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Chapter 13

Itachi woke up to screaming, and immediately wished he was still asleep or far from that house, preferably in his own home. Not five minutes later, the door of his room swung open and a little girl run inside, bawling her eyes out.

"Un-uncle Itachi!" She screamed when he picked her up. "Mo-mom and d-ad are fighting again! Ma-make it stop, ple-please, make it sto-op."

"There, there, Karin." Itachi said with all his patience, patting the girl's back. "You don't need to cry, alright."

Karin held on his neck tighter, willing herself to stop crying, but getting more and more nervous, sobbing and losing her breath.

"Karin, look at me. Look at uncle Itachi." The raven instructed, noticing the child was having a panic attack. "Good, now breathe." He looked as she tried to breathe, but only sobbed. "Karin, breathe with me, slowly… slowly… in and out… good, keep on it, Rin-chan."

After a while, the redhead was breathing normally, her cheeks stained with tears. She was only five, but lately she found herself with difficulty to breathe and calm down. Itachi was worried; it had been the third time he had seen the girl having a panic attack in only two days.

"Are you better?" He asked her, who nodded in relief. "Good, now wha-"

Before he could finish the sentence, a big crash was heard through the house, followed by loud screams.



"SO NOW IT'S MY FAULT?! NAGATO, I'M BUSY!" Konan yelled, followed by another crash.

"BUSY WITH WHAT? YOU DON'T WORK, YOU DO NOTHING THE WHOLE DAY!" Nagato was tired, his voice desperate.

Itachi shook his head with the girl still attached to his neck. He could only pity the poor little girl for her parents as he was already going insane with all the yelling and breakings. He closed the door of the bedroom so the noise was muffled, but there was still that vague scream and crashing outside.

"What happened?" He asked the girl, sitting on the bed and placing her on his lap.

Karin bit her finger nervously. "I asked mommy to go shopping with me, because I want to buy a present for daddy because he's sad, but mommy said she didn't want to go with me and I can't ask daddy because it's a surprise. Then I asked her again and said please, but mommy said she wasn't going to take me and then daddy heard that and they started fighting." She breathed long in the end and went back to chewing on her finger.

Itachi sighed and gently caught the girl's hand. "Don't do it. It's bad for you, don't you have a pacifier?"

"Mommy threw it away." She explained and didn't go back on chewing her finger.

The raven didn't know how many times he sighed on that house, or how many times he had to nurse Karin's injuries because her parents were too busy fighting to even notice the girl crying in pain. He didn't remember Nagato being like that, no, his husband's cousin treated his daughter as a princess, not like this.

"She said only babies have pacis and that I was too old for that and that I would be ugly if I had one." Karin kept on talking like she usually did when she felt nervous.

"This is ridiculous." The oldest muttered under his breath. He needed to have a serious talk with Nagato about everything he saw these past days. "You won't be ugly, Rin-chan. You are the most beautiful girl I know." He said, slightly smiling at her.

No need to say, that was enough to make her sad expression break into a beautiful grin. "Thank you Uncle Itachi, if you weren't so old, I would marry you." Came the happy reply along with a hug.

Itachi chuckled "Oh thank you. That would be an honor."

The raven missed home, missed his husband, missed his children, missed his calmness, missed the happy yells from Deidara, and missed the loud laughter from the boys. He missed his home so much.

"I CAN'T TALK TO YOU! YOU DON'T LISTEN!" then the door was opened, showing an infuriated Nagato. Itachi and Karin had startled from the sudden arrival, but stood in silence as the man paced from side to side to calm himself down. The redhead man muttered to himself nervously, but then he sighed and looked at the other two with tired eyes.

"I'm sorry." His voice was raspy from too much screaming and his appearance was awful. He looked sick, almost dead; he was pale, too thin, exhausted, stressed and depressed.

"Daddy, is it my fault?" Karin asked walking to her father.

"No princess, of course it's not your fault. It's just an adult's thing." He explained lamely, picking her up and kissing her cheek. Maybe he spoiled her too much, but what could he do? She was his only child and he barely spent time with her because of work. He knew compensating it with toys and candies wasn't right, but he wanted to show he cared about her.

