A mistake.

It had been a mistake to leave Sunnydale after the huge fight with her mother. The one that had ended with her lifegiver finding out that she was the chosen one. The slayer. The one person in all the world that would fight for humanities survival against the forces of darkness promptly before throwing her out on her ass.

And to top everything off- she'd sent the only man that she had ever loved to a hell dimention where he would forever suffer in torment. Of course that had been six months ago when the world itself had come dangerously close to ending.

And since then she had left her home, moved across the state, changed her name to Anne and was currently working at a cozy little diner. She didn't bother calling her mother (because she would just have more to say about her destiny and Buffy didn't feel like listening to more hurtful words), she didn't bother calling Giles or her friends.

She simply wasn't sure how to face them after what had happened with Angel. After all if they hadn't been close to her, they might not have been hurt.

These thoughts had been swirling through her head since the day she had left. They disturbed her concentration at work, disturbed her late at night. And then there was the guilt. The horrible, horrible gut wrenching guilt of just up and leaving everyone and everything that she had ever cared for or loved without so much as a damned note.

She sighed as she stepped out of the diner and onto the sidewalk as she untied her apron and looked up at the night sky. It was nine in the city and the skys were pitch black. Which meant that the big bads were out roaming, maiming and killing the innocent and at the moment she just couldn't bring herself to care that much.

In this moment she wasn't Buffy Summers, vampire slayer. She was just Anne, the waitress who got felt up by pervy old men during her shift. A shift that at this very moment she was very glad was over. If one more man had touched her ass today she would have seriously lost it and broken something off.

Like a hand or something...

She started walking, her keen senses flaring out into the night out of habit. She could hear muggers mugging, some homeless begging for money, food, exct- She could hear the blairing of car alarms as they were broken into. Shaking her head she tried to ignore what her senses told her.

God there was so much evil in the world.

Why was it that she was the only person who had to fight it? To make sacrifices because of it? It wasn't fair!

She paused at the end of the block where the road crossing was and looked both ways thinking that just because she lived in a high traffic area didn't mean that she could ignore common sense. Sometimes cars tore up the streets in the area at night.

Especially when they were driven by drunks or gangs trying to flee a crime scene of some sort.

She saw a large van a ways down the road with the lights on and motor going, but it wasn't moving. Calculating distance times how fast something that weighed about a tone or two could move per second just to be safe, she stepped out into the street believing herself to be safe.

She wasn't very far from the curve when the truck peeled away from the side walk and for some unknown reason found herself pausing in the middle of the road, the vehicle was moving much faster than she had calculated and it was too late for her to try and run back to the curb when it slammed into her with all the force of a ten ton beam. Spattering her blood all over the pavment as her bones broke, her body caught in the grill by one of her hands and was dragged a good twenty feet before it- and she were both slammed into a telephone pole and her body was completely crushed from the neck down.

There was no life flashing before her eyes. No struggling to breathe.

There was nothing but enclosing darkness and the startling revelation that she had just been killed.

And her family and friends may never know it.


It was over.

Finally after more than four hundred and fifty years of nearly non stop fighting- The evil hords were finally vanquished and they were finally free. Emerald green eyes looked up at the people surrounding their owner. Xan, Willa, and Ripper- Her friends. Her family.

The same people as cursed as she. Each one never changing. Never aging.

Cursed with immortality because she hadn't been able to bear losing them and had used her half demon blood in a spell to revive them and make them whole after they had been badly injured and almost killed trying to help her do her job.

"You okay?" Xan asked as he and Ripper helped her to her feet. His one eye looking her over while Ripper wrapped an arm around her slender waist to hold her upright as Willa stepped out of the magic circle that she had used to link with the powers that be so that she could help them heal the earth of it's battle scars, while helping empower Xan and Ripper since they were the ones that had held back a majority of the evil hords.

She looked down at her bloody hands, one of which still holding the first's heart in it and gave it a squeeze. Crushing it then throwing what was left aside. Aside from that, her wounds didn't matter. They would heal just like they always did. "I'm fine. Head count."

"Come now, you can see us. Why do a head count if you know that we're already here?" Ripper half joked as Xan helped Willa step over a few bodies.

"Comfort." She replied in a strained tone. The center of her chest suddenly feeling tight, making her feel breathless and weak. She staggered slightly and Ripper tightened his grip around her waist when her legs nearly gave out.

"Well we're all here, babe." Willa said as she stepped up to her and slipped one of her arms around her her waist to help Ripper as she croaked.

"The earth?"

"Is healing itself up nicely thanks to the magicks. By this time tomorrow there should be trees and flowers sprouting up again. Isn't that cool?" Willa rambled for a few moments before Ripper cut in.

"Well if that's true how about Xan and I bring you the first new flower we find. Hm?"

"S-Sounds nice." She said as the tightness in her chest intensified and a chill shot down her spine. Something was wrong. Something was very very wrong. And not in the usual the-world-may-very-well-end sort of way. No this was something else entirely. She could tell by the steadily spreading fire in her veins.

By how hard it was to breathe. By how weak she suddenly felt.

Her vision faded to black for a moment and she caught a glimpse of someone- a blonde with her face, being crushed to death by a heavy, van. Her body caught between thick broken wood and a twisted, blood spattered grill. Her eyes staring blankly ahead. Lifeless and unseeing.

Her senses returned just long enough to realize that she was laying on the floor of the cave they had fought in, among the bodies of the damned with Ripper, Xan and Willa all staring down at her with concerned/horrified expressions on their faces as she screamed and felt her body go up in what felt like hellfire as she disappeared.