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Warning: language, mention of homosexual relationships, lemon, etc.

Chapter 1

It was a typical Friday evening and like every Friday, Deidara was babysitting his two-year-old nephew, Gaara. The tiny redhead was silently playing with his toys on a blanket on the kitchen's floor while his uncle prepared dinner. Deidara hummed happily when he heard the front door open, making him smile.

"I'm home." Itachi's deep voice echoed in their comfortable apartment.

"Welcome home." Deidara replied as he continue to mix the pan.

The tall dark haired man walked into the kitchen and greeted his husband with a peck on his lips, taking notice of the little figure lifting his arms asking to be picked from the floor.

"Hello little man." Itachi said with the boy on his waist "What are you doing?"

Gaara pointed to his toys on the floor, a big grin breaking into his face showing his small baby teeth. The boy didn't talk much, he usually shook his head yes or no or pointed things, yet he was really smart.

"Oh you were playing. Did you play a lot?" Itachi said enthusiastically, used to talking to his nephew.

The boy shook his head yes.

"That's good. Are you hungry?"

Gaara thought for a bit deciding if he was hungry, but in the end he decided to shake his head no, his tummy was full so no hungry.

"I fed him already. Besides, he ate tons of cookies earlier, un." Deidara explained while setting the table, the smell of food coming from the stove.

Itachi looked at the boy with a knowing look. "Oh, you ate cookies. Was it good?"

The boy nodded yes with a big grin on his face. The cookies were really delicious.

"Did you leave any for me?"

He shook his head no with a mischievous smile.

"Oh, but I wanted cookies too" Itachi feigned a sad expression and Gaara patted his head consoling him. "Thank you Gaara-chan. I'm not sad anymore."

The tiny boy nodded and distracted himself with his uncle's red tie, looking how its pattern seemed to shine. Gaara touched and frowned his big eyes, trying to understand how that thing his uncle wrapped around his neck worked.

Meanwhile, Deidara placed the plates and the food on the table, smiling to his husband and nephew's conversation. Seeing Itachi acting so fatherly and sweet always brought a funny feeling to him, making him smile and…wonder.

When the blond notice his husband's eyes on him, he opened his mouth, "How was your day at work, eh?"

"Good. Not very stressful, but I'm a bit tired, it's been a long week." Itachi answered with a sigh, "Yours?"

"Good too. Gaara was a bit agitated after the cookies and we played a lot, he's been running around almost the whole afternoon. It's fun but I'm tired too."

"Hn." He lifted the boy in front of him, who blinked curiously. "So you tired uncle Dei out, huh? Was it fun?" The boy nodded eagerly, kicking his small feet around. "But now that you tired him out, he won't play with me at night." Itachi said playfully causing his husband to roll his blue eyes. The little one frowned, not understanding the exchange of glances between the adults; his uncles were so confusing sometimes.

Deidara took Gaara from Itachi's arms and rested him on his lap as he sat to eat dinner. Itachi used his now free hands to get rid of the blazer and tie, placing both on top of the counter, and then he also sat to eat.

They talked more about their day while eating – how the office was dealing with the clients and how Deidara was trying to make Gaara talk more. Both laughed and chatted, losing track of the time.

Deidara noticed how the little redhead stopped trying to put his hands on his food and yawned, rubbing his sleepy eyes with his tiny hands to keep himself awake. The boy enjoyed to hear his uncles talking, the soothing noise of their voices, and the warmth of his uncle's arms.

"Ita, can you warm his milk for me, un? It's in the fridge," Deidara whispered, running his hand through the red hair.

The eldest stood up and went to the fridge, getting the bottle and a pan of water. He warmed the turned on the stove and waited a few minutes until the water began boiling.

"Thanks," The blond thanked as he was handed the warm bottle, testing the milk's temperature on his hand. The blond fed the toddler in his arms, who was already losing the battle against sleep as he sucked on the plastic nipple.

"It's 9 already." Itachi commented as he cleaned the kitchen, watching Deidara rocking their nephew to sleep.

"Yeah, Sasori-niisan must be coming already, un" he whispered, afraid to wake Gaara up.

"Hn… How is he doing?"

Deidara sighed with a pained expression, "He says he's fine, but it still pains him so much, especially when he looks Gaara's eyes, un. It reminds him too much of her."


It didn't take long for the doorbell to ring, announcing Sasori's arrival; Deidara was slightly rocking Gaara while Itachi picked the boy's things. Sasori never stayed too long in their apartment, too tired and eager to get to his own home with his son.

Deidara opened the door and smiled at his brother, "Hey Nii-san."

Sasori smiled fondly, nodding his head in greeting, and took his sleeping son of his little brother's arms.

