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Child's Play

Rogue was perplexed to say the least. She had expected to return home and be greeted by her handsome decidedly adult boyfriend but was instead confronted with this miniaturised version of said boyfriend. As she surveyed the child - what she could see of him - as he hid behind Warren. Warren, how the hell had that happened? Rogue could see the similarities between him and his adult self although her Remy had never behaved in such a bashful and admittedly sweet manner.

As Scott carefully watched rogue's face for any signs of an impending attack or general freak out, he sidled over and pulled Remy from his hiding place behind the man whom he usually couldn't exchange a single civil word with. He cleared his throat as he put an arm around the nervous child. "So, uh Rogue this is Remy he'll be staying with us for a while. Remy, this is Rogue she lives here too." At his side the boy stepped away slightly and looked up at him accusingly. "Dat's while you all laughed! S'not funny! S'mean, you just making fun o' me and she gon' hate me now."

Rogue watched the little outburst in confusion. She asked her somewhat shamefaced team mates at large, "laughed at what? what's going on?" at first she thought no one would answer but then Jean spoke up. "Well, you see Rogue I wanted to make Remy here feel more at home so I got him that little stuffed alligator. And erm, well I told him to name it whatever he wanted...and we didn't help him he came up with it all on his own! And we might have not told him about you at this point." Rogue raised an eyebrow and the red head continued. "Well, long story short the alligator is named Rogue." The young woman felt her own face flush almost as hot as Remy's. The little boy was looking at his feet the toy clutched to his chest as he spoke quietly. "M'sorry Miss Rogue, if'n I'd known...I can change his name if you want? I don' wanna upset you or for you to be mad at me..." Rogue felt a pang of guilt for making the child – even if he wasn't usually a child but a cocky Cajun upstart – upset so she went over to him and crouched to his height using her very best indoor voice. "Hey sugah, it ain't your fault that these doofusses got a bad sense of humour. How about you tell me why you picked the name Rogue." The boy perked up a bit and looked at her properly instead of at his sneakered feet. "I picked it coz my alligator don' listen to no one, he got his own rules. He free and ain't no one who can scare him or hurt him. He is a rogue so I call him Rogue." He seemed to remember who he was talking to and coloured up again looking away from her. She noticed the way he seemed to flick his hair so it fell into his eyes and partially obscured them. "Well sugah that seems like a bit of solid reasoning to me in fact it sounds pretty close to the reason ah chose it for mah name too. So, I think your alligator can keep his name we'll just settle on great minds think alike." The beaming smile he gave her almost made her forget how much she hated kids but then she supposed she could let this one off since as an adult they were supposed to be dating, even if most of the time she wanted to punch him through the wall.

Remy had been ushered off to the den with Warren, Betsy, Bobby, Logan and Jean while Rogue had been brought into the professor's study to be briefed on the situation. Scott explained what had happened to actually turn the man into the boy then Hank explained how he was going to be restored to his proper form. "So, he won't be back to normal 'till the weekend?"

"At least. If doctor Strange does not get delayed" Hank confirmed. She pursed her lips and pinched the bridge of her nose as if willing this to go away. Hank spoke again, "And we have decided that while Remy is a child we should keep the truth from him. For the moment we have just been telling him he is staying with us for a while and he seems to except it, I fear that it would be too much for him to take in to learn he is in fact an adult mutant freedom fighter/ recovering world class thief reverted to his child form." That Rogue could agree with she supposed, it would be a rather difficult conversation to have with a small child.

Meanwhile in the den Bobby was teasing Remy mercilessly. "Y'know kid she has a boyfriend already and he's from New Orleans too so you can't even woo her away with the accent. But don't worry you wouldn't want to touch her anyway, not unless you want her to know all your secrets which from one man to another is never a good idea when there's a woman involved." Logan let the icicle ramble on for a bit even though Remy was still turning an even more startling crimson colour than before. The kid needed to know he couldn't touch Rogue and if Bobby could warn him off doing so without scaring the crap out of him then a little teasing was a small price to pay. Remy nodded solemnly in agreement with Bobby so Logan decided now was a good time to interfere before Bobby got carried away in his ribbing and they ended up with tears. "Hey half pint! You wanna help me pick something out to order for dinner? What's your favourite?" The little boy shrugged, "you like Chinese food? Ever had it?" Remy nodded.

"Oui I like dat, I had it befo' not sure what it was but it was ok dey t'row away de leftovers at de restaurant and if you get dere at de right time you can get de good bit from de dumpster befo' anyone else can." Logan decided not to comment on the child's dumpster diving not wanting to make him feel uncomfortable he also hoped the kid hadn't clocked Warren and Betsy's disgusted expressions. "Well ok then Chinese it is. We can just order a bunch of stuff and you can try it all." The kid seemed to like the sound of that if his grin was of any indication. Logan let him trail after him to the kitchen where they kept the menus and got him to punch in the numbers on the old phone. The wolverine smiled down at the child as he placed their order marvelling at how much he had changed just from last from a timid little kid to well, a slightly less timid kid but one who was willing to let people come near him and play tricks on slim. He couldn't wait to rib the adult Remy about some of his actions while a kid again. Although there were some things which he would not bring up. Like what he heard last night and the fear that he smelt on him all yesterday and at times even today. Unlike Chuck, Logan thought it best for Remy to handle his issues his own way instead of being forced into some kind of therapy which was what he had heard Jean and the professor whispering about as he passed the office.