Gravity Link

Chapter 1

"Chance Encounter"

It was about dawn when Itsuki was walking along a street. He walked and walked and walked until he reached a road. He continued walking along the path the road has offered and found himself looking at a tunnel just looming in front of him. He was about to enter the tunnel and cross to the other end when he noticed a girl standing there (at the other end of the tunnel) watching and admiring the view of the city below from the railings on the road.

The girl was just about his age, about 17 years old. What the girl was doing there, he doesn't know. But he had an idea in mind. He thinks that the girl is there to see the sunrise. After all, the road in which the both of them are offers a panoramic view to watch the sun rise from the sky.

Itsuki was left standing there in his place. He seemed drawn to the girl he saw. As I said, the girl was somehow marveling the view. And by some unknown force, Itsuki looked to his left where a wondrous view registered on his eyes, and on which the same thing the girl was looking at.

As he observed more, the girl had long, beautiful, blonde hair, green eyes and a striking blue dress. Needless to say, the girl is really, definitely, positively, exquisitely, extremely beautiful. Itsuki seemed to be pulled towards this mysterious girl.

Itsuki knows that his mind now seems to be revolving around this anonymous person whom he hasn't seen before and who's standing just some distance from him.

"No." he thought. "Stop it Itsuki. You don't even know her,"

But even with this, he just couldn't stop himself. It seems like fate had intentionally brought them together. It was like they were meant to be together. But he doubts that fact. He can't even consider it and he can't even convince himself about the truth of this thought. It was just impossible for him since he hasn't even met this girl before. And to add to that, the two of them are just not alike. The girl had blonde hair and green eyes while he has black hair and black eyes. The girl is extremely beautiful while he isn't handsome. Not even close to be considered as one. And he feels that the two of them are just not compatible. Or so he thought.

After some time of debating with himself, he finally came to a decision – he will cross the tunnel and that's that. No more detours, whatsoever.

His plan was going smoothly when something happened that he wasn't expecting. The girl backpedalled to where he was taking his next step. Itsuki didn't have time to back away and –


The two of them slammed at each other and fell down to the asphalt. They were both hit by the body of the other and a small dose of pain circled through their bodies from the impact.

"OUCH!" the mysterious girl complained. "Could you at least watch where you're going?"

As the girl spoke (much more complained, but she nonetheless spoke), her voice was just as wonderful as her features. And this dazzled Itsuki even more. It took him quite some time to utter some words.

"Uh... sorry. What?" were the words he managed to get out.

"Were you even listening to me?" demanded the girl.

"Sorry I got distracted."

"You are hopeless, you know that?" concluded the girl. "And you didn't even apologize for the little… incident."

The girl was a bit edgy, he noticed, but it was in a good way edgy and in a right way as well. Then he realized what the girl was saying and there he remembered that he hasn't apologized yet.

What was he thinking? What was happening to him? Only one reasonable explanation – he wasn't himself anymore from the moment that he saw this girl who's face-to-face with him now. He cleared his head and finally found the right words.

"I can say the same to you." he began. "But I'm sorry about what happened. I really didn't mean to stumble on you like that. Literally."

"Hmph. But I accept your apology, nonetheless. I'm sorry as well. I was also at fault."

"Same goes here." he smiled. "Oh, by the way, I've been terribly rude. I'm Itsuki, Itsuki Iba." he introduced himself to her, still with a smile on his face and a little shade of red coloring his cheeks.

"Adelicia, Adelicia Lenn Mathers."

They shook hands after their little introduction. Seconds later, the sun began to rise.

"Ah, finally. The moment I've been waiting for – sunrise." Adelicia said cheerfully.

Itsuki was right! He was right that Adelicia was waiting for sunrise. His prediction was correct! He was happy about that. But there was more than that. He was happy that he finally got to know the girl that he was watching from a distance a while ago.

"Hey," Adelicia said, breaking his reverie, "I'm glad to be able to meet you, Itsuki. And right at this moment. I met you when the sun was rising from sky and in a way, you accompanied me. Thanks for that. Even though we just met and that our meeting was not quite the ordinary one, I'm still glad we met." She looked at him and smiled.

Itsuki blushed with this statement of Adelicia. He was flattered. And his heart did a little somersault of some sort.

"I-It's," he stammered, "it's my pleasure, Adelicia."

She smiled at him again, which made his heart skip a beat. He doesn't understand why but he was drawn to Adelicia.

"You seem to be so deep in thought right now." she said, without even casting a glance at him. "I wonder what's running in your mind right now."

At this thought, Itsuki"s face turned bright red.

"Don't let it show." he told himself. "You can't let her notice."

But his optimistically pessimistic attempt failed. It was really quite obvious. Though, Adelicia didn't seem to notice. He was relieved. For a second, he thought that his thoughts and his attempted cover was blown, but he was wrong. It wasn't because Adelicia isn't smart enough (from her looks, she is really, extremely smart. And she is.) or that she just turned a blind eye, but because she wasn't paying that much attention. She was busy drowning in her own reverie.