"Hey, you look tired, did you little one worn you off?" The redhead man asked with a small smile, carefully holding the small boy not to wake him up.

Deidara chuckled "Of course not, un, and you're the one who looks tired. Actually, you look like trash Aniki. You should have gone home, we could have taken care of Gaara for a night, un."

"Stop trying to steal my son, gaki. I'm not that bad," Sasori arched an eyebrow with a small smile.

"Fine, fine." The blond chuckled lightly, proud of his brother's love for his nephew.

"I'm going, now. Give me his stuff." Sasori demanded in his own way, never much patient to wait, so Itachi handed it to him quietly and rested his hand on Deidara's shoulder. "Good night, thanks for taking care of him, Dei." Sasori whispered adjusting the sleeping toddler in his arms.

"No need to thank, Aniki, Gaara is a really good kid, it's not work at all, un." Deidara reassured him with a fond smile, if anything, he was the one thankful for his brother to trust him with the boy.

Sasori hummed and nodded his head a last time, turning his back and leaving right after. He needed rest, but it always pained him that there were days he barely saw his son. Usually he dropped Gaara on daycare or Deidara's apartment so early the boy was still asleep and picked him when he was almost sleeping as well.

The couple closed the door and went to their bedroom, hand in hand, both tired. Deidara stripped until he was left only in boxers, following Itachi to the bathroom to brush his teeth while the eldest took a shower. It was routine, both so used to it their bodies were set on automatic.

They lay together, Deidara resting his head on Itachi's chest while he caressed his husband's long blond hair. After 3 years of marriage, they found themselves in a steady and comfortable life. They had an apartment of their own, the job they dreamed to have and fought to achieve, no financial problems and most importantly, they had each other, yet something was missing.

"Ita," Deidara called in a lazy whisper, "are you happy with our lives?"

"Why wouldn't I be? Aren't you?" Itachi asked with an arched eyebrow.

"No- yes, un, I mean, I am happy, but I don't know… don't you think there's something missing in our lives?" the blond hinted, trying to get to a point he wasn't sure he was ready to discuss.

"What do you mean?"

"I don't know... I was just thinking… Never mind, un." He shook his head, no, he wasn't ready to talk yet. What if Itachi hated the idea? He would understand of course, but he would be so upset.

"Dei, if you want something, just tell me." The raven reassured lightly, maybe he couldn't give his husband the world, but he was confident he could as well try.

Deidara took a deep breath, "It's not really something, un… It's just that, how can I say it?" He should just say it, but how could he?

"With your mouth." Itachi said as a matter of fact, making Deidara frown and hit his arm playfully. The raven chuckled, caressing the blond hair, "Is it bad?"

"Of course not, un! Why would you think that?!"

"Well, you usually talk so much that I think you have three mouths instead of one, but now you're so quiet it gets me worried." Itachi explained with an amused look, "Just tell me already" he asked softly.

Deidara sighed and looked into his husband's dark eyes seriously. "Itachi… I-I want to have children." He confessed, afraid the man would refuse.

Itachi blinked, not sure he had heard what he had heard, "What?!"

"You heard me, un! I want children, our children! Are you against it?" He asked with a sad expression on his face.

"I-I never thought of it. Well, I did, but… are you sure?" They had never talked about it, of course, there were ways, but honestly, Itachi didn't want to bring the topic and have Deidara refuse it.

"Yes. I think that's what it's missing in our lives, un. Can you imagine it? Little beings running around the house, breaking things, screaming, playing." He smiled and motioned at the imaginary scene in front of them.

"That'd be lovely, wouldn't it?" Itachi said a bit sarcastically, yet he smiled. He could see it so clearly.

"Hey, I'm serious." Deidara pouted.

The other chuckled "I know you're serious; I like the idea, Dei." He answered calmly.

"Really?" his blue eyes widened.

"Yeah, I have no objections. If that's what you want, how can I say no?" his lips turned into a smug smile.

Deidara hugged him happily. "Ah, thank you, thank you, un!" He looked at the raven softly, his hand caressing a pale cheek, "I love you."

The other smiled back, "I love you too."

They kissed slowly and passionately, holding each other unto their lips separated again. Deidara sighed contently, dropping his head on his husband's chest.

Itachi ran his fingers through the blond hair, "So, what were you thinking? Having a surrogate mother?" he asked out of curiosity.

The blond hummed, "Hm, not really." To tell the truth, he had already thought about what he wanted "I thought we could adopt, it doesn't need to be a newborn, maybe a toddler, around Gaara's age would be better, un. What do you think?"

