're not on, ah, ye know... course fer land."

She raised her arms and splashed her fists into the water. "I demand to be pulled aboard, and I also demand to speak to your captain, you ungodly excuse for a picaroon!"

He certainly had a good laugh at that. "So ye want to have a word wit' Cap'n Jones, eh? Yer funeral, ye little wench." He turned around and waved his arm, probably at the other crew members. "Eh, ye lazy swabbies! Lass overboard. Toss the makeshift Jacob's Ladder over and hoist 'er up, will ye?"

After a second, a rope was thrown over the railing and into the water, the tip just a bit below the water. "Grab on 'ere, lassie!" someone called, but it wasn't the shark man.

They didn't have to tell her twice, hell they didn't even have to tell her once. She didn't care who in the bloody hell they were, or if they were going to eat her, she had to get out of this water. If she had to, she could kick them all in their ruddy crotches, knock them out, and - well, probably she wouldn't be able to commandeer the ship, but she could sail it toward land till the captain came to scupper her back to the seas. Then she could probably swim back like a little fish.

She managed to climb a short distance up it, but nearly fell back into the water. At that point, she decided that it would be safer and more intelligent-looking to just wrap her body around the rope and wait for the crew to pull her up onto the deck. And a moment later they did, the shark man and another man who looked like a puffer fish pulling on each of her arms and on her back to help her over the railing.

She collapsed on the deck, and looked up. Flipping her wet, clinging hair back so she could see properly, she got a better look at the puffer fish man - he was right in front of her face, blinking at her. "Ye alright, lass?"

"Ye just abou' dropped back in the drink there," the shark man scoffed, though he was kneeling next to her as well. "Not hurt, are ye?"

She shook her head wildly, only vaguely aware that she was accidentally spattering them with water - though they didn't seem to mind. "N-No, I'm fine... just a bit... shaken up."

The shark man laughed. "Jus' a bit, then? Ah, ye'll be right as rain. A l'il shakin' ne'er hurt a body. What's yer name, lassie?"

She let herself fall backward, resting her entire weight on her wrists. "I'm Lynn Blackwell. And you two?"

The shark man grinned, showing her his dangerously sharp teeth. "Aww, us? Look a' that, she wants ta know who we be. Well, I be Maccus, the first mate o' this bonny vessel. And this here be Koleniko, and lemme tell ye, nary will ye find a better navigator in all the seven seas than him."

The puffer fish man, Koleniko, just rolled his eyes. "Aye, belay that talk, you lubber. Why don't ye go swing the lead? Now, don't pay him no mind, Miss Blackwell. He just be spoutin' bilge as usual."

Maccus glanced over in the corner and chuckled. "Ah, that there in the

shadows be Penrod. He's a fine buccaneer an' would fight ta the bitter end, but he's jus' a bit shy 'round new folk. C'mere, Penrod, she ain't gonna hurt ye. She be jus' a wench, after all."

After a few seconds, a small humanlike lobster crawled out of the corner he'd been obviously hiding in, and scurried over to Lynn. He was about half her size, and his antennae flitted upward toward her, not touching her but close enough that they may as well have been. He blinked up at her. "... What's wi' the hangin' o' the jib there?" His voice was quiet, but not quite as timid as she'd expected it to be. "Give us a smile, I'd bet me right claw ye're twice as fair when ye smile."

She blushed slightly, and along with it came a miniscule smile. "S-Sorry 'bout that. It's just... this is so... different."

"Aye, but we've gotten used to it," Maccus dismissed with a shrug.

Suddenly she felt something touching her arm, and she quickly looked to find that it was Koleniko's... err... hand... fin. "Yer skin's cold as ice," he muttered, looking up to meet her eyes. "How long have ye been out there?"

"Oh..." She shook her head, and became aware that it wasn't the only part of her body that was shaking; so were her hands, her legs, and her teeth. "Not long. Only about two hours or so."

"Not long?" Maccus repeated in disbelief. "Ye have a wish to get blown down, lass? Currents be strong out here, an' the water ain't the most pleasant of feelin's."

Koleniko shook his head. "Lass, ye'll catch yer death of cold doin' that. Penrod, fetch her a blanket, would ye? She needs warmed up."

Though looking unwilling to leave her, Penrod nodded and bustled off to complete his task. "Be righ' back, lass."

She shivered and curled her legs up, all of a sudden feeling the cold getting to her. "Sorry to be a bother, mates. I couldn't go any longer."

Maccus snorted. "Ah, y'ain't too hard to lift up. If ya woulda just stayed still, I mean." He glanced around the deck, then rolled the one eye that wasn't basically swollen shut. "Rest o' them yella bellies musta high tailed it back ta their duties when they saw ye. Comin' out o' the sea, lookin' like a deadly siren..."

"Well, I'm not. Aren't they just legends?"

"Aye, one would think so."

"What were ye doin' out there anyway?" Koleniko asked, sitting down beside


"Said she was tryin' ta get back ta land." Maccus decided to plop down as

well, right in front of her. "Tried ta tell her we ain't goin' fer land, but she wanted aboard anyway."

"Ye be a proper madwoman," Koleniko chuckled. "Why go out to sea in the firs' place if ye were tryin' to find land?"

She shook her head. "Wasn't trying to find land - well, not... not at first."

It was at this moment that Penrod returned with a blanket, draping it over her shoulders. "There ye go, lass. Mind if I sit on yer other side?"

"No, not at all." She giggled as he curled up right next to her, leaning against her. "And by all means, don't be shy about it..."

"So what were ye looking fer, lass?" Maccus asked, lying down on the deck.

"What could ye possibly hope to find all the way out here?" Koleniko added.

She looked down, a bit embarrassed now of why she was out here. Her friends had managed to get her all worked up at the possibility of finding some phantom ship and dueling with its infamous captain, and what had she gotten for it? Not much, except cold, tired, and hungry. "I was, uh... I was lookin' for the Flyin' Dutchman. A trifle silly, isn't it? My friends talked me into it, I'll do anything if I'm challenged to it..."

When she didn't receive an answer of either laughter or some insult to her intelligence, she glanced back up. Penrod was silent against her, but both Maccus and Koleniko were staring at her with wide eyes - well, as much as could be managed, especially in Maccus's case. She raised an eyebrow and cocked her head. "What?"

Maccus was the one who tried to break the tension, laughing nervously and hitting the side of his head. "I, er... must've got some seawater in me ear, lass."

"I think we misheard ye," Koleniko agreed, looking slightly paler than he had been only a second ago.

"Did ye just say," Maccus continued, "that ye was lookin' fer the Flyin' Dutchman?"

She nodded slowly, wondering what the big deal was. "Aye, Maccus."

Maccus cleared his throat, then quickly jerked his head down. It was like he was looking beyond her, seeing something that she wasn't. And Koleniko tensed up too, obviously sensing it as well. "Uh, er, well... ye found her."

"Aye, little lass." The new voice was right behind her and made her blood run cold. "And ye found her captain as well."


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