2 Months Later

Johanna and Striker finally talked Balsam and Blight into letting me know what they've been keeping so under wraps.

"Okay," Nyla says when I'm over at her house with everyone else. "You have to know that you can't tell anyone this... Even your mom and sister."

I nod, not totally agreeing in my head. Then Nyla takes a breath like she always does before speaking quickly. "Every since the sixty-fourth Hunger Games Plutarch Heavensbee has been looking for a new Mockingjay. He wants a figure to start the rebellion that the people will support. He believes that Katniss Everdeen is the Mockingjay and now us, District's Three, Four, Six, Eight and Eleven are all helping."

"Wait," I murmur trying to sort it all out. "He thinks that Katniss is the Mockingjay? The one who's supposed to save Panem?"

Rasp nods. "Yep. We've been trying to help back himup, fix everything and inspire the Districts."

"How?" I ask, glancing at everyon..

"Not all the details have been smoothed out," Blight answers quickly. "He doesn't exactly know how to start a Rebellion."

"So he has a Mockingjay, but no Rebellion?" I ask.

Johanna makes somewhat of a bitter look. "Actually Miss Girl On Fire hasn't agreed to it. She has no idea."

My eyes light up. "Are you kidding? She's going to be the symbol of a free Panem, and doesn't even know?"

"We never said Plutarch was smart," Johanna mutters, sitting down.

"The Districts have gone for seventy-four years though," Alona adds. "Everyone is tired of the Capitol by now."

"We were back then too," Striker says simply. "It's always been there. Now that they think that this little girl can actually do something about it, there's a spark."

"How fitting," Johanna says, narrowing her eyes. "Fire Girl started the spark."

"We already know that you hate her," Axel mutters from behind her.

"I more than hate her," Johanna spits. "She a little brat! Plutarch is giving her this whole thing, saying she knows the pain of everyone and she hasn't even mentored before!"

I have to say, I agree with Johanna. She has a point. Katniss hasn't really done anything yet except for sprinkle some flowers around Rue. Everyone has had their touching moments, she just happens to have a boyfriend there with her.

"How have you guys been talking to everyone else, besides secret meetings in the middle of the night?" I ask.

"Phone calls," Blight says.

"But Snow has the phones bugged," I persist.

"District Three has solved that problem," Balsam says soft. "They rewired the phones during our calls and then just reconnected them afterwards. Haymitch, however, has been a challenge."

"The old drunk ripped his phone off the wall about ten years ago," Blight says.

Axel shrugs. "Wish I could too."

I nod. "So, how can I help?"

4 Months Later

It's February and Katniss and Peeta re touring the Districts. Apparently, Eleven was a problem. The film cut off just as someone started to whistle, and didn't come back on.

Johanna says that she called Finnick and Beetee but they had no idea what had happened.

Right now they're up in the Town Square. We're watching it on TV, because apparently Victors aren't allowed to see the newest ones on the Victory Tour. That may be good thing in Johanna's case because I'm sure if she saw Katniss in person, she'd rip her throat out.

Lumber has stopped production until the Spring in a month.

I've called Finnick and Mags and Seeder and told them all that I'm involved in the whole Rebellion. Seeder and Mags aren't happy but Finnick says that it'll make the whole thing even more fun.

True to my promise, I have not told Mother or Pine. Mother is too busy helping run my talent and Pine is Pine.

Apparently, according to Ombre, District Eight is planning to launch their own little Rebellion after Katnis and Peeta leave on their Victory Tour there.

As for Snow's Orders for me, already four Capitol V.I.P's have showed up asking to meet m. Mother had no idea what it meant, just that some fan wanted me to see them and be able to meet me in person.

I threw up after Mother said they had called on the first two of them. Not on purpose of course,, just because I thought about it. So she called and canceled. But the third, I ended getting sick with chills and a headache and Mother had to keep me home for a week. The last, Johanna volunteered to take my place.

According to her, the guy had to meet me, but settled for Johanna because she's a Capitol favorite too.

I figure that Snow is getting aggravated with me (although Finnick thinks it's hilarious and Mags is relieved,) so I'll probably have to take the next one. The thought makes me dizzy each time I think about it.

I really wish I didn't have to think about it.

1 Week Later

"That red one was nice- I like opals the best on it, I think," I say thoughtfully.

"No," Johanna says shaking her head. "The one from Two, blue velvet and diamond- that was a dress. But I would settle for the spun gold and topaz."

We're in her house, telling jokes and discussing Katniss's Victory Tour wardrobe to pass the time.

"I bet you wanted her to break a heel," I say cracking a smile.

"A heel? Please! I wanted her to break a leg falling off the stage! Why can't she learn anything from Haymitch besides a bad attitude?" Johanna says with a laugh.

I giggle for a second before the telephone rings loudly. She trudges over from the chair to pick up the phone. "Hello? Oh, hey Finnick. What? Hang- hang on, let me put on speaker phone, Fern is here."

After she presses the button and sets the phone down, I hop off the couch and call across the room "Hey, Golden Boy!"

"Hey Fern!" He says back brightly.

Johanna folds her arms. "Why are you so happy?"

"We've finally done it- We're in rebellion. There's about seven different riots going on right now in the square."

My heart jolts. "You have riots there in Four?"

"Yep- at the wharf and marina, the processing market and even the boat mechanic. Some of the net makers have been tossing their nets over into the ocean and people are throwing back their catches too. Even if our not picking up a trident and going after the Peacekeepers everyone is doing something?"

"What are doing? Are you safe?" Johanna says leaning towards the phone.

"Yeah, 'course," Finnick answers. "Annie too. She's pretty freaked out about it."

"Who's Annie?" I ask curiously.

"The resident loon!" Someone calls from the back, a young male voice.

"Shut up!" Finnick shouts. "I'm talking on the phone. Go do something, will you?!"

"Who was that?" Johanna asks.

"Typhoon, the idiot," Finnick mutters. "Everyone is over here- Mags, Harpoon, Annie, Caspian, Typhoon, Brooke,, Laguna, Triton."

"Who are you talking to?" Another male voice asks.

"Johanna and Fern," Finnick answers quickly.

"Who's Fern?" The same voice asks.

"She's the gorgeous girl from last year," Typhoon answers.

Johanna covers her mouth to stifle a laugh and glances over at me where I feel my cheeks burn. "Finnick, turn Speaker-phone off."

There's a cruncher noise and it's quiet and Finnick's voice is softer. "Better. Like I was saying before, we're having some major riots. Everyone's hoping it'll hold up since the ones in Eight and Three didn't really work out. When are you all going to rebel?"

Johanna sighs. "Production is slowing down and we've almost missed our chance- everyone is tired from the lumber season and no ne really feels like rioting right now."

"Hopefully soon," Finnick answers. "Reselda told me that Six is planning something next week."

"The morphling from Six," Johanna says to me before I can ask. I assume threat she means the yellow girl I saw at the little discussion while I was mentoring."

Then, even though were aren't on speaker phone anymore, you hear a loud knocking on the door and someone call Finnick.

"I gotta' go, I think you can guess who that is," Finnick says. "I'll call you guys when there are more updates."

The phone crackles and cuts off and Johanna presses the button to the end the call and then look over at me,. "So it's finally happened. Rebellion in Four."

I quietly nod thinking to myself when will it be our turn?

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