"It's fine for me, but we'll have to prepare for the documentation and house arrangements. These things take time and you know how long it might take to adopt a child, especially for a gay couple. We might as well be rejected a few times." Itachi said with frown, it was a sad reality.

The blond sighed and rolled over Itachi, looking at the ceiling "True, un. And we'll have to move. As great as our apartment is, it's still too small if we will have one more person living here."

"So we'll have to start looking for a house too. If we're moving out, might as well move to a big house, with a nice backyard for the kid to play. What do you think?"

"Awesome, un. But I didn't think you would be so excited about it." Deidara said with a teasing smile, poking at Itachi's ribs.

Itachi sighed with a smile, "Fine, I was also thinking about having kids. I just didn't know if it was the right time to tell you. I didn't know you'd like the idea."

"Well, I think it's the best time to have kids, un. Tomorrow, we'll start looking for a new house and the adoption and might as well buy toys and clothes and…"

Itachi's chuckle cut him out "Dei, you're going too far, one step at time." He said calmly.

Deidara chuckled along. "Ops, I got carried away."

"Indeed, but you know…" He rolled over his lover "We can start with the first step of having kids right now." He said sensuously, hands hovering down Deidara's body.

Deidara smiled, wrapping his arms around Itachi's neck, and brought their foreheads together. "What's the first step then?"

"Well" The raven kissed the other's lips. "I learned at school…" another kiss "that the first step to have children" he kissed his neck "is having lots of sex…" Deidara moaned as Itachi's tongue ran through his sensitive spot "… so our chances get higher."

The blond laughed "Pervert," but kissed him passionately, caressing the raven's back lightly, slowly building up heat between their bodies.

Itachi didn't lose time and kissed back, his hands lowering all the way to Deidara's boxers, taking it off along with his own. He nipped the blonde's bottom lip, making Deidara moan and wrap his legs around the raven's waist.

"Nn… Ita… chi… nn"

The eldest shivered before he slowed down to open the nightstand, getting lube. He was kissing, nipping, biting and sucking Deidara's body, while the younger moaned scratching his back harder, asking for more.

They locked eyes, panting mouths and flushed cheeks picturing their love and desire. Deidara smiled mischievously and turned them over so he was on top, catching Itachi off guard. The raven enjoyed the sudden change, running his hands through that perfect body above him all the way until his entrance.

He teased the hole, circling his lubed finger before he put it in, preparing his blond all the way until three fingers, attentive to any form of discomfort his beloved could feel. Deidara kissed his ear, whispering sweet moans and pants, calling Itachi's name in a hoarse and sensuous way.

They sat up, Itachi sitting Deidara between his legs. The younger wrapped his arms around his neck, bringing their bodies closer, their lips inches apart. They locked eyes again in an intense moment, sharing all the love, respect and care they felt for the other.

"Ready?" Itachi breathed out.

Deidara nodded and kissed him, exploring Itachi's mouth with his tongue, hot and wet, crazy with the heated desire that consumed them.

The raven aligned himself and entered him slowly, savoring the sight of his beloved's expressions and sounds, watching how Deidara moaned and frowned in pleasured-pain.

The blond lightly laid the other in bed and made himself comfortable in his lap. He smirked and began rolling his hips sensuously, slowly. The raven groaned enjoying the little show, his hands running through Deidara's tights, adding to the pleasure.

The pace quickened and the groans got louder, needier and huskier. Itachi couldn't take his eyes off the wonderful sight of his Deidara, his blue eyes slightly closed, those long fingers messing his blond hair, his open mouth in a silent scream of pure pleasure.

Deidara couldn't take his eyes of his Itachi, his groans, his face contorted in a pleasure only he could provide, his hair spread on the mattress, his flushed cheeks so beautiful. It was driving them both crazy, driving them both to their climax.

"Come here," The raven whispered huskily, pulling the blonde closer until their chests collided and their mouths sealed in a breathless kiss, full of love and lust.

Itachi rolled them over again, not breaking the kiss. Parting their lips, they chuckled at each other, because they could, because they were happy. The grin on their lips transformed into moans as Itachi began moving.

They moved in synch, looking into each other's eyes, panting, smiling, screaming silently, moaning and loving until they reached their climax. Panting and smiling, they stayed still until their hearts went back to normal.

Deidara ran his fingers through raven locks contently, lazily. Itachi kissed his shoulder lovely, closing his eyes and relaxing under the familiar touch, feeling himself sleepy.


"Hn?" the dark eyes closed, prepared to sleep into his beloved's arms.

"Shower, un?" Deidara suggested, too sweaty and stinky to fall asleep. He had a white substance in place he'd rather wash off.

"Hn." He growled, pleading to fall asleep, whining he didn't want to go.

