The Doctors eyes locked on mine as he put the needle into my arm. There was an apology in his eyes. What was he apologizing for?

After everything was inside me, he was ushered out with one hard look from the Peacemaker. I thought the questioning would continue once he was out of earshot, but I was wrong. The Peacemaker stayed quiet. After several moments of this, I decided to speak up.

"What? No more questioning? What am I supposed to be doing? Sleeping?"

The Peacemaker remained motionless. "Go ahead and try to sleep. I'm sure it won't last long anyways."

"So that green stuff was something to keep me awake?" For some reason, that didn't make sense to me. They were always putting me to sleep when they didn't want to question me, why would they make me stay awake if they weren't going to ask me anything?

"No, not exactly," the Peacemaker said, "but I can tell you're already getting anxious. You want questions? Fine, I have some questions for you. Who is the one person who can change Katniss?"

No one could change Katniss. Katniss had a strong mind and did whatever she wanted to do, no matter what anyone else thought. Except Prim…Prim was the one person who might have a chance of changing Katniss in more than one way.

The Peacemaker laughed. "Too hard of a questions huh? Maybe it's taking less time than I thought to get into your system."

Less time to get into my system? What did they put into me? Squirming, I glanced away from the Peacemaker. He knew something I didn't, and from the look on his face, it was something I definitely needed to find out. I looked back at him, only to see three of them standing there with the same expression on their face. I took a deep breath. I wasn't being uncooperative, so why did they need to send in more Peacemakers?

"You want to be questioned?" they all said at the same time, "how about this: Why would Katniss and Peeta separate if they didn't trust anyone besides each other?"

This was a trick question. They wouldn't separate, no matter how much Haymitch and I tried to convince them they needed to trust more tributes in order to get through these games.

I didn't realize that I was speaking out loud until all three of the Peacemakers began to laugh. What had happened in the Arena? I was a stylist; I deserved to see what had happened! My arm began to have a tickling sensation on it, but I didn't want to look. I needed to stay focused on the Peacemakers. I needed to figure out what had happened in the games!

"You really are one optimistic little rebel, aren't you? You need to stop acting like everything went with smoothly with your little plan, because I can guarantee you that it didn't go as well as you think it did." As they were speaking, the tickling sensation had gotten worse. I pulled at my arm restraints, wishing I could get out of them. Looking away from the Peacemakers, I decided to look down at my arm and try to detect the source of the tickling sensation.

As soon as I looked at my arm, I began to scream. There were ants all over me. Ants completely covered my arms and legs. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't tear my eyes away from the ants. They didn't look normal, not only were they huge, they also looked slightly familiar to me.

Suddenly I placed it, making my screams much longer. Their eyes were the exact same color as Katniss's. Finally I convinced my eyes to look away. My screams continued, but I soon realized my screams were not the only ones echoing around the room.

I couldn't quite place who the other screams belonged to with my own screams echoing in my ears. Looking away, I couldn't see the three peacemakers anymore, but I could see the rooms' walls. What used to be completely white was now covered in what seemed to be a thin layer of dirt and grime.

My screams stopped momentarily as horror washed through me. The walls weren't covered in dirt; they were just simply the starting point. It looked as if the walls had holes and dirt was coming in through the holes to fill the room. My screams started again: louder and more terrified than before. After everything I had lived through, I would die by being buried alive.

It had to be some sick joke. I could see more and more dirt pouring into the room, but it never seemed to get any closer to me. Was the Capital planning on doing this to District 13? Were they going to try to bury them alive and was just testing it out on me first?

I tore my eyes away from the wall, but accidently glanced down at my arm again. The ants had multiplied. There were thousands all over my body. I couldn't see my skin at all. Glancing down further, I saw that a new species had joined the ants: Spiders. They were slowly crawling their way up my body. I couldn't hear myself scream anymore, but I knew my shrieks were still filling the room.

I had to get away. The ants and spiders were both multiplying and slowly making their way closer to my head. If I let them get there I knew I was done for. I tried kicking my legs and lifting my arms. It seemed to be no use, but I continued to try. It didn't take long for me to see blood trickling out of my wrists where I repeatedly pulled them against the metal gloves attached to the chair. I didn't stop. It was my only chance to get away.

Suddenly there was something on my face. I couldn't tell if it was a spider or an ant, all I knew is that I had to get it off. There was only one way to get it off while I was restrained. Not thinking it through, I threw back my head in an attempt to get the bug off. My head hit the back of the chair with an ear-shattering crack. I could still feel insects crawling all over my face. My vision began to get blurry and I could see a whole army of Peacemakers running my way.

They would make it worse. I had to get everything off my face before they got to me. I threw my head back against the metal chair again and heard another ear-shattering sound. My visions got worse but I didn't care, I threw back my head once more.

"How could you give him that much trackerjet venom and just leave him alone!" was the last thing I heard before peaceful blackness overcame me. I knew I would never have to answer to the Capital again.

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