A loud and long sigh was heard in the bedroom. Karin looked at Nagato, who looked at Itachi, who… sighed.

"You can go back to sleep, Sai. We didn't mean to wake you up with all the yelling." Itachi couldn't hold the glare he sent to Nagato.

"I don't care." The small raven replied in a bored tone. "I'm used to that." Despite his age, Sai was rather mature. Itachi wouldn't say mature, but for him, Shisui's son was just evil and that was certainly his grandfather Madara's doing.

"Do you want something to eat?" The oldest raven asked. Although he knew he had no real obligations with the two kids, he wouldn't mistreat them for any reason. They were children and had no fault for their parents' actions.

Sai shook his head, still lying on bed. He had been awake since Karin barged into the bedroom, but didn't find fun in anything they were saying or doing. For the 5 year old kid, everything was as bored as it had been at home or at the hotel with his mother and father. At least then his Uncle Itachi talked to him.

"So, Itachi, you took the day off, right?" The redhead man asked, Karin fast asleep in his arms.

The raven frowned. "Yes, but I'm busy. I took the day off to solve everything I came to solve." He answered a bit rudely, but he was also tired and already knew where this was going. "Didn't you take the day off?"

Nagato nodded. "But just now I got a call from an emergency so I'll have to go and I was thinking…"

"I'll go back to Konoha tonight." The other cut him, knowing way too well where this was going. Besides, he had a lot of things he needed to do.

"People there need me, I have to go. And…" he whispered the next part. "I don't want to let Karin alone with Konan, she's not very well."

That was ridiculous for Itachi. Nagato didn't trust his wife to take care of his daughter, her mother. And the worst was that the raven agreed with him. Konan was cold to the girl, that when she wasn't blaming her for any and everything. Itachi wondered if she was like that before they had the kid, or before they got married.

"Fine, do what you have to do." Itachi declared, his head aching too much for him to think about anything else. It was simpler that way. He had an idea of what he would do, but in that moment, he just wanted to have a shower and worry about going to the orphanage, to the hospital and then home as his relatives didn't seem to need him anymore for work. "I agree but I have a condition and that we need to discuss it as soon as possible."

"Sure. Thank you, Itachi. I can't thank you or apologize to you enough." The redhead said, bowing lightly.

Nagato placed his girl on the bed, knowing she had woken up earlier than usual for some reason she didn't tell him, and left the room. Just after that, Itachi went to his bag, instructing his nephew Sai to dress up and have breakfast, ignoring the glare he received from the little brat.

"Uncle Itachi, I don't want to eat, so I will not eat." Little Sai proclaimed after he got dressed.

The oldest raven sighed. It wasn't the first time Sai didn't want to eat, actually the boy was never hungry and that worried Itachi. Wanted or not, he was responsible for the kid and after all, he truly loved his nephew and would never treat him badly for any reason on earth.

"You need to eat, Sai. We'll be out the whole day, you need to be strong." The oldest raven pleaded.

"But I am strong without food. I don't need food. Mother said food makes people ugly." He crossed his arms over his chest and frowned, refusing to give in.

Itachi wanted to strangle Shisui's wife, really, just as much as he wanted to strangle Konan. 'What's wrong with these women?' he thought. "Did your mother tell you to stop eating?"

The boy shook his head. "No, but she doesn't eat to be pretty." He said as matter of fact. "I don't want to be ugly, uncle Itachi. Mother and Grandpa don't like ugly people."

The other one sighed for the hundredth time that morning, picking the boy in his arms and taking him to the kitchen. "You're not ugly, Sai. But if you don't eat, you'll be weak and hungry and have a lot of stomach pains, do you want it?" He arched an eyebrow at the boy.

Maybe it was a bit mean, but he had learned that Sai complied when he was told he'd be in pain. Said and done, the boy's pitch black eyes widened and he soon asked for breakfast.

"Wait for me with Karin, please. And look at me… I don't want you fighting and I don't you making fun of her, are we understood?" Crouched on the floor, Itachi looked Sai seriously in the eye and when the boy nodded, he smiled and ruffled his hair. "It's just for a moment." Again the kid nodded and went to the bedroom where the redhead girl was playing.

