A/N: Well I kinda have a slight hold on my life right now.


Amethyst slowly starts to wake up, she sees Acheron sleeping in the chair next to her. She looks at the watch on her wrist. 4:53am.

"Ash, Ash, Acheron!"

"What huh" Acheron groans and sits up.

"You need to get to your place we don't need our boss bursting into flames and I need to get home so I can get ready for school."

"Ok come on i'll walk you home." Acheron gets up and pulls Amethyst to her feet.

"Yikes give me a minute to get my hoodie on. And say goodbye to Julien." Amethyst turns away from Acheron and pulls her sweater over her head, and walks up to the stairs as Julien starts to come down them.

"Whoa hi Julien,"

"Hi Amethyst how'd you sleep."

"Like I did mushrooms and got eaten by a bear aka better than usuall. Thank you for letting me stay here last night but I gotta go I got school in 3 hours wow."

"Hey, your welcome here anytime Amethyst."

"Thank you and tell Grace I'm sorry for tricking her but I didnt want to offend her by not eating anything cause I wasn't hungry."

"I'll tell her."

Acheron and Amethyst head outside and they start the walk back to Amethyst's house.

"So Amethyst what's with the hoodie?"

"I've already told you Ash I get cold."

Acheron glances down and around them to make sure no was looking. He grabs her wrist and slams her against the wall and looks down at her.

"What the HELL ASH?!"

Acheron says nothing as her pulls one of her arms from her side and shoves the sleeve up.

"Amethyst thats what. What the hell are you doing cutting yourself."

Amethyst just keeps her head down.


"Because im alone. My parents are dead and im alone. There thats why I cut now leave me the hell alone I won't be a bother anymore."

Amethyst shoves herself off the wall and runs away from the direction of her house.