"Not later, now." Deidara commanded.

Itachi stood up lazily and went to the bathroom with Deidara following, a smirk on his lips showing they were both ready for round two.

They collapsed in bed totally spent and satisfied. The eldest ran his hand on his beloved's back absentmindedly, breathing in and out slowly.


"What, un?" he mumbled sleepy and tired, clean and ready to just dream.

"I love you."

The youngest smiled tightening his hold on the other's waist. "I love you too, un. Good night Ita."



One year later.

Two little boys, a blond and a raven, slept in small beds of Konoha's orphanage. They were there for six months already, but it was the fourth time in the two years they were returned to that place.

The smaller whimpered in his dreams, reliving all the torture, rejection and neglect he and his big brother went through in the past. His young mind bringing nightmares of big monsters and empty houses trying to catch him.

He woke up crying, but nobody came to calm him down. Nobody cared if one of the kids were crying at night, because it would have to stop sooner or later. The older kids grunted in annoyance for the noise, some yelling for whoever it was to shut up and the younger ones slept though it.

Naruto went to his brother's bed in despair waking Sasuke up with a startle, but soon the older boy became aware of the trembling figure holding him. His small fingers patted the blond hair trying to soothe his crying baby brother.

"There, there, don't cry Naru. It was just a bad dream. There, there, Onii-chan is here, don't cry."

"Onii-chan…" he spoke through sobs, his voice broken and fearful, "He's he-re. H-he came back. We, we hav-e to run Sa-suke-niichan"

"He's gone Naru. He's not here, only Onii-chan is here. It was just a bad dream," Sasuke told him, trying to believe the words he told his baby brother as he held Naruto closer until the younger's sobs stop. "There, there, everything is fine now."

"It is not fine Nii-chan. I want a mommy and a daddy. Why nii-chan? Why don't we have a mommy or a daddy?" Naruto pleaded, begged to know. Every time he thought he had a mommy and a daddy, something happened and they returned to the orphanage.

"I don't know Naruto. I want a mommy too, and a daddy, but they don't want us." Sasuke answered sadly, tears gathering in the corner of his eyes.

"Are we bad nii-chan?" Naruto asked in guilty over the behavior he thought it was bad.

"No Naru. We are not, they are bad." Sasuke concluded what he truly believed in, because Naruto wasn't bad, he knew it. And whoever was mean to his baby brother had to be bad.

They stood in silence for a long moment, awake. Naruto cried silently and Sasuke tried to calm him down, his own tears running down his small features. Eventually they stopped and stayed looking at the night sky through the windows.

"Ne, Sasu-niichan?" Naruto sniffled, wiping his wet face with his arms.


"Can I make a wish to the stars?" he asked with hope, big blue eyes pleading for his brother to allow him.

"Baka, stars don't make wishes come true, just shooting stars do." He explained, knowing it was useless to wish upon a simple star.

"Oh, but please? Can we pretend?" Naruto pouted, holding his brother's hands and begging him to let him pretend, just pretend.

The other sighed and rolled his eyes, "Okay Naru, what's your wish?"

The boys knelt on the bed, holding their small hands and looking at the shining night sky.

"That a nice mommy or daddy comes to get us" Naruto answered animatedly, praying for the star, the brightest he found in the sky, to make his wish come true.

"Hmhum" Sasuke agreed "And that we have a nice house." That was important as well, he believed.

"With lots of food and toys!" The little blond got excited, speaking louder than he should have.

"Shh, you will wake up the others, Naru."

Naruto covered his mouth with his hands. "Shorry"

"It's fine, but be quiet." He said, knowing it was a really bad idea to wake the big kids up, or worse, the adults. "Now the wish."

"Yes, the wish! Dear Star, my name is Naruto and I am three years old. And this is my Onii-chan, his name is Sasuke and he is already five years old. He's really cool and he always takes care of me when I have bad dreams or when the big kids are mean…"

"Naru, the wish" Sasuke said impatient with his brother's blabbing.

"Oh sorry." Naruto apologized and continued, "Dear Star, we don't have a mommy or a daddy and all the adults don't like us. Please, Dear Star, could you bring us a mommy or a daddy or both or just someone that don't hate me and Onii-chan?"

"If it's not much, Dear Star. What my little brother means is: Can we have a family? Pretty please? And that they're nice." Sasuke completed, pleading with his brother for the star.

"Please Star, please."

The little boys didn't talk more but stayed unmoved, looking at the sky and pleading with their innocent eyes that their wish would come true.

Soon the sandman visited them and they fell asleep holding each other, protecting each other from the nightmares and despair. They dreamed about the family they wished to have, pleading to have someone. Their dreams were peaceful and hopeful.