Itachi stood up and looked at Nagato, who had his arms crossed, a troubled expression on his features. "We need to talk… about what's going on here, Nagato."

The redhead sighed. "I'm terribly sorry for everything, Itachi. I thought that if you were here, things would… well, wouldn't be so bad."

The raven nodded his head in understanding. "How long has it been like this?"

"Really bad I suppose for a year, but since Karin was born…" Nagato said rubbing his eyes in thought.

"Tsk. How's that we never heard of anything? Does anyone know at least?"

He shook his head. "Sasori-nissan knows things are bad, not in details… you know how Dei is, and I didn't want to trouble Aunty or Uncle, so… I thought time would make things better."

Itachi nodded again and kept in silence for a while, in thought. When he talked again, he brought up a solution, or something to make things better. "I don't know if you'll agree with it and I understand if you don't, but I could take Karin with me to Konoha for a few days so you and Konan could…" kill each other "…discuss your problems and find a definite solution. I believe it's the best thing to do."

Nagato frowned and bit his lip hesitant, he was never far from his girl more than a day and, even so, he was always close. Konoha wasn't that far, but it wasn't close either. "I don't know Itachi, I…" And then he thought what would be better for the girl. "… I need to think about it."

"That's fine. I'll arrange the papers if you decide to let her go with me, but again, I understand if you don't… You are her father after all." Nagato nodded again, still a bit lost. "Then, I'll take them with me and I'll see you at night."

"Yeah, alright. I need to go soon too. Take care." Nagato hurriedly left home.

Itachi went in to the bedroom and found the kids playing peacefully, what he thanked for, and told them they were going.

As soon as Itachi turned the car on, thinking about where he was going, he cursed. How would he take two little kids to an orphanage or to hospital and make it peaceful and not traumatic?

Hospitals weren't places for healthy kids, especially two little devils who could run really fast when they wished. He wasn't sure how long he would take there and he couldn't leave the kids on the car, that was too dangerous. Itachi sighed, he didn't have much choice in the end. If he took them to the hospital, they could get scared of the atmosphere, but if he took them to the orphanage, he wasn't sure how Uzushio's orphanage was and they could ask too many questions, or people would ask him too many questions and that was extremely annoying.

Starting the car, Itachi decided for going to the hospital first, hoping the kids would behave and not tempt him to leave them when he went to the orphanage.

"Uncle Itachi, are you sick?" Asked Sai as they entered the hospital.

The place was relatively empty, with three or four people in the reception, waiting for medical care. For what Itachi could tell, the hospital was well maintained for its structure and employees.

"No, I'm not." He answered absentmindedly, walking to the big reception in the middle.

"Then why are we in a hospital?" Sai asked again.

"Yeah, Uncle Tachi, I'm not sick and I don't want to take an injection. Can we go home? Hospitals are scary." Karin asked, pulling on his hand and hugging his legs.

"We're not taking injections today, Rin-chan, nor any bitter medicine, alright?" He reassured the kids the best he could.

"Why are we here Uncle Itachi?" Sai asked

"Yeah, Why?" And so did Karin.

"Because. Now be quiet, we are in a hospital." Itachi felt bad for ignoring the children's doubts, but he didn't have the will to explain everything to them, he even shouldn't.

The raven leaned on the balcony, where a young girl politely asked him how she could help him. "I would like to speak to the hospital's sponsor, if possible."

The girl blinked, wondering what a good-looking man with two children want to talk about to the hospital's sponsor. If by lucky or destiny, a man in his late forties, arrived at the balcony.

"Is there a problem here?" The man asked the girl.

"Orochimaru-sama, this man wishes to talk to you." She answered quickly, unsure of what to do.

Orochimaru looked at the man with two kids attached on his legs and frowned. Who was this man and what did he want with him? He hoped it wasn't another sue against him or the hospital.

"How may I help you…?"

"Itachi. Uchiha Itachi." The raven answered politely.

"Orochimaru. Kobura Orochimaru, sponsor and doctor of this hospital." The pale man answered as politely.

