Ok, so Fern has always been my favorite character from Arthur, so I though, why not make a story about her? This is just the start, explaining how the Arthur gang has changed and how Fern sees things, the next chapters will be better and longer and will start to get into the plot. How the characters dress and look is taken from the episode where it showed them in the future when they were 13.

Lakewood High School, the sign read.

Fern adjusted the new backpack that was slung across her shoulder, fingers clutching the straps. After a long summer spent in Crown City she was coming back and starting a new year of school. But this wasn't just any new school year, no—this was high school. High school as a freshman. Prunella had already warned them how hard it was being a freshman, and Fern was nervous.

She was about to start up the stairs of her new school when the sound of tires crunching against gravel reached her ears. Turning, she saw a long, shiny black limo pull up in front of the school. She recognized Bailey as he stepped out of the car and opened the door for Muffy. She flipped her long, auburn hair over her shoulder as she looked around the school. Fern noticed how long her hair had grown during the summer, and that she had ditched her signature braids for a more mature, classic look. Another detail caught her eyes and Fern squinted. Was that mascara and lip balm she was wearing?

Muffy turned and then squealed in excitement when she saw Francine, who was walking up the stairs. Fern almost had to do a double-take when she saw her. Not only was Francine was wearing a skirt—something Fern thought she would never see—but she had grown out her hair as well, and had gotten rid of the clips and curled it at the end. She had also traded her well-worn, scuffed sneakers for trendy, knee-high boots. Has everyone changed in only one summer? Fern thought to herself.

"Hey, Fern!" someone called out. Fern turned to see Arthur locking up his bike at the bike rack, alongside Buster, who was chaining his bike to one of the poles. Fern smiled as she waved to Arthur and Buster. They looked about the same as when Fern left in the summer, the only difference was they looked more mature now and their 'fashion sense,' as Muffy would call it, had changed a bit. Fern smiled back at them and waved.

She took a deep breath as she walked up the stairs and looked around. To her right she saw Binky bullying another freshman into giving him his lunch money. He looked more mature and had a cooler look, with a leather jacket and sunglasses to complete the 'bad boy' image, but Fern could see he hadn't changed one bit. The scared kid quickly gave Binky the money before running off. Well, I guess some things never change, Fern thought to herself as she shook her head.

She looked down at her schedule for what felt like the hundredth time since she had got it only a couple days ago and looked for the number of her homeroom class. Three hundred fifteen, she read, and then scanned the numbers on the doors that lined the hallway. Even though the layout wasn't too different from the middle school, it would still take some getting used to.

When she came to the room with the correct number, she peeked in the window and found it empty. Well, not completely empty. There was one other student who was early: Brain. He was sitting in the front row, a pencil and paper at the ready as he sat straight up in his seat, waiting for class to start. Like the others, only his taste in clothes seemed to have change. He was wearing a t-shirt with an undone, button-up shirt over it, the sleeves pushed up to his elbows. Fern smiled to herself. Ok, so maybe not everything had changed; most of her friends from elementary still seemed the same. Although some of them may look different, she just had to remind herself that they were still the same kids she knew from middle school.

After all, it'd only been one summer, and how much can something—or someone—really change in one summer?