Toph jerked awake as something heavy landed on her bed. "Wha- Lin? What time is it?"

"Mom, I made you a picture!" Lin's voice was beaming. "I think you'll like it a lot!"

The blanket was yanked away from Toph's feet, and something cold and wet attached itself to her left foot. Toph sniffed and smelled parchment and paint and ink.

"Lin, how long ago did you finish that picture?" she asked.

"Just now!" Lin said. "Do you like it, Mom?"

Toph wiggled her toes in the wet paint. "It feels like the prettiest picture in the Earth Kingdom," Toph said. "My feet aren't so good with colors, though. Could you tell me more about it?"

"It's me and you riding badgermoles through the city," Lin announced. "We taught them how to bend metal and in return they're helping us take over the world!"

Toph grinned. "Definitely the best picture in the Earth Kingdom," she said. "I love it."