Steve woke up checking the clock which read 7:15 AM as he left the bed he noticed Winnie wasn't in the room. Steve went down stairs to find her lying on the sofa playing with a rubix cube. She was wearing jean overalls as she looked up

"Morning sleepyhead" she said jokingly putting the cube down as he smiled back

"So what do you want to do today?" Steve asked as Winnie thought

"Could we go to the mall?" Winnie asked getting off the sofa.

"You have money?" Steve asked

"Hello, werewolf princess" Winnie reminded him as Steve drank a glass of water

"Ok, sure" he said as they left the house as Steve got on his bike as Winnie kept trying to adjust herself on his handle bars as she kept slipping off

"Winnie, why don't you sit on my lap" Steve said as she positioned herself on his lap as he paddled off. The bike ride to the park was enjoyable as they got off the bike Winnie was in her human form

"Winnie, here put my jacket on, why aren't you wearing a shirt" Steve asked looking at the overalls, the front panel was covering her chest but her full back was showing.

I don't tell you how to wear clothes" she said putting the jacket on. The two of them entered the mall

"I'm gonna get a new lock for my diary. It broke last week" Winnie said as she entered a bookstore buying a lock

"I'll be looking at the CDs" Steve said bored as Winnie fallowed him.

"What kind of music do you like?" Winnie asked curiously

"Rock, metal, that kind of stuff" he replied as they walked thru the parking lot they heard a voice from behind them

"Hey Lil' Red" it taunted as they turned it was a kid in a blazer on a bike

"Who's that" Steve asked

Winnie whispered in his ear "Tommy, he's a real ..." Winnie gestured with her fingers

"Hey Tommy…get lost" Steve said calmly as he approached them

"Lil' Red here owes me money" Tommy said

"I owe you nothing" Winnie said defensively as Tommy approached her

"Are you playing dumb?" Tommy asked sarcastically.

"NO!" Winnie replied grinning

"So you really are stupid, let me bring up to speed, this bitch owes me $20" Tommy said

"I'm not giving you my money" Winnie sternly said as Tommy walked up putting his hand on her shoulder gently as he quickly yanked tearing the sleeve on Steve's jacket as Winnie started sobbing

"What you gonna cry now" Tommy taunted aiming to punch Winnie as Steve caught his fist

"You touch her you mess with me" Steve said

"What are you gonna do, you gothic freak" Tommy said smart-mouthed as Steve punched Tommy in the nose as fell to the ground

"This isn't over" Tommy spitted blood as he rode off" as Steve approached Winnie

"You Ok?" Steve asked

"Your jacket…it's ruined" Winnie sobbed

"I don't care about my jacket, I'm more worried about you" Steve said

"I'm fine" Winnie said

"You wanna go home?" Steve asked

"It's gonna take more than Tommy to ruin my day" Winnie said making a faint smile.