Midnight Melody

By Justine E. Gregorich

Oh, silent night at which the crickets sing for the stars to dance and shimmer under the moonlit sky.

A heart filled melody is playing for all to sleep and dream of a world all our own.

Oh, but, the show is not over yet, as beautiful colors paint the sky shades of yellow, orange, red, purple and some without a name to tell of their unrivaled beauty to the world.

The stars still dance, crickets still sing, as the world seems content, silent and at peace.

_ The stars bow and the sun starts to rise, so do the birds as they join in a morning song to calmly wake the world to start a new day.

As people start to leave our own little world to hear a beautiful melody, that still today continues to play for each and every day.

Justine Elizabeth Gregorich XD