Itachi went right to business "I live in Konohagakure, so I came from far to gather so information and I think you can help me, if you could, please." Orochimaru grimaced, thinking it was an odd request. "It's nothing serious or about the hospital. It's personal and I would thank you for the rest of my life."

Orochimaru could see the plea of the man, so he nodded and asked Itachi and the two kids to follow him to his office. The doctor motioned for Itachi to sit, and out of habit got a piece of paper and pen.

Itachi sat down and placed the two kids on the chair next to him, telling them to behave. "I'd liked all the medical information of Takahashi Naruto and Takahashi Sasuke that you can find." Itachi asked seriously.

The other man blinked at the raven's frankness. "That's impossible. That's confidential information. I can't give you this kind for information without a reason."

"I know. But I'm their legal guardian and being so I have the right to demand any medical information so I can assure their health."

"I see…" Orochimaru nodded to himself. "Uchiha-san, I will be very honest with you, I can't simply give you this information without any proof or knowledge of your real intentions. I hope you understand it's only ethical I proceed this way."

Itachi nodded. "I understand and I completely agree with you. I have all the documents here with me." The raven handed all the documents attesting he was in fact the legal guardian of the boys.

Orochimaru looked it over with care, then nodded and smiled. "I see. Uchiha-san, I'm not sure how much you know about the children, but if you wish, I can provide you more than medical information."

Itachi blinked in surprise, that was more than he first hoped to find out. "Yes, please Orochimaru-sama."

"Alright, I-" A knock stopped him midsentence. The man frowned, everyone knew better than to interrupt him when he was in his office. "Yes?"

The door opened a small white head appeared "May I come in?" a kid asked in small voice.

Orochimaru muttered an 'excuse me' for Itachi and walked to the child "Do you need something, Kabuto?"

The 9 years old kid nodded. "Sorry for bothering, it's not very important, it's just… Can I stay over with you and Kimi? It's lonely without the two of you at home."

The man sighed and patted the white hair. "You know it's bad staying at the hospital when you don't need to. Besides, who will take care of your father?"

Little Kabuto looked desolated "I know, but…" he sighed. "Sorry, I understand. Sorry for bothering, Orochi."

Orochimaru frowned, crouching in front of the boy to look him in the eye. "You don't have to apologize; you're never a bother to me. I know you feel lonely without your brother, but I promise you today is the last day. Tomorrow we all be at home, I promise you. Just endure it for one more day."

Kabuto nodded. "Okay."

"Thanks. Now go chase your father before he gets in trouble." The doctor said ruffling the boy's hair affectionately, dismissing the kid with a heavy sigh. Orochimaru kept looking Kabuto walking through the hospital until he met his father. The man sighed in relief and closed the door, getting back to his desk where Itachi patiently awaited him.

"I have a question." Sai suddenly said, raising a hand, and looked at Orochimaru, who nodded for him to proceed. "Why does that boy have white hair? He's not old."

"Why do you have black hair?" Orochimaru answered back with humor.

Sai frowned and thought hard "Because my mommy and daddy wanted it and I was born with black hair, right Uncle Itachi?" the boy looked at his uncle for confirmation.

"Of course not!" Karin intervened "It's because your daddy has black hair, my daddy has red hair and Uncle Dei's daddy has yellow hair. You can't choose your hair color; you get it from your mommy or daddy." She ended with a cute brush on her red hair.

"She's technically right." Orochimaru said. "See, when you both get older you'll understand it better, but it's true that you get your hair color from your parents."

Sai frowned; he didn't like to be wrong "That doesn't answer my question."

"It's ovious Sai." Again Karin answered. "The boy's mommy or daddy have white hair, right doctor?"

The man smirked impressed by the little girl's assumption. "That's right, little girl."

"It's Karin, doctor, Uzumaki Karin." She said proudly, extending her little hand to Orochimaru.

"Nice to meet you, Karin-chan." He said shaking the girl's hand and then looked at Sai. "And you? What's your name?"

"Sai." The boy answered with his arms crossed over his chest. "Uchiha Sai."

"Well, nice to meet you too." Orochimaru said extending his hand to the boy.

