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Kate Lockheart (D12)

My eyes quickly open and I jump up from the ground that I'm sleeping on. My breathing id heavy, and I'm sweating… I was having a nightmare.

The nightmare started with me and my Dad, Mom, and my little brother all sitting together at a table, back when I was younger. The four of us were laughing, talking, eating, just being a close family. Closer than what I remember, or would ever feel, because it was just an image I seemed to watch as a bystander. I was standing next to the table, watching everyone, but it was strangely eerie. I couldn't hear anything anyone said, not even the younger version of myself. I started talking to get everyones attention, which turned to screaming. I think I may have been doing that in my sleep because of how sore my throat was. That was creepy, but then it got worse.

I decided to try getting their attention by shaking one of them, which I did, the younger version of me, and it worked. Unfortunately, I wasn't the only one that she had seen. It was the mouth of a mutation that I had seen stomping in the forest yesterday, covered in leaves, opening up, ready to devour me. Both parts of its mouth shut closed, swallowing both me and my younger self. Instead of going into its stomach, we were sent hurdling into a chasm of spikes. I tried holding onto my younger self trying to comfort her and then… nothing. All I remember is hearing a cannon go off, which I though was mine.

"Scream much?" I hear my ally Karea say, though I do use the term ally lightly. Between the three people I chose to rely on in these games, she is the only person who managed to survive. I know I'm probably being pretty ungrateful, but I wouldn't have minded that we get separated somehow. I'd never wish death on the girl, but she's been sticking to me like glue ever since the bloodbath happened. She sure won't ever admit it, but Karea is pretty interested in companionship, as far as I can tell.

"You heard?" is all I say,

"It's be a miracle if I didn't! I-" she pauses for a second and says, "No, a miracle is something more realistic than that, like what I said, and candy storms raining all over the lands for an entire day! And by lands, I mean over my home. And by and entire day, I mean forever. And by candy, I mean candy." I try saying something when she screams "Shut up! I meant to say that before you interrupted me! "

This is exactly what I mean. This girl hears voices in her head, and is clearly unstable. I constantly ask myself "Kate, why don't you do the sensible, logical, intelligent thing and ditch her?"

This is when I'm reminded that I'm not a heartless person that can abandon or hurt anyone I don't like. It'd weigh on my conscious if I left her.

I also remember that she can be as much of a dangerous enemy as she is a valuable ally. Karea's muscles aren't for show, I've seen her tear chunks off of a training dummy without hardly any effort with a bat in hand. Even if she isn't armed now she's still dangerous, and mentally unstable.

I've got my own edges too. I've gotten great with a combat knife, and to be honest, I can outsmart Karea six ways from Sunday. I could probably make it on my own, but unfortunately, the smart thing is to stay with her. While I may be more intelligent and stable, she is way more dangerous, and can do plenty of damage to anyone, and I'd rather that it wasn't me.

"Karea!" I shout, to get her attention,

"No need to shout, I'm not deaf." I take a deep breath, and tell Karea why I was screaming,

"Listen… I just had a nightmare, a really bad one, where I was swallowed up by a mutt and eaten, and I heard a cannon go off-"

"Oh, you hear it too?"

"Thank you for interrupting me Ka… wait, what?"

"That wasn't part of the dream. Either someone got a hold of some reallystrong fireworks and was blowing them up like a baws! I'm pretty sure someone kicked the bucket smack-dab in the middle of everyone's beauty sleep… hey, do those clouds look like cotton candy or popcorn? I'm not sure."

"Erm… whatever you like best." So someone really did die last night… I try thinking of someone that I might be worried about, and Reaver and Lily flash through my mind. We got along pretty well, and they're both nice, I'd hate it if anything happened to them…

"Hey Kate, what should we do first! There are rides… no I won't throw up on them, thers food… of course I'm going to stuff as much as I can down my… I don't see how… oh, really? Oh really?" As Karea begins to have a fight inside of her head, I look around the area to see if there's anything that can be useful to us.

We somehow wandered into a place that's mainly full of booths for us to win prizes at. There's rarely anything useful in any of them, a bunch of stuffed animals, some plastic jewelry, but I spotted a few supplies offered here and there, and I only managed to grab a sack of jerky and a knife. It's worth a look.

"Hey Karea, come on, I know where we're going." I turn around and wait to hear Karea's footsteps letting me know that she's