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I sighed as we walked through the forest, it didn't make any sense. Why couldn't Naraku be kind to anyone else? Why was I aloud to see his love but never anyone else? What made me so special? As I was thinking I bumped into Naraku's back. Looking around him I saw a large castle. It was several stories tall, and made from black stone. Naraku led me through the halls until we reached a large room with a big bed, wardrobe, balcony, fire place, and many other pieces of furniture. "This is our room puppy, do you like it?" I nodded. "Good," he replied. I sat silently on the bed as Naraku walked into the room and closed the door behind him. "Now puppy I don't want you wondering around unsupervised, so I'm going to ask you to wear a special necklace from me, ok?" I nodded. "I also want you to feel comfortable, so I'm going to find the things you always wore, and your other weapons." I nodded once more.

"Naraku?" I whispered softly, he paused with his hand on the doorknob. "Why do you think I'm special? I don't remember much of anything, just feelings. But I seem so plain, and you're so… I don't know, amazing."

Naraku smiled gently to me "You never could see yourself quite clearly. I'll be right back." With that Naraku left the room. When Naraku came back he was holding a few small daggers, a large star with a hole in the center, some clothes, and a small pendant. He handed me the pendant first. It looked strange to me; there was a small crystal in the center being held by a spider, the spider was surrounded by a multitude of other crystals. I carefully clasped the pendant around my neck and let it rest at the hollow of my throat. I was next handed the clothes. I was soon wearing the tight shirt, baggy pants, and the sash that was adorned with small crystalline spiders. After strapping the daggers to different parts of my body I was handed the large star. The hole in the center of the star was large enough for me to fit my hand into, the five points were curved slightly at the end creating a dangerous looking weapon.

"Come puppy, we have much work to do." I followed quickly after Naraku.

~Scene Change~

"I don't get it!" said Kagome, "Why would Naraku bother erasing InuYasha's memories? What could he possibly want with InuYasha? He so stupid and dumb, and he can do anything right!"

"Kagome stop it, maybe if you weren't like this all the time than InuYasha would still be here," Sango yelled.

"Both of you stop arguing," Miroku said "if we're going to get InuYasha back we need to work together."

"Aye, Miroku is right," Kaede put in, "whatever Naraku wants it can't be good. Ye must rescue InuYasha before it is too late."