"Um, Adelicia," he said, bringing Adelicia's thoughts back to the present, "I hate to break your reverie but, um, I just wanted to ask if, if..."

Try as he did, he just can't get the words out of his mouth. He was tongue tied.

What was wrong with him? He wasn't always like this. He was NEVER like this. He didn't know what to do. It was just a few words but why couldn't he speak it out? Fortunately, Adelicia helped him, in a way, that is. She was curious as to what Itsuki wanted to ask her.

"Hey, what is it? What do you mean?"

'Um..." was all he could get out.

"'Um..' what? Could you please continue what you were saying seconds ago? About the 'I wanted to ask you if..' part. What were the words next to if?"

"Uhh..." he said, pulling himself together, "I just wanted to ask you something. If it's alright with you."

"Ask me what?" she demanded.

"I know this might sound strange. We just met, yes. But if it's alright with you, would you... would you," he stammered, tongue tied once more. Summoning up all his courage, he finally continued, "would you like to spend some time with me if you're ever available on Friday afternoon?" his face was bright red as he said this.

Adelicia was caught aback. She was surprised by what Itsuki just said. She never expected him to say something like that.

"Um... well," she said, somehow speechless, "I-I-I-I'll try. Where would you want to take me then?" she asked without thinking, her face bright red.

"Well, I want to take you to the hilltop." he blushed. "If it's alright with you."

Thinking hard about what Itsuki just said, absorbing every word he uttered, Adelicia was once lost in thought. Itsuki thought she didn't like the idea and that she wasn't going to say yes to his proposal, but she suddenly straightened up, her eyes gleaming. At this moment, he could tell that she has come up to a decision.

"Alright then. I'll go. I won't miss it." she concluded, absolutely absolute with her decision, with a shade of red coloring her cheeks and with a sparkle in her eyes and a smile on her face.

Upon hearing this, Itsuki was like the happiest man on earth. He doesn't fully understand why, but without him knowing now, would he later find out what it really is all about and why.

"So, is your proposal still on, Itsuki?"

"Ahh. Yes. It still is and will stand till Friday." he said, coming back to reality, with a smile lighting up his face.

"Until Friday then." Adelicia said, already having the plan of going home. But she stopped as quickly as she planned to leave. Itsuki has no idea on what could've kept her, not that she wants Adelicia to go home now so badly.

"By the way, I forgot to give you this –" she handed him a card with her name on it and her address. "It's my address. I was just thinking that maybe, you can come to my house and fetch me. Since, you know, we just met, and I don't quite know where we should meet. I was thinking of this place but I know that this place will be busy on Friday afternoon. If it's not much of a trouble to you, that is. Fetching me, I mean."

"I will gladly do so, Adelicia. And thanks for your trust, by the way. We just met but you've already given me such privilege."

"It's nothing really. I just feel that you're worth trusting." she smiled at him.

Itsuki was gratified, of course. Being trusted greatly by someone you barely know is overwhelming.

"Thanks again for your trust. I really am gratified." he smiled at her and vice versa.

"I trust your word Itsuki. Well, I better get going now. It was nice meeting you. I'll await you on Friday."

"I will come fetch you at 2 o'clock in the afternoon on Friday, Adelicia. And, it was nice meeting you as well."

"Well, goodbye then."

With a last dazzling smile, Adelicia took her leave. Itsuki was left standing there, alone once more.

He still couldn't believe the happenings that just took place. Meeting Adelicia and all, he still couldn't take it all in but he was happy. It was like fate really brought them together, after all. And, it was like fate planned for them to meet in that place and in that sort of manner.

He stood there for a while, holding the card Adelicia gave him. He stood there admiring the view looming in front of him once more. But the difference is, now, he was watching it from where Adelicia was standing earlier.

"So this is what she saw from here." He said aloud to himself. "It's amazing."

As Itsuki was busy admiring the view of the city below, he didn't know that Adelicia was watching him from a distance.

After some time, Adelicia cracked up a smile and she finally left for real, this time around. Her actions were quite suspicious, like she was spying on Itsuki, but don't mistake her for something like that. She was just double-checking if what she thought of Itsuki was right. And after she observed him after she left Itsuki there by the road, she was finally satisfied. She was finally able to confirm that Itsuki is indeed one kind and trustworthy person.

She did these things – observing Itsuki from afar and seemingly spying on him for a moment – because she wanted to ensure that she was falling for a good kind of person. She was afraid of getting hurt and such because she was already having feelings for Itsuki. She was starting to fall for him. And with each passing moment, she was falling deeper and deeper for him. It was like having and feeling the concept of "love at first sight".

As she was thinking about this upon her leave, little did she know that the same feelings were now starting to arouse on Itsuki himself without him finding out and identifying about it now. But they have the same feelings for each other, regardless.


On the airport, an unexpected visitor arrived. It was such a sudden arrival that even the person that she was going to visit didn't have a clue of her being there.

This particular visit was a surprise for her friend, which is the one she's going to visit. She was hoping to see him again after such a long time has passed.