Four entire months had passed since the last time that Cale had made an appearance, either in a small town or kidnapping me for a quick little talk. There was only one thing that we could really do, which was going on standby until he decided to show his face once again. So Thor was allowed to visit his home for a little while, Natasha and Clint were able to go on different missions, and the others were able to return home for short periods of time. But I was kept at the helicarrier, because Cale clearly had his eyes on me.

During the first month, I managed to get completely healed from going flying through the window. When I had woken up and talked to Thor, it had been roughly three hours after I had been in the emergency Room. They had to remove glass and make sure that everything was functioning alright where I had landed. I spent that month listening to soap operas, listening to gossip and coming up with a plan to work out and stop being a pansy.

The minute that I was cleared, with some help from Natasha, I was able to start learning how to actually fight. While she couldn't help me with my elemental abilities, she was able to teach me how to do some physical fighting. It was exhausting work, but it was also rather empowering.

After the three months of spending hours in the gym, practicing on robots and strengthening my own abilities; I finally felt like an actual Avenger. Maybe, I wouldn't be passing out and feeling like the only one that couldn't handle something.

Standing in the center of the room, I used the air around me in order to feel the robots before they were activated. I could hear Stark barking orders to Jarvis to turn on the robots. At the moment, they were basically just crash villains, a training mechanism for the Avengers. They had different levels, and I was currently on a nine, which was pretty damn high.

The siren went off about twelve feet above me, and I quickly snapped into action. I quickly made two balls of fire appear in the palms of my hands. I could hear the robots coming closer, ducking backwards as a robot's hand went flying where my face had been seconds before. I snapped upwards once again, and sent the fire into the chest of the robot, exploding one of the six that had been placed in the room with me. Tony hadn't told me, I had been forced to figure that out for myself.

Twisting around, I through another fireball at the chest of the robot attempting to sneak up behind me. It exploded and I ducked my head down quickly, covering my ears so that they wouldn't get damaged with the sound.

Two down and only four more to go.

I forced my elbow into the general direction of the face of the robot, its head snapping back and falling into another robot. From my palm, I sent a spray of water over the two of them. Turning myself, I kicked another Robot in the stomach to send it back a couple feet. Tony's robots were fairly tough, so a little bit of water wasn't going to slow them down or stop them from their rampage.

Turning back to the two that were covered in water, I used my mouth to blow a freezing cold air onto them. I could hear the noise of the ice cracking as it sunk down into the nooks of the machine. Going over to them, I smashed a foot down, breaking the both of them as best as I could.

Four down and two more to go.

I felt the sharp hit of a robotic hand hitting my back, making me turn around and ram my foot into its face. Imagine my shock when I heard its neck crack, and its head land a few feet away from where the body had crumpled down. A bit of confidence filled I up and I waited for confidence filled me up and I waited for the final robot to make its move towards me.

Suddenly, my hand was pulled back behind my arm and the robot held it against my skin. I let out an annoyed noise, forcing myself to flip so that I was the one standing behind it. Pressing my hand to its back, I let out a burst of fire, wind and electricity into its back. It let out an electric noise, falling forward.

"That's a wrap." Tony said, sounding rather pleased with the progress that I had made over the last couple months. I let out a sigh and made my way out of the arena that we had been using for the robotic fights.

Stepping out of the shower, I wrapped a towel around my body and let out a sigh. My muscles were pleasantly sore, and I could feel a bruise forming on my hack where one of the robots had hit me. My confidence was up quite a bit, and I was ready for whatever was thrown at us next. I was completely prepared for Cale to show up, and I was going to make sure that he wasn't going to screw with my eyesight any longer.

Whenever I thought about him, I felt a moment of sickness come over me. This man had been around me since I was a child, and at any time he could have given me the ability to see. He could have changed my entire life, but instead he decided that he would use me at a later date. Something I hadn't mentioned to Banner, mainly because it probably wouldn't have sounded right to anyone was that Cale had done some things when I was younger.

He tried to convince me to kill my parents, and he had taught me how to control my powers and when were good times to use them. He had told me through my childhood that I was his and that there was nothing I could do to lose him. I know that he wasn't always child appropriate when he was around me, and that only fueled my dislike for him appearing in my life and screwing with me once again.

But I figure that if he's dead or if he's in some form of jail; either one seems like a good idea to me.

Standing in front of the sink, I combed out my hair as best as I could, and then put it up in a towel. Letting out a sigh, I opened the door to the bedroom and made my way into the room. The second that I came inside, I dropped my towel, trying to find some clothes that I could wear.

Deciding on a pair of boy short undies and a push up bra, I searched for some clothes to wear. I got shorts that were tight to my skin and two camisoles to wear, I was about to go to the kitchen and have something to eat.

But then the door opened and loud footsteps entered my room.

"Hello Lady Annabelle." Thor said, sounding rather happy and bouncy at the moment. He'd spent a lot of time in Asgard, trying to find a different way to track the man down without using the security systems; because clearly that was not working out well enough for anyone.

"Hey." I said with a smile, feeling him move closer to me. While we weren't able to talk all that much over the past few months. Like I said, he had been busy in Asgard and I had been busy trying to make myself into an actual threat to future villains. "Do you want to go get dinner with me? I think Tony said something about… Shawarma?"

"Yes." Thor said immediately, making me raise my eyebrow at that. I had absolutely no idea what this was, but apparently it was a running joke with the rest of the Avengers. It was something that they clearly liked, however. I was never really a particularly picky person, and I usually liked food most of the time. Besides, the name sounded different and strangely delicious.