Sai didn't look eager to shake the man's hand, if out of shyness or rudeness, Itachi didn't know, so he decided to intervene. After all, he was their responsible. "It's a greeting, Sai." He said and took the boy's arm gently, guiding it to Orochimaru's hand. "You shake the other person's hand when they offer you, go on, try it."

The boy looked lost, but complied, slowly holding on the bigger and paler hand of the doctor. Orochimaru wasn't a charismatic person, especially with children, but something in him compelled people to do as he wished. After cautiously shaking the trembling hand of the little boy, he smiled and doing that, the boy smiled back, feeling little bit proud of himself for no apparent reason.

"See, that wasn't that hard, Sai. It's a big boy handshake, don't forget it." Itachi congratulated the boy ruffling his hair, what made his smile widen.

"Thanks Uncle Itachi."

"You really are a father." Orochimaru commented casually, clearly thinking about something else.

"Hn." The raven nodded and then sighed. "Yes, Orochimaru-sama, and because of it I want all the information you can provide me of my boys."

"Yes, as I was saying-" But once again, he was interrupted by someone knocking on the door. This time, however, the person didn't wait to get permission, a man with long unruly white hair opened up the door hurriedly.

"Orochi! It's Kimi!" The man said and disappeared.

In seconds, the doctor stood up and ran after the white-haired man, leaving Itachi and the two kids worried and confused.

After twenty minutes of Itachi entertaining the children with fairy tales and whatever story that appeared in his mind, he heard footsteps and voices near the open door.

"Don't scare me like that ever again, Jiraya. I thought something had happened, you irresponsible brat." Orochimaru spitted in anger.

Jiraya laughed it off loud and warm. "But it did. See, Kimi is fine now. We can go home together today."

The doctor snorted and rolled his eyes. "You still could have called me later. I was in middle of an important conversation."

The other man laughed again "Yeah, yeah sorry Orochi. Well then, I'll be waiting with the boys."

"No, you'll wait on your own and you better behave." Orochimaru said, getting the boy from Jiraya's arms and motioning for the other kid to follow him.

"Oh, a protective mother aren't you?" Jiraya teased, gaining a glare. "Okay, I'll wait and I'll behave, promise." He chuckled and kissed Orochimaru's temple, knowing the man couldn't do anything with the kid in his arms.

After a growl and a well-deserved kick in his leg, Jiraya left and Orochimaru entered his office again, a kid following him.

"If you don't mind, I'd rather have them here with me. Sorry for the lack of ethic and professionalism, if you have the need to sue the hospital for my behavior to feel better, feel free Uchiha-san." The man ended with venom, obviously pissed off at something.

A time before, Itachi would probably get mad and did as the doctor suggested, but after the boys appeared in his life, his mind changed profoundly. He wasn't a man to consider other people's situation when it came to work: work was work and personal life was personal life. However, when there was an exception Itachi didn't consider until it happened to him: kids.

"You don't have to worry. I completely understand, Orochimaru-sama."

The other sighed in relief, sitting on his chair with the kid in his arms. "Thanks." He whispered, looking at the boy with silky white hair. "You will feel sleepy because of the medicines, so just sleep and when you wake up, we'll be at home." He told the boy, who nodded and cuddled to the elder's chest, soon closing his eyes and falling asleep.

Orochimaru motioned for the other kid, Kabuto, to come closer to him. "Thank you for behaving so well. I'm really proud of you." The boy shyly smiled and then nodded. "You can read on the couch if you want. I know you like reading the books I have in my office." Kabuto grinned excitedly and ran to get a book and sit on the couch, soon opening it to read.

"Orochimaru-sama," Itachi started talking, uncertain, "If you don't mind me asking, but… what's happening?" He felt bad for intruding on someone else's private life, but he was indeed curious and he wanted an explanation for all the commotion he witnessed. "I-, sorry, you don't have to answer. Pardon my rudeness."

The doctor shook his head "An explanation is fair, but sorry for my bluntness…" He warned. "I'm gay, married to that idiot who invaded my office earlier, Jiraya. We have two kids. This is Kimimaro and that is Kabuto, they're both genetically Jiraya's, but legally they're also mine." He declared possessively. "Due to gestation complications, Kimimaro suffers from lack of calcium in his bones, something similar to osteoporosis." The man sighed looking at the kid in his arms. "Kimi is just five, but he has to constantly be hospitalized because of fractures or to take calcium and medication that helps his bones absorb it."

