Morning eventually came as Winnie woke up noticing Steve was not in the bed. Winnie got up and reached from her signature blue dress putting it over her head covering her furry body as she walked down stairs seeing Steve scrambling eggs as she put her hands over his sides as he turned his head

"Morning" Steve responded stirring the eggs as Winnie smiled

"Back at you" the wolf girl replied sitting down running her finger around her empty plate in a circular motion

"I can't believe we really did all of that last night" Winnie said in partial disbelief of the event

"What happened" Steve asked placed eggs on her plate as the girl came to realize it must've ben a wet dream

"It all felt so real, I can't believe it" Winnie muttered

"Oh you're taking about that" Steve said sitting down with his girlfriend

"So we really did…awwwwooouuuu" Winnie howled in happiness as they ate their breakfast

"Winnie I've been thinking about …last night and don't think anyone should know about it" Steve said finishing a glass of juice as he wiped his mouth

"So you want to keep 'us' a secret" Winnie said

"For now, I mean let's wait a while before we make it public, but for now promise It'll just be between you and me" Steve said

"I promise" Winnie said finishing her meal placed the dish in the sink

"Oh Winnie, you're folks called they said they would be home this afternoon" Steve said washing the dish

"I thought they would be gone all week" Winnie said

"Well your folks money a small restaurant lottery then they decided to lengthen they're vacation" Steve responded

"So why are they coming home now?" Winnie asked

"They missed you, and I can understand that, you're in school 6 months a year so they would want to spend time with you" Steve said

"But That means when they come home you're leaving, will I ever see you again" Winnie asked partially sad

"I don't know cutie, but I know this, I will never forget you, and I will always love you" Steve said as Winnie nodded as the two decided to kiss on the last day they had left together

"I'm going to wash my sheets" Winnie said going upstairs to collect her bed spread as she carried it to the washer machine

"We should clean up the hose for your folks" Steve as Winnie nodded s the two tidied up the house upon the arrival of Winnie's parents as they opened the door as Winnie walked to them

"Welcome back Mama and Papa" Winnie said hugging her parents

"Here's a present we got you" Winnie's mother said pulling out a snow globe from her bag

"It's beautiful, Thanks" Winnie said running her finger gently across the glass sphere

"So Steve Rose, how was our daughter?" Talbot asked putting his suitcase on the table

"She was no trouble at all" Steve said as Talbot reached into his pocket pulling out a 50 dollar bill

"I feel that's a fair price" Talbot said handing the bill to Steve

"Sounds reasonable well I better get going" Steve said heading

"Wait Steve, I wanted to give you something" Winnie said as they girl rushed back to her room carrying something wrapped in paper

"Just a little token to remember me by" Winnie said handing it to Steve

"You shouldn't open it until after you leave" Winnie whispered in his ear

"Thank you Winnie" Steve said leaving to house as Winnie waved to him as Winnie smiled

"I never saw, Steve Rose after the events but I felt one day our path would cross, I was nothing the ghoul to believe in love at first sight but I deny my feeling and his, I am now a believer as I know our hearts will find a way to reconnect together. Ever passing day I never forget him, I mean he did take my virginity but for more emotional reason he will always be the passion in my heart… the end"