~El Tango De Roxanne~

A small figure danced across the floor, lightly swaying from side to side. The two males stand at either side, the middle of the icy stage. The lone female moving to the eerie sound of violins, her black dress moving round her hips ever so delicately.

The man on her right slowly moves his head up; the light catches and gleams on the odd visage of him.

With grace those of the undead could mange he moved forward, the name of her settled on his lips.


Moving with her, whispering unheard words to the girl, his skeletal fingers holding her close. Both drifting across the floor. Spinning out with grace, and beautifully falling into the arms of Death himself. Moving once more they dance in an undisturbed way. Death holding her close, as she unknowingly moves from side to side, as though in a trance. Gliding across the floor, pulling her close, his head placed on her neck as they dip.

"No need to sell yourself to the night."


On her left, a young man strides forward, standing a few feet away, gazing sky lined eyes over the two unmoving figures. Lifting his hand gently, as if beckoning her to come and that...She did.

Holding her close, gazing into her face...

"His eyes upon your face."

Cradling her small pale hand in his own, stroking her fingers and spreading them with each of his own...

"His hand upon your hand."

Moving his head to her arm softly moving upward to her shoulder. His soft breath whispering across her skin.

"His lips caress your skin."

It's more than he can stand. Pulling her close, embracing her, He let her go.


Watching her spin, caressing the floor with her bare feet. Looking up the young man sings to the melody, as she listens with eagerness. The sound of violins and string flow through the air accompanied by ghostly voices.

Figures of the three drifting in the soft blue light.

Whispers spoken through the chilling air.

Questioning her on what to decide, what to feel, where to turn.

Falling to the Floor, softly waiting for a beat to move her. Slowly, gently, as the light glows around her, she raises herself to feet careful not to fall. Lifting her hands to touch the air moving them in an eloquent way, swaying in a delicate movement.

Both men start to speak, voices blending into the melody. Both glancing at her as she weaved her way around the cold floor. Possessing those around her, as the light and cold hold her arms as they circle around her moving her in a smooth oval in the icy floor. Then letting go as she poses then falls slowly to the arms of them both, as the light around her fades and vanishes.