"It mustn't be easy on you."

Orochimaru sighed, brushing a lock of hair behind the little boy's ear "I suppose, but it's worse for him. It's unfair he can't play outside like a normal kid, that he has to come to the hospital so often. It's really not fair." He whispered in the end.

Itachi didn't know what to say. As far as he knew, his boys were healthy, or so did he hope, pray, and beg. He looked at the other chair, where his kids were abnormally well behaved, talking to each other in whispers. Maybe they felt the tense atmosphere and seriousness of the talk they were having. Or maybe they were just afraid to misbehave in the hospital, where both kids knew was a place to take injections and bitter medicines.

The doctor sighed for the tenth time. "Anyway, I'll be short with what I have to tell you." He began "I'm not a person who remembers most of his patients, and considering it happened years ago, I shouldn't remember. But I do and because I followed Aiko-san's case since the beginning." Orochimaru took a small pause. "Aiko-san was a strong woman, I recall. She was overjoyed with the idea of being a mother, risking everything. Her first pregnancy wasn't easy, she had internal bleeding and was forced to stay in repose for most part of the gestation…

… She had a healthy boy, Sasuke, and after that, her own healthy improved greatly. I worked in the pediatric ward back then, so I remember seeing her there with her husband and the little boy. There was no sign of any disease or malfunction on the kid. He was perfectly healthy. So their parents should be glad and satisfied…

…Few years after Sasuke's birth, she got pregnant again. And from the very beginning, the doctors knew it was a risky pregnancy for her condition and for her previous pregnancy. I remember most doctors suggested she had an abortion. Medically speaking, there was no certain the baby would be born alive and it would only cause risk to the mother's life. Besides, it was expensive to maintain her condition if she wanted a healthy baby. Of course Aiko-san denied the possibility of having an abortion and continued with the pregnancy, paying the high price it took. She got weaker and weaker during the gestation, all due to the medication to keep the baby alive."

Orochimaru took a deep sigh. "I was there when the baby was born, October tenth. I remember her husband with their other kid on the waiting room. I remember her begging and yelling to the doctors to do anything to make her baby live. In a normal medical procedure, the doctors should prioritize the mother's life as she has more chance to live. But Aiko-san convinced every doctor to abandon the procedure… The boy was born big, healthy and crying loudly. I remember clearly how that boy cried."

Itachi swallowed dryly, memory of Naruto crying too clear in his mind.

"All the medical examination that followed the two boys happened only after a year the younger was born. After that, they disappeared and I've only heard of them again now." Orochimaru, with all care in the world not to wake up the boy in his arms, took a paper from his drawer. He wrote something on it and handed to Itachi. "Give this to one of the people in the reception and they'll provide you all the medical information of the boys. They're healthy, no need to worry. They'll give you a paper with all the vaccines and medication they took in that period of time."

The raven nodded. "Thank you very much, Orochimaru-sama. My husband and I adopted the boys in Konoha and then…" Itachi proceeded to tell the whole story of the boys, since their meeting in the orphanage until all the information they gathered.

"Thank you very much for the information. I hope I can come back with the boys." Itachi bowed and thanked the doctor.

Orochimaru nodded and assured he could come any time he needed and just ask for him.

"Uncle Itachi, I'm hungry." Karin whined as she was tired of waiting. Hospitals were boring and her stomach was aching from hunger.

"I better go, it's almost lunch time." Itachi said looking at the clock. "Sai, are you feeling well? We're going." The boy nodded and hopped off the chair.

"Yes, I'm going as well." The doctor answered. "Kabuto, put the book back in place, we're leaving to eat."

In the end, on their way out of the hospital, Jiraya found them, and invited Itachi and the two kids to have lunch with them. After a while, the white haired man convinced them to follow.

They had lunch in a small restaurant. Jiraya reminded Itachi of his mother-in-law, loud and cheerful, if not a bit forceful. He had fun with them, but looking at the family that assembled so much his own, he couldn't help but wish Naruto, Sasuke and Deidara were there with him.

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