"Katsumi-chan why are you still awake? It's late."

"I can't sleep Okaa-san." The young girl sat up in her bed and reached out for her mother. The young woman entered her daughter's room and sat on the bed while nestling the child into her lap.

"Would like for me to tell you a story?" The child shook her head enthusiastically.

"Will you tell me my favorite?" Smiling kindly the mother gently settled her daughter back into bed. Making sure she was comfortable, the mother patted her child's head, and cleared her throat to prepare her voice for her daughter's favorite fairytale.

"You know Katsumi-chan the world was not always how it is today. Long, long ago there was much chaos and destruction. There was no food, no water, and many wars and lots of death. Thousands of people suffered."

"But there was a strong lady right Okaa-san? The beautiful princess who saved the world?"

"That's right. Not only was she a princess, but she was a warrior too. A warrior born from the rage of war and the blood of her people. Her duty was to bring order to this land, and sacrifice herself in the name of peace. It was her destiny. There are many variations of her name, but we know her as The Deadly Siren."

"Don't forget she fell in love Mommy!" The child squealed.

"Let's not jump ahead ourselves dear, but you are right. She did fall in love. And in the end it destroyed her. For her fate was never to find love, but to die in order to bring the world in a new era."

Screams echoed across the night. Troops stormed the ground, setting the town ablaze, and painting the night sky blood red. Innocent villagers tried to flea with their families, but were slaughtered in their attempts to escape.

This was the way of the land. When your land became useless for crops you took someone else's. When your clan was starving you pillaged others for their resources. And when your army was dwindling due to famine you attacked a lowly village to prove a point. This was the game of survival in a world that knew no friend or foe.

"My lord! We don't have the power to fend them off. Soon the whole village will be annihilated."

The noble lord looked out his window to witness the total destruction of his kingdom. His heart clenched as his people scattered in search of cover from the enemy. They had been caught off guard. He would not give himself false hope. It was over. His beautiful castle would fall.

A shrill scream caught his attention as he darted from his room and down the hall. Worry etched on his brow as he crashed into a small room full of maids.

"My lord the lady is in labor. It is not proper for men to be in here." One maid said respectfully as she bowed to her king.

"I apologize. I heard her scream and thought the worst. The castle is under siege and I have little hope for our victory."

"M-my lord? Is that you?" Walking over to his wife the young king kneeled before her. Wiping sweat from her brow he pushed her long midnight locks behind her ear. Her skin was flushed and her eyes were dull. She looked exhausted.

"It is I. How are you my love?" He said gently.

"I am great pain, and I am very tired. Though it will be worth it when I finally hold our daughter." Even in the mist of chaos the lord could not help but laugh.

"Still hoping for a little a girl I see?"

"Not hoping my king. Waiting." A powerful contraction surged through her abdomen and she cried out. Squeezing her husband's hand the lovely maiden took a breath, willing the pain to subside.

"Naomi..." The beautiful woman turned to her husband. Never in the company of others had he ever addressed her so informally.

"The castle is under attack...and I don't think we're going to make it. We have the will, but there is just no way. They've easily outnumbered us and our fire power is just not strong enough. I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I couldn't protect you Naomi, that I couldn't protect our home, and that I won't be able to protect our daughter."

"You are a fine protector Takahiro. I am grateful to have met you in this life, and our daughter will grow up to know what a wonderful man her father was." Tears filled her bright indigo eyes, and once more she was overcome will an unspeakable amount of pain.

"My lady it is time. The baby is coming." The woman latched onto her lord husband for strength and took a deep breath.

"Push!" Pushing down with all her might the lady exhaled and felt her muscles contract once more.

"Again my lady!" Pushing again the maiden used all of her possible strength. This was the end. She loved her daughter more than anything, but if her lord was to die here than so was she. Though she knew her soul could never rest if she never got the chance to hold her daughter before her final moments came.

All at once Lady Naomi felt her lower muscles relax, and soon after she heard the high pitched cry of her daughter.

"Do not go to clean her. I want to hold her while I still have the time." Doing as commanded the maid swaddled the newborn in a blanket before handing her over to her parents.

"She's beautiful. Just like you." Lord Takahiro kissed his wife's forehead as he stared down at his first born child. She was not male, but she was his. It was enough to bring tears to his eyes.

The door to the birthing room opened and in walked a very old priestess. Her back was a tad hunched and she shuffled as she walked. Finally reaching the young couple she slowly kneeled before lady Naomi to examine the baby with her one good eye.

"May I?" Holding out her arms the queen placed her child in the woman's experienced hands. Waving her wrinkled hand she checked the baby's aura for any sign of sickness or something unusual.

"You have a fine babe on your hands. She is strong and her aura is exceptionally powerful. This child is different...special. She may be the ray of hope that the world has been looking for."

Nodding their thanks the new parents took their baby back into their arms.

"What shall we name her?" The lady whispered. Wiping the last of the blood and fluid from her baby's face, the child's soft pale skin was finally exposed. Her hair was matted but a deep black just like her mothers.

"Kagome." At the sound of her name the child's eyes opened to reveal a deep Indigo color. The perfect blend between her mother and father.

Before Lady Naomi and her husband could rejoice an explosion sounded and the castle was engulfed in a flash of light.

When debris cleared and the smoke subsided all that was left was a wailing newborn baby covered in the soil of her destroyed land and the blood of her slaughtered people.

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