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Sikowitz pointed to the whiteboard and yelled, "Where is this quote from and what do you think it means?"

'The sight of lovers feedeth those in love.'

I quickly raised my hand, attempting my approach to the quote.

"Yes, Cat!" Sikowitz pointed to me.

"That's easy, it's from As You Like It in Act 3, Scene 4- from the famous Shakespeare- You'd have to be dead if you didn't know something as simple as that!" I shrugged and twirled my red velvet hair.

I thought to myself, 'Dang, I said something that I would never say. What is wrong with you Cat? You always do things wrong.'

I looked at everyones' faces', turned to me, eyes wide, and jaws dropped, staring in awestruck. I pretended I couldn't see them, and said, "Oh my gosh! Last night, my brother came into my room, and bit my toe. He thought it was a hamburger." I smiled, as everyone sulked in their seats with relief, that I was "back to normal."

'There. That should fool them. Finally, you did something right Cat, you deserve a pat on the back.' I logically listened to my conscience and pat myself on the back and giggled. Everyone stared, and realized I was just being, a Cat.

The rest of the class turned to face Sikowitz, and paid attention to the lecture. He said, walking around the crowded room, "Now Cat, what do you think this means?" He motioned his way back to the board and smacked it with his hand. It made a loud, BANG!, and he screamed as he held his wrist in terror. His face was turning tomato red, as when he was upside down, hanging from the classroom ceiling. "Students, never do what I just did."

Jade chimed, "Like we would want to Sikowitz.." She snipped her journal cover as the excess pieces fell to the floor.

I said, as if right on cue, "I think... That it means..." I took a deep inhale of oxygen in the stuffy room. I looked over to Beck, who was my rock. He was my best friend. He made me confident, helped me realize I could do anything if I put my mind to it. Too bad though; because he doesn't know that I'm completely in love with him. He sneakily put his arm around Jade, his girlfriend. He smiled at me, put his hand in the air, as if he was gently swatting a fly. That usually meant: 'Go on, Cat. Tell us. You can do it, I know you can. You are confident.' Yeah, a whole hand motion could mean something as "deep" as that.

I continued, "Perhaps, that when couples see the sight of other couples, it gives them... A connection... Something that..." I stopped to think, and looked down at my fumbling hands. I was acting smart again. 'God Cat, why do you do this?'

Beck interuptted, "I think Cat's trying to say that the connection they have is like..." He slowed his voice down, to a soft whisper, looking at me. "It's like a strong bond that they feel, when they're with their love. A type of intimate emotion."

I agreed, "Precisely, and when couples see other couples, showing PDA, they realize that have a strong bond together. A bond that nobody can break." I looked up at Beck, and smiled. Jade saw me making the googly-eyes with her boyfriend and glared at me. Her eyes were like daggers; stabbing me right in the eyes. She ruins EVERYTHING. I quickly looked away in disappointment, and said, "Hey Sikowitz! Can we do alphabetical improv?" I clapped and smiled.

"Sure, why not, I've got nothing else planned. But, Beck and Cat, you were completely on the dot, Congratulations, have some popcorn." He threw us individual Ziploc bags of popped kernels.

I smiled, "Yay, I love popcorn!"

"That's fantastic, okay; who would like to lead the first group?" Sikowitz clapped, then picked up the coconut on his desk.

Tori excitingly said, "Can I captain the first group?" She raised her hand.

"I want to lead it!" I snapped, then frowned. I buried my face in the palms of my hands, then started crying.

"Let the child lead, Toro!" Rex snapped.

"Fine," Tori said, slouching in her chair.

"Yay!" I lifted my face from my hands and jumped onstage. I glanced over at Beck, who seemingly started smiling.

"I pick... Beck, Tori, Andre, and... Jade!" I smiled at each and every one of them, because they were my best friends.

"Cat! Start us off with the letter... C! For coconuts. The God of all vegetables." He sucked from his bendy straw sticking out of the coconut.

"Uh, Sikowitz?" Robbie disagreed.

"What boy?" He said sternly, setting his foot on a chair.

"Never mind." Robbie looked down on his lap, suddenly embarassed.

"Can't I have more popcorn, please?" I said, happily and desperate.

"Do you seriously need it?" Tori said, scratching her head.

"Exactly, it's just corn that's been popped to shreds." Jade said, walking into the spotlight of the stage. She looked at me like I was dumb, and I really wanted to strangle her; which is so weird, because I never want to strangle anyone, especially one of my close friends.

"Friends, please be nice to Kitty-Cat." Beck said, smiling, as I giggled and clasped my hands together.

"God, why do you care?" Jade eyed her boyfriend.

"Hey! You skipped me!" Andre snapped at Jade.

"I don't care!" Jade placed her hands on her hips, as if she was the dominant one in this entire class.

"Just stop!" Tori said, screaming at Andre and Jade.

"Can't you see she's unstoppable?" Andre pointed at Jade.

Sikowitz announced that Andre had to say a word starting with "K", leaving me with Beck, Tori, and Jade.

"Cat! Letter K! Continue on!" Sikowitz jumped, pointing to the scene onstage.

"Keep it quiet guys!" I stood inbetween Jade and Tori.

"Let's stop talking about it then," Tori stated.

"Move," Jade shoved Tori, then stood directly in front of me, leaving Tori on the floor.

"Ow!" Tori said, in terror. "DANG IT!"

Sikowitz said, "Sorry Tori! Your letter had to start with 'N'! You're out!"

"I know Sikowitz!" She said, obviously embarrassed.

"N! To Beck!"

"Nothing can make you stop being mine," He said, hugging Jade, but looking at me. He kissed Jade on the cheek, as their bodies were pressed against each other.

I was jealous. I screamed, "Open sesame!" and squished my way between them, then smiled and giggled to myself.

