Steve and Winnie entered the mall

"So Winnie, what do you want to look at first?" Steve asked

"Like I said, I'm getting a lock for my Dairy, it's busted" Winnie said pulling out a 20 dollar bill

"Plus I could imagine many uses for this besides in Tommy's pocket" Winnie said smiling

"Have you told your parents about Tommy?" Steve asked curious

"No, my father would kill him" Winnie said sighing

"Yeah and so will I, if I see him torment you like that again" Steve said causing her to blush

"No I mean literally kill him" Winnie said entering a shop handing a lady behind the desk her dairy

"What'll be little lady" the woman said

"I broke the lock to my dairy, could get a new one made?" Winnie asked as the woman pulled a board with several locks

"Take your pick" The lady said as Winnie browsed thru them

"Ohh... this one's shaped like a heart, and it's blue" Winnie said putting the matching key in it as the heart split in to in a crack pattern resembling a broken heart

"Yeah the keys and lock come with free necklaces" the saleswoman said showing the necklaces which each had a half of a heart and two keys wrapped in a rubber band

"Why are there two?" Winnie asked

"In case you lose one" The sales woman replied as Winnie pulled out her 20 dollar bill as the lady glued the lock to the dairy as Winnie put both keys in her pocket as she picked up the two necklaces holding them as the formed a heart when placed together

"Here Steve, something to remember me by" Winnie said handing him one of the necklaces as he put it on

"What now?" Steve asked

"Well you wanted to look at CDs, I'll meet you there" Winnie said walking away as Steve held her hand

"Where are you going?" Steve asked curiously

"Lil' Ol' me, I'm shopping for clothes, you wouldn't find it interesting" Winnie said walking away swaying her hips

"She IS hitting on me" Steve thought to himself himself as he realized he was right along, he even had proof around his neck

"Hey Winnie wait up, I'll join you" Steve said acknowledging her feelings as an opportunity to talk to her

"You wanna watch me try on clothes" Winnie whispered confused

"I don't mind, I could look at the CDs later with you" Steve said

"OK, let's go" Winnie said walking down the mall hallway

"how come no one else is here" Steve asked

"The Mall is near closing, 4/10 chance were the only customers here" Winnie said pulling a red shirt of the clothing rack

"I've been eyeballing this for a while" Winnie said putting it over her arm

"Steve, how do you think I'd look in these panties" Winnie said pulling them of the self

"Beats me, I wouldn't be seeing them on you" Steve said blushing

"I'm joking Steve, but I am getting them" Winnie said as she grabbed some other clothes as she tried them on and bought what she wanted

"Can we go clothes shopping" Winnie said