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Kung fu panda

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The sun was setting on the jade palace and all the warriors were heading to the barracks and tigress broke off from the group to have a bath. And has the hours went by she finished up and made it to her room and drop her towel and was grabbing her clothes.

"Man I'm hungry" Po thought as he got up and opened his door but he tripped and rolled towards tigress door.

"Dam that hurt ..." As he gasp as he saw tigress standing after being pushed over.

"Were you SPYING ON ME" as she grabbed her towel and wrap it around herself

"No tigress let me ... " he tried to explain

"LET YOU WHAT ... GET OUT THE FUCK OUT YOU PREV" she pointed at the door

"Tigress please let me explain" as he got to his feet

"LET YOU EXPLAIN WHAT THAT YOU WERE SPYING ON ME" She pushed Po back " I thought you were my friend " as a tear formed in her eye " I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU ANY WHERE ELSE BUT THE TRAINING HALL" as she pushed him into the hall way.

"I'm sorry tigress "as she closed the door


Tears formed in his eyes as he ran out and toward the sacred peach tree.

" why wouldn't she let me explain" Po thought as he sat at the bottom of the tree " I just lost the only thing that kept me here" tears began to flow " if she doesn't want me here I'm just going to leave" Po mind kept repeating himself

He sat there most the night and finally went to his room and packed up his stuff and left a note on the bed. As he walk out he didn't notice Shifu standing in the corner. After hearing what tigress hand told him he knew he couldn't change his mind.

Morning came around and the gung rung through the valley. And all the warriors rushed out of their rooms " good morning master ".

Shifu didn't reply he just walked past and stop in front of tigress and Po rooms.

"Tigress what happened last night "as he looked at her with disappointment.

As tigress looked down and realized what he was talking about " he was spying on me"

"Po would never do such a thing cause he loved you and respected you " Shifu turned his back and looked at Po's door thinking he might have changed his mind

"he fell through my door right when I dropped my towel" has she begun to regret the words she said

" what time was this tigress " Shifu asked as he turned around and looked her right in the eyes

" about 12:30 " has she began to feel sad for po

" TIGRESS PO GETS A SNACK EVERY NIGHT AT MINDNIGHT " he pointed his stick at her face

"still he saw me naked " as she felt a little guilt

" tigress you broke his heart when you told him you didn't want to see him " his face had sadness write all over him

" well he should have explain that last night " her face was still cold and sad

"YOU DIDN'T GIVE HIM THE CHANCE TO EXPLAIN AND NOW HE GONE BECAUSE OF YOU " tears formed and he walked out leaving five confused warrior's

Tigress just stayed in place trying to take all the information in.

" he can't be gone " as monkey walked up to po's door " Po can I come in " when there was no answer he walked in and saw a empty room.

Mantis jumped on monkey shoulders "he is really gone " as tear began to form. But then he saw the note and as rage took over monkey and mantis. They grab the note and ran out and stop in front of tigress " how could you tigress " but with no answer mantis jump and hit her in the nose

" I'm going to kill you ... Bug " as monkey face was full of tears

" how could you hurt Po " as he handed the note to tigress and ran out

Tigress took the note and walked back into her room

Po note "dear tigress I'll sorry for being me but the words you chose last night dug right into my heart and crack it. You were the only thing that kept me at the jade palace and since you do not want to see me then I'm have decided to leave the valley so I will not bother you anymore."

Tears began to cry as she realized what she did " I broke his heart just because of his clumsiness" has she let more tears fall

"Yes you did this but you can fix this" as tigress jump to see Shifu standing in the doorway " if you broke his heart and he left so if you fix his heart he will return "

"butt ... How ... He's probably hates me " has she fell to her knees

"he is too kind to hate but you did hurt him" has he ran up and hugged her " I know we're he's going and you're going To find him and fix what you have broke"

"Ok ... But where is he going" has he pulled her to her two one knee

"He is following reports of pandas in the mountains" as he pulled a bag of supplies and a map from around the corner.

"find him, fix him and return him here " he handed the map and walk out

Tigress grabbed the bag and ran out and down the stairs and followed the instructions on the map

Po was walking up to a village that looked peaceful. He knock on the door and a panda answered "dragon warrior, How can I help you"

As po's face turn to shock looking at the panda "are you a panda"

" well we look like each other so" has he looked at po with a funny glare

"No it just I thought I was the last of the panda " po said

"Do you need something or are you just dropping by" the guard joked

" can I rent a place here for a while" he ask with sadness

"Of course come in and say hi to the guys " as he lead him through the town and to a empty house.

"Where are all the women " Po noticed that there were no women outside

"here women are not allowed out of the houses without their man and if they are out they get arrested" has he open the door to the empty house

"Why do you have a rule like that " he walked in

" we have a bandit problem and women can't fight very good so they stay inside " as he walk away " dinner at the hall in two hours"

The two hours went by and po was heading to the hall "BANDITS" he turn and got into his stance watching the other pandas run.

The bandit were trying to capture one of the pandas. "ha pick on some your own size" po yelled as more panda guards lined up behind him.

"wait I know you, you're the dragon warrior " as one of them remove his mask and revealed a orange tiger" we will leave and we will return in three days with our best warrior" as they ran off

"Dragon warrior we are promoting you to chief of protection "one of the panda handed po a gold encrusted sorts

"Thanks but I'm hungry let's go eat " he walked towards the hall

Po enjoyed his dinner and all his panda fans asking him question. He was just finishing up.


"GUARDS SURROUNDED THE BANDIT I WILL DEAL WITH IT" po and the other panda ran out the hall.

The five guards jumped off a roof and landed on all sides "surrender or die "

"DO YOU WANT FIGHT THEN LET'S FIGHT "bandit replied and got into her stance

"You can fight the chief "one panda step aside and let po walk up with sword and a hound to hide his face.

"BRING IT PANDA" she drop all her stuff and her hound to show her face

"You now tigress you shouldn't be here " po said to her

" how do you know my name " she step forward to get a closer look

" you are the one that caused me to leave my home " he walked away and waved to let tigress follow

she followed " who did I make leave home " her mind kept repeating

She followed him into a empty house. "Who are you " has she walked closer

Po sat down a pointed for tigress to seat on the other of the room and as soon as she sat down.

"So you came to fix what you broke " po asked the confused tiger

" who are you " she managed ask still confused

" are you that stupid " he uncovered his face