"Cat!" Jade yelled angrily. "NO! Wait!"

Sikowitz stated, "Sorry Jade! Your letter was-"

"P. I know. I know." She stomped back to her seat.

"Letter P! To Beck!"

"Please, don't leave me." He grabbed my hands and held me close.

"Whoa! Another relationship!" Sikowitz said, and as I looked in the corner of my eye, Jade was upset.

I didn't want to upset her even more, so I turned away from Beck, even though I wanted to stay in his holding embrace, forever. "Quit it, please."

"Random thing to say. Why?"

"Sometimes... I get scared. To say how I really feel." I gulped. I was so nervous, so I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and convinced myself that everything was going to be alright. I turned around to face Beck.

"Tell me Cat, why do you get scared? You shouldn't. You are stronger than you think."

"Um... I can't really tell you.." I walked closer to Beck, scared that my emotions will pour out in front of everyone.

"Vent to me Cat. Please." He walked even closer.

"Why? You probably don't care how I feel on the inside anyway." I looked down, my confidence lowering every second.

"X-rays; Should I get one to see how you feel on the inside? Yes, or no?" He smiled.

I looked up at his face, smiled, then turned my head to look at Jade. She didn't look too happy that I was potentially flirting with her boyfriend.

"Zip it, please."

"And, GO TO A!" Sikowitz ruined the sort of 'moment' we had together.

"And why should I do that?" He said, holding my chin, so he could look at me.

"Because... I don't want to get in trouble..." I gently jerked my chin away and looked at Jade when I said that line.

"Can you tell me, why you're scared to say how you feel?" He stepped 90 degrees to the right, to look at my face that I kept turning away from him.

"Does it really matter?"

"Even if it doesn't matter, I still want to know." His warm hand cupped my left cheek, as he leaned in. I looked down, and backed away, ignoring the connection and the bond we had.

"Forget it," I simply stated.

"Gosh, you're so stubborn... But it's cute."

I smiled, realizing we were in reality; acting. Every single one of my peers thought I was acting the entire thing, but to be honest, it felt so real. "Happy, aren't you?" I said, I knew it didn't make sense, but it was the only way I could be able to stay in the scene.

"In case you haven't noticed, I'm only happy when I'm with you."

I smiled at his corny joke, then finally gave in. "Just please," I whispered in his ear while I was on my tippy toes. "Kiss me."

He leaned in, centimeters away from my lips, as the bell rang and ruined my kiss. His kiss. Our kiss. For once, it was just Beck&Cat. Not; Beck&Jade... Then Cat.

"Caaaaaaaaat!" Jade hissed. She stared at me with the dagger eyes, running towards me.

I screamed, and then wondered why I was running. I was 'acting'. I turned to Jade. "I was just acting Jade!"

Jade kept it cool, calmed down, and said, "Yeah, yeah... What was I thinking? MY Beck wouldn't have kissed you forreal right in front of me... I'm going to go get some lunch then. Wanna come with?" She was suddenly neutral with emotions.

"'Kay kay, I'll just meet you at the normal spot. I have to do something right quick."

"Okay then... I'll see you at our table." Jade walked out of the classroom, sounding confused.

I walked toward my seat, and sat down, thinking, "Wow, that improv felt so... True. And real. But it was just acting... Right? Beck loves Jade. Jade loves Beck. Cat loves Beck. Like he would fall in love with you, Cat! You're the ditziest girl in the whole school!"

"Hey, Kitty-Cat." The familiar nickname and voice said above me.

I looked up, and saw Beck's face, flashing a toothy smile. "Hi Beck."

"That improv was amazing, Cat. And I know that you're really smart... Why do you act so crazy and ditzy?"

"Yeah, I know. It felt so surreal, y'know? I was so oblivious in that scene. Or story, or skit, whatever you want to call it." I sulk down in my seat. "Turns out we're really good actors then. It was just acting, right?" I got up, and walked to the door. "I act this way because... I don't know, it seems more interesting. The lack of ditziness means... The lack of Caterina Hannah Valentine." I paused for a split-second. "You did great acting in that scene as well."

"Oh, right... Acting." He said, nervously.

"I'm gonna go catch up with Jade for lunch then. See you there?" I placed my hand on the doorknob, twisting it.

"I'll be there, I'll just have to go get some coffee first," He said, placing his hand on the door parallel to the door that I was holding.

"'Kay kay." I said weakly, and when he walked through the other exit, I whispered to myself, "I wasn't acting... I love you Beck Oliver. I always will. Cross my heart." I realzied that I forgot my binder in class, so I walk back, and Beck has returned back as well.


I checked my backpack, because it felt lighter than usual. 'Dang, I forgot all folders in class. I should go get them.' I enter in the class, nobody there. I hear a click from the other door, as Cat walked in.

"Why are you here?" She said sternly, like she was angry with me.

"Forgot my folders... Why are you here? Shouldn't you be at the tables with the rest of them already?" I asked.

"Forgot my binder." Her melodious voice was like music to my ears.

"Oh," I said, awkwardly. There was a lot of unneeded tention between us.


"I'll see you later,"

As she opened the door, and whipped her red hair to the right, I said, "See you later... Kitten." I thought to myself, "She's so beautiful." I then realized, I loved Cat. Not Jade. Not Tori. Cat. "She's the one. It's too bad a girl as gorgeous as her could never like someone like me. The way she acts, her beautiful voice... Her everything. She's my everything."

I whispered to myself, "Right... It was just acting Cat. Well, maybe to you; but not to me. It was real. I felt the emotion in our voices, and the connection. And that stronger bond that I have with you, and nobody else but you. I love you, Caterina Valentine. So much." I walked out the doors, and made my way to the Cafe.

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