Midnight Babysitting.

In a log cabin deep in the woods the Talbot, werewolf king was talking to his wife about going out

"Come on, you know it will be fun, when was the last time we went out?" Talbot asked

"Look I would love to but what about Winnie, werewolves can't exactly just leave their young" his wife (who was human) replied

"I'll get a babysitter, and then would everything be okay?" Talbot asked leaving the log cabin looking for someone he could get to babysit as he looked around he saw a young boy around his teen sitting on a log drawing as he approached him as the boy stopped drawing as he looked at the creature in front of him

"Oh god, hell no!" the boy said running as Talbot proceeded to chase him as the boy his behind a tree as Talbot pinned him

"Please don't eat me, I'm begging you, I'll do anything, plus I probably taste awful, I don't wanna die!" the boy said as Talbot covered his mouth

"Listen, I'm not gonna eat you" Talbot said "I want you to do me a favor" he added

"What…kind of favor?" the boy asked

"I need you to babysit my child, me and my wife are going out and we someone to look after our daughter" Talbot said as the boy relaxed because the huge monster in front of him wasn't eating

"What's in it for me?" The boy asked

"I'll pay you a good amount if you do a good job, but if you let me down, you will missing with the wrong monster" Talbot said as they boy nodded as he fallowed Talbot to his log cabin

"Honey, got a babysitter" Talbot said kissing his wife as she looked at him

"What a nice looking man, what's your name" Mrs. Wolf asked

"Oh, Steve Rose" the boy replied

"So here's a list of what were expecting" Talbot said giving Steve the list

"So where is the girl anyway" Steve asked

"I'll get her" Mrs. Wolf said going up stairs as she came down with a red-headed girl around 9

"Winnie meet Steve Rose, he'll be babysitting you" Talbot said as the two of them introduced themselves as Talbot and his wife left.