Catwoman's POV

"Beat the bitch!" The thug roared into my ears.

I hissed as one of the men launched me from my feet into a nearby garbage bin. My head ricocheted off the bin onto the sticky, grimy ground.

"Dam boys, don't you know how to treat a lady?" I questioned, regaining my balance.

I lunged at the closest man and clawed at his face, making blood curdle from his cheeks. I sent my left foot into the shortest of the trio's gut. He fell back clutching his stomach; woos. If I had a nickel for every time I got kicked.

I pondered what I could buy after I left the last thug dangling from the walkway's ledge. His screams echoed as I strutted through the dark alleyways of Arkham City.

The air was cool and thin as I slid to a destroyed car. That thug near the ACE Chemicals building seemed to have excellent hearing; every time I stopped to scan the area, he became suspicious and glared curiously into the snow filled night.

I felt the cool metal of the bumper on the palms of my hands. I could see through the destroyed dashboard of the car right to the man. He kept glaring in circles, scanning the area with some, red lens on his right eye. Some technology I would expect Freeze to have.

I pulled down my goggles to get a closer look. My surroundings became shocked orange, exposing details on the thug's belt. I had never been so careful to analyze. A gold pouch sat on his hip, loosely hanging on a plastic clip. The thing inside it however caught my eye:

A silver plate sat in the pocket, creating a circle outline on the pouch. I am usually good at identifying objects; their value, their make things like that. However, this had me stumped.

The thug must have seen something; he cocked his arm into the air, pointing it directly at the roof to the right of me. I removed my goggles and ducked down further. This guy was too dangerous and unpredictable to attack head on; this theft would have to wait.

I exhaled and leaned back against the car. I stared as a grey rat sped across the alley, disappearing under a grey electric fence out of Arkham City. Only if I could leave that easily, but I always felt like something was here I didn't have; something that I needed.

My eyes returned to the dashboard of the car. The thug was still glaring, but had moved to under a fire escape where he pointed his sniper up. Did he see something?

I sat up to see over the cars roof, resting my hand on the mirror. The fire escape was still and idle; maybe this guy wasn't as precise as I thought.

I felt my hand's resting place slip from my grasp; the mirror had broken into a hundred pieces on the ground below. A horrible cracking noise came after.

I froze in my position. I pressed my whole body against the car somehow hoping to just- disappear. I bit my lip and waited. There was complete silence for almost ten seconds before I made my move.

I silently moved my glove took the largest shard from the mirror in my hands. I held it up to the dashboard, twisting and turning it to get the perfect reflection of the man. Eventually, I did.

He certainly heard the noise; his face was stumped and confused. His goatee outlined his frown as he slowly pointed his arm dart at the car. Suddenly, a laser pointer reflected in the mirror to the middle of my forehead; I'm done.

An airy gunshot shattered the winter air. I dropped the shard and dove from the car to the street corner where I saw the rat escape. My glove was now a scarlet from my blood, not from the bullet, but from the mirror.

"We can play this game all day, sweetheart!" The thug declared. I straddled my whip and took a deep breathe.

I lunged around the corner in a rush of adrenaline and cracked my whip upon the man's arm. The dart gun ripped of his wrist belt and smashed on the frosty concrete. He let out a growl and regained balance. His arm as well dripped blood now, covering his pale white skin.

"Well, well guess I got a challenge." The thug admitted, pulling a sliver knife from his back. He held it in a reverse grip and chuckled greedily.

"You sound surprised." I snapped back. We stood still then jumped at each other. he had got the upper hand. His cool knife slowly pierce my leather suit as his body pinned me against the wall. I exposed my claws and readied a vertical rip down his leg, but to no avail; the pain in my side blurred my senses.

I braced for an excruciating amount of pain, as it soon came. My mind clouded and I was tossed onto the ground once more. My cheeks scratched the ground and I came to a stop near a gutter.

"Heh, and I thought cats have nine lives." The man said, standing over my limp frame. He lifted his spurred boots and prepared to stomp down.

Yet the man was tossed back by a black, caped figure. His body crashed against the car; my unsuccessful hiding place. No more actions came from the thug.

The large frame came before me and lifted me their arms. I made no effort to get comfortable, for I already knew who this figure; a former lover if anything. Although, he trusted me with his biggest secret.

This time I did not try to escape like usual; this was unusual if anything.

I felt the two of us lift from the ground into the dying dusk; little snowflakes melting on my nose as we ascended higher and higher.

The figure's warm body comforted me through our the lift; something I disliked, right?

He said nothing as we swung from building to building, the odd gunshot echoing through the night.

However, I managed to mutter something before my injury took affect and I fell unconscious:

"Dammit Bruce, I almost had him!"