So, I've started my OWN story only focusing on one tribute. Will she survive, will she win? Could go either way. =)

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4/10/15: So, a lot of this is inspired from the Hunger Games- the original text. A LOT. Lot's of stuff you will find out. Lexi and Hendrix, another thing with a net that you might remember, but will later, a lot of the Cornucopia, like one part reminiscent of the Feast with Katniss and Clove... I also used the names from the Hunger Games as inspiration. Shimmer and Glimmer. Leon like Cato. Leo meaning Cat, like Cato with the o. Then adding on the n because Cato has a random letter on the end. The o. Cato, it turns out, is an ancient military leader. Yeah. Morgan, because I read it means 'from the sea' or something close to that... Yep. So... yep. Hendrix is name I saw from another story on here (that I won't mention the name of,) and so I think I remembered that subconsciously. Any who... the story!

Thanks for reading, by the way!

10/19/15: Also, Spindle's name is from another story.

Fern's POV

I take deep breaths as the plate pushes me up into the light from above. The first thing I notice is the violent wind. It swirls down into the tube. My head is almost out of it.

The wind is chilly, and my red hair flies around all around me, so I see waves of crimson. I crouch, and press my hands to the plate.

My boots stay on the metal circle, and I take breaths.

I'm wearing some cargo pants, a green, long-sleeved shirt, and a black windbreaker. I look around the arena, after I push my hair back.

It's rocky and full of scruffy grass. However, over a cliff, maybe 1 mile away, there's a pine forest. I notice the baking sun, and the strong wind.

"Ladies and Gentleman!" I hear Cladius Templesmith boom. "Let the 73rd Hunger Games... begin!"

For a moment, it's silence. Then, I hear an explosion. I gasp, and grip the sides of the metal plate as a few people scream and something flies over my head. I blink and look over. The place where the District 6 boy was is now coated in red and other materials I don't want to identify.

I wonder what happened, then realize that the boy must've been blown off his plate, or stumbled, and was blown to bits. He was 17, I think.

One girl, I think the 13 year old District 6 girl is crying. Her name is Trolley if memory serves right.

Trying to ignore the death of this boy, I look at the Cornucopia. The good stuff is mostly closer to the horn, but I see a medium sized backpack about 20 yards ahead of me, and I ready myself to run. Blight said not to fight, Johanna said to fight. I don't know if I should go for the center or not. I got a 4 in training, which isn't high, but would some of the other tributes target me?

My green eyes scan the half-circle of us. The girl from 8, 14 year old Spindle is ready to run- but not to the Cornucopia, to the cliffs.

I'm 15. I can sprint fast enough to reach it, right? I swallow and then a glint catches my eye closer to the center of the mouth. 3 throwing axes.

I let a gasp escape my lips again. Mine. The Gamemakers must have put those there for me, right?

And if I don't get them, the Careers will. I look at them. The District 1 girl, Shimmer, District 2 girl Pepper, the District 2 boy Leon, the District 4 boy, Tide, and the District 4 girl, Morgan.

I hear the gong and I'm startled for a second, and I decide between staying and leaving.

I jump down from my plate and begin running. The Cornucopia is on a patch of soft grass, so the closer you get, the more slippery the grass gets, as if it's been drenched in dew.

Someone slips and then screams.

Adrenaline shoots through me, and I try to block the picture out. A 12-year old girl slips, maybe, 10 yards in front of me, and the District 10 boy raises his sword, about to behead her until the District 5 boy barrels into him.

"Stay away from her!" He says quickly.

The boy was scrambling to get away from him. The 18 year old grabs the boy by the head and turns it. I hear a sickening "snap" and look over to find the boy sinking to the ground.

The girl was the District 5 girl. She smiles up at her District partner and he grabs her arm and they run for the large field of boulders.

I shiver and notice I've stopped moving. I look around, and find my mind confused. There's so much commotion... where do I go again? I look towards the axes and find them still there, safely sitting on top of the bag.

I start to move towards them again, and then someone's punched my shoulder. I scream as I hit my head on the dirt and I cough and sputter dirt and blink in the sun to find the District 8 boy raising his knife.

I try to move but my shoulder hurts. "Don't try. It's over."

I glare at him. He only laughs. "What were you going for, huh?" He traces my face with the blade and I look at his eyes. "Your friend?"

Friend? What's he talking about? The boy smirks, the dagger glint in the sun.. Instead his smile falters and the dagger slips from his hand and falls beside me. I notice the girl from 11 raising another knife again, as if to throw at me.

I grab the boy's blade and don't think about it when I throw it. She raises her dagger to throw, and my knife spins through the air.

I watch it hit her in the neck, her knives fall to the ground, and the girl follow them. Suddenly, I remember what I just did. I might've just killed someone.

Tears fill my eyes. I wasn't planning to. I wasn't even thinking about what would happen when I threw it- only saving my own life. In a way, she saved mine, and I just murdered her.

"I'm sorry," I whisper as I stand up. My boots are now slick with blood and my hair is full of grass. I stumble over and slip to my knees, weak from everything I've just witnessed.

I roll over, unable to move. A Career runs and then stops, looking at me. He points. "Her?"

Another runs over. My tears blur my eyes, so I can't identify them. "She's probably dead. Don't you see the blood? C'mon, get the others!"

They move away and my hair glides in the breeze, making my ear feel sticky. They think I'm dead... wait... what blood? My eyes move over the side of my head, and I find a puddle of blood getting bigger under my hair. Only then am I aware of the throbbing in my skull.

The District 8 boy... When he hit me and I fell into the dirt. There must've been a rock or something, because it made an injury in the back of my head.

I feel my stomach churning like I'm going to be sick, but I force it to stop. Instead I take deep breath, trying to will myself to stand. I manage to get up on all fours, and see the axes. They'll keep me alive here if I can just reach them... My world is turning all fuzzy.

I crawl towards them, and finally reach one axe handle. I laugh a little. I did it... I reached them... now to get out. I hear another scream behind me, and guess it's another tribute.

Wrapping my arms around them all, I stand up shakily and start to stumble over back to my plate. The other tributes ignore me, too busy with other threats. I manage to reach the smaller backpack I had seen earlier. I put two of the axes into the front pocket, and hold the third, and begin walking.

I manage to jog out past the plates, and look back in time to see one girl about to grab one bag, but instead get speared by Leon.

I suck in air and force my eyes to look at the dirt and keep walking.

I walk to the field of boulders and fall beside one of them. I open the pack and look for- bandages!

Sloppily, I wrap the bandages around my skull, hopefully staunching the wound's bleeding, right before I black out.