I don't own any rights to Acheron or the Dark hunters all of them belong to Sherlyn Kenyon. I do however own Amethyst.

Acheron was walking through one of the many graveyards in New Orleans to meet one his colleagues. She was a 15 year old girl with brown eyes and jet black hair. He met her after her parents were killed by a Damion. He'd been watching over her since that day 6 years ago. She now lives with foster parents who are barely home so she's always out running about at all times of the night.

"Hey Ash"

"Amethyst, how are you?"

"Enh I'm tired as all hell but who cares."

"I do and you know that."

Amethyst fumbles with the wide black leather bracelet on her wrist.

"What are you doing out here anyway Ash? Anything I can kill."

"Yeah sheep in your head. Come on you can stay with Julian and Grace tonight."

"No I'm not going anywhere. I can fight even if I'm human."

"Amethyst Rose Doiel."

"Yes sir."

"Your not fighting tonight and that's final."

Amethyst mumbles something in Latin. Ash's eyes swirl silver with him starting to get slightly aggravated with his practically daughter. When his other daughter/demon Simi sails off of his chest and stands in front of Amethyst.



Both of them squeal in delight. Simi and Amethyst are as close as sisters and as thick as two mischievous thieves.

"Ok you two, Simi return to me and Amethyst get your butt to Julian s."

With Amethyst being Amethyst she says something not too bright.

"Make me Dark-Hunter Pixie."

Acheron picks her up and throws her over his right shoulder and starts to walk to Julian s.

"You know this isn't fair."

"Amethyst Doiel, shush. I am not having you get hurt or worst."

"Blahblahblah blah blah"

Acheron just growls, amethyst shuts up.

"You can set me down now, Im not 2, I can walk."

"You can also run."

"No, I wouldn't run im the nicest angel there"

"Amethyst what have I told you about lying?"

"Acheron what have I told you about picking me up?"

"You bolt your going over to Kyrians got it?"

"Yes sir."

Acheron sets her down and stares at her intently.

"What do I have food or something stuck in my teeth?"

"No your wearing a black hoodie in summer in New Orleans. What are you hiding?"


They stop in front of a small tanish colored house. A shirtless man is outside working on a car.

"Hey Julian."

"Miss Amethyst how are yo..Why are you here its 11pm."

Amethyst just points at Acheron and says

"He wont let me go kill things. And Tom and Debie are at work."

"Why don't you call them your parents?"

"Because there not my parents"

Amethyst's hair slowly starts to turn red, Acheron notices and places his hands on her shoulder. She looks over her right shoulder at his eyes, slowly calming her down.

"Sorry sir, I didn't mean to snap. Forgive me?"

"there's nothing to forgive, I know the pain your going through."

Amethyst just nods her head and stands by Ashes side.

"So would mind taking her in for the night, vie got a bad feeling."

"No ash its fine, have you eaten amethyst?"

"Kind of if you count Ben and Jerry's ice cream for dinner."

Acheron and Julian simultaneously say

"I don't"

"Amethyst go inside Grace is still up and you know how she is. Go eat."

"Yes sir."

Amethyst turns and hugs Acheron, he hugs back.

"Be careful ash,please."

"You know I always am, now go eat."

Amethyst walks into the house and Julian turns to Ash.

"Whats with the hoodie?"
"I don't know but it's hot as hell and she's wearing a black hoodie. Somethings up."

"Want me to watch and talk to her?"

"If you want, good luck getting through to her though shes very gaurded."

"I sensed that."

"Well im gonna get going like I said earlier I have a bad feeling about tonight. Goodbye Julian and thank you again."

"No problem boss."

Acheron disappears into the night and Julian goes back to working on the car.