"Awesome." I said with a quiet laugh, and let him lead the way out of my room. Brushing my hair behind my ears, I smiled a little bit to myself. "So, what exactly is shawarma?" I asked, sounding rather curious and smiling a bit. "And how was Asgard?"

"Shawarma is a food from the heavens. It is a wrap that is stuffed with different kinds of meat. We ate it after we had arrested Loki and destroyed the army in the City of New York." Thor explained. That actually made sense, considering that it was some time before I came into this whole equation. "My father was not able to see Cale anywhere on Midgard." He said, sounding confused about this.

"I'm starting to think that maybe he isn't even of this world, or spending any time on this earth." I said, and nearly walked right into Thor as he suddenly stopped walking. He shifted a bit, as though he was realizing something. "What?"

"I cannot believe that I didn't consider that." Thor said slowly, the two of us silent for a moment. I had been joking about Cale being from a different planet; but now that I thought about it, it wasn't that crazy of an idea. We stood there in the hallway, both of us kind of thinking it over. I could practically feel his curiosity over what we were dealing with, while I focused on what I had grown up with.

"We can bring it up at dinner." I said slowly, reaching out and pushing him gently so that he would continue towards the kitchen. The robot workout had left me starving and that's really the only thing I wanted to do at the moment.

"Alright." Thor chuckled, letting me push him forward and he went back to leading the way to the dining room. I could hear Natasha, Clint, Steve, Bruce, and Tony talking as the smell of food quickly reached me. I couldn't help but lick my lower lip as I entered the room. Thor greeted them for the both of us, mainly because he's incredibly loud; " Hello my friends!"

Thor helped me to a seat next to him and we sat down. Other than Thor loudly eating next to me, we were all basically silent as we devoured the food. Shawarma was absolutely delicious and I kind of wanted one more; but they had only ordered enough to fill up 4 humans and two people that ate more than was generally physically possible. Aka, about eighteen shawarmas and most of it was for Steve and Thor.

However, despite their massive amount of food, we all finished eating around the same time. It was clear then, that it was not just a nice dinner between all of us. Apparently we were going to be taking a serious moment for this, actually doing some work. So I sunk down in my chair and waited for them all to go to heads about what we were going to do, or not do for that matter

"Annabelle believes that Cale might be from a different planet." Thor announced, and everyone around us shifted a bit in interest. It wouldn't be the first time that they dealt with someone from a different planet. Probably wouldn't be the last.

I didn't know why, but I suddenly felt incredibly snarky towards Thor telling them that it was my idea.

"Okay, technically, you were the one that decided to take me seriously on the alien thing." I said, clarifying that for absolutely no reason other than to distance myself from it. "Because according to everyone, it takes a lot of magic to go from one planet to another and if he is doing this, he does it a lot, so he would have to have a lot of magic."

Thor was silent for a moment and then said a bunch of things that I wasn't entirely sure the meaning to. It just kind of blew up after that, the two of us arguing about Cale being from another planet. I'm mainly keeping it out of this, because it's incredibly embarrassing to even think about. We sat there for a good twenty minutes just arguing about something that neither of us was entirely sure about.

"Guys!" Tony called out, interrupting our next throw of insults, the two of us sitting up and staying fairly close to each other. "I understand your sexual tension is killing you; but you both make some fucking sense, so shut up."

So that's what we did, for the rest of the meeting me and Thor basically shut up and sat together. Ultimately, everyone had decided it didn't really matter at the moment if he was from a different planet or not, they needed to get him and stop him from whatever the hell was going on in his head.

After the meeting was adjourned, I made my way out of the room behind everyone else. I made my way towards my bedroom, letting out a soft sigh. I wasn't even entirely sure why I had decided to get in a fight with Thor. My permanent fear of looking like an idiot was attacking me once again. I walked down the hallway, my fingers gently running along the wall as I headed towards my room, just kind of wanting to go to bed.

"Lady Annabelle." Thor said, kind of appearing out of nowhere from a room; which I assumed was most likely where he slept and where his room was. I sighed quietly, resting my hip against the wall.

I felt him move closer to me, so that we were practically touching. Now that he was so incredibly close, I started to realize how tall he was compared to me. I bit down on my lower lip as he moved closer to me; feeling his hand gently touching my cheek. This was probably the closest that I had ever been in my entire life, and my brain was buzzing.

I don't think my heart had ever beaten so fast in my entire life. He was so incredibly close that I thought I was going to pass out. I don't even know what he was doing to me.

"I apologize for instigating the fight." Thor said slowly, brushing his thumb along my cheek slowly. He was really good at making people forgive him instantly. It made me wonder how many times he had asked a female to forgive him in this type of way. But dammit, it certainly worked on me.

"Fine, I forgive you. I'm also very sorry for fighting with you." I sighed, putting a hand on my hip as I moved my head away from his hand. I could almost feel his entire body language change to something much happier.

"Thank you, Lady Annabelle." He said, leaning down and pressing a kiss to the top of my head. If his hand kisses made my stomach feel funny, on top of my head made me make me giggle. "Shall I walk you the rest of the way to your bedroom?"

I thought about it for a second, chewing on my lower lip. I nodded quickly and let him hold my hand and lead the way towards my bedroom. My mind went back towards what Tony had said; maybe there was a little bit of sexual tension going on. Or maybe I was just listening to a billionaire that said things like that all of the time.

As we reached my room, I let out a quiet sigh and put my hand on the doorknob. He reached out and pulled my face towards him; placing another kiss on his forehead and I felt him linger there for a few seconds. My breath hitched and my brain completely blanked on what to do or anything really.

"We shall speak tomorrow, Lady Annabelle." He said slowly, whispering softly against the top of my head. With that, he left me there, and I went into my bedroom.