Catwoman's POV

I fell on my side, totally shocked on what had just happened; Floyd actually had the guts to pull off a murder that quickly, without contemplating the results.

My eyes locked with Bruce once more, who was hunched behind an empty crate. He was probably thinking what to do next, like me.

Well first, we have to locate that book and the disk, than dispose of them. Okay, so I have a game plan now to put it into action. I continued forward keeping an eye on Bruce below, who also began to move forward.

I was about to leap down to the main level, but a gloved hand gripped my left foot, forcefully pulling me back. I started squirming, trying to kick at the goon, who I recognized as the good looking one from a couple of nights ago.

I finally connected my foot with his stomach, which sent him tumbling to the rusty grate. He groaned and desperately tried to get up, but he was too late.

The balcony shook wildly now, and I could hear the crunching of the grate me. I gripped the railing as the whole section of the grate collapsed to the concrete floor of the facility. My whole body slammed awkwardly onto the ground, whereas the thug easily picked himself up and pointed a dart gun right at me.

However, Bruce was too quick for him; the Dark Knight dove from behind a crate to slam the goon into the wall, knocking him unconscious on impact.

Bruce helped me up from the ground, before I heard a clicking sound behind me.

Floyd cocked his gun right at my chest, ready to shoot at any moment.

"Well the cat and the bat, seems like you've caught up to me, but no matter- no one will miss Zsasz." Floyd said, tightening his grip on his gun.

"Why Floyd? Hugo is not here to boss you around anymore. Why go through all of this trouble just to make sure these people are dead?" Bruce stated, stepping in front of me fearlessly.

"Easy, I get the satisfaction of a job well done. Strange was merely a payer for my work. I'd much rather kill for the sheer adrenaline," Floyd answered. "Yet, the cowardly bitch behind you decided to make a mockery out of me, so here are my thoughts- you both die!"

My mind blanked again, and everything slowed. I jumped in front of Bruce, readying myself for a shattering blow.

But the gun did not shoot out a bullet, but a grappling hook. The hook dug into my side and pulled me over a railing, into the ice cold water tank. My senses were clouded as I desperately pawed to pull myself to the surface. My cheeks were burning from the cold pool, which made me desperately gasp for air.

I eventually made it up to the surface to gurgle a few words:

"H-help me!"

Although, Bruce was being attacked by three knife wielding thugs. His chest was already bleeding, but he seemed to be fending fairly well against them.

My head ducked beneath the surface again, but I had managed to grasp a rope on the side of the pool. I tugged furiously down on the rope, hoping for it to hook something.

Unfortunately, the knotted end of the rope slid right through the railing down to the depths of the water. I had now decided to kick to an edge, where I could attempt to climb out.

I was almost to the concrete edge of the pool, until Floyd stood over me straddling Strange's book in his hand. I almost knew what he was thinking.

"Here cat, you want your book? Here, I don't need it as long as I have this." He laughed, tapping the pocket holding the familiar disk.

He literally threw the book down onto my face, breaking my nose on instant. I gripped my nose and lost my grip on the edge of the pool, emerging my face in the bone chilling water once more.

My teeth had begun to chatter and Bruce was still sparring with the thugs. I had to take matters into my own hands: I dove farther into the water, feeling the warm blood from my nose flood into my face.

I reached the bottom of the tank, the pump coils feet from my face. I desperately looked for that rope, which I found wrapped in un-tidy circle, next to the damp brown book.

I untangled the rope and threw it into the pump coils, hearing the pump jam with a creaking snap. Now I had seconds to get out of the water before the tank became an electric-eel aquarium.

I could feel my throat get warm and heavy as I continued to lose air. I kicked hard to get myself to the surface, which finally happened.

I gasped as I broke into the air, sucking in as much air as I could. Bruce was right there to help me out of the water.

I felt my body go numb as Bruce lifted me up and out. I once again fell into his arms looking for warmth. He wrapped his cape around me and pulled me in closer. My teeth were still chattering as I felt his heated cape slowly warm my body.

The control room was silent except for the snapping electricity coming from the eel tank.

"Where's Floyd?" I asked, finally warm.

"He ran up through the staircase seconds ago. We can still catch him though." Bruce said, heading for the staircase. I followed him up the stairs, wanting to get revenge on Floyd for many things now.

Bruce broke down the door and scanned desperately for Floyd. The assassin was typing quickly into a computer, entering saved info from the disk.

I quickly threw a pair of bolas at the computer, shattering its screen. Floyd screamed in rage and began to head like a rhino at the pair of us.

Bruce and I dove across the creaky attic to opposite corners. Floyd crashed loudly into the wall, making a spider-web crack appear on the already weak wall. I quickly searched the computer desk for the obvious.

"Well, you suppose you won, huh? You've apprehended the world's greatest assassin," Floyd muttered, blood spewing from his forehead. Most of his front teeth were missing, probably scattered across the floor. "Well, these are my thoughts-"

A loud, thick explosion of the pump was heard from downstairs, totally destroying the bottom floor of the facility. Bruce dove at me and leapt out the window with me in his grasp. The air surged across our faces as the building exploded behind us.

We slid to a halt on a street corner, turning to see the orange cloud forming from the pump building.

That was it; Floyd was gone and would not be taking out any other prisoners anytime soon. That disk's memory was erased and was now useless. I had just escaped all of my problems, yet I did not feel any different.

"C'mon, we'll get that nose patched up at the cave." Bruce said, getting up from the ground. I sniffed and got up as well, grasping Bruce's hand as we continued to glare at the explosion.

Then we both looked at each other, like we did at the abandoned shop. Now we both felt that emotion I had in that alleyway days ago.

I leaned in to passionately kiss him, a mutual feeling between us.

I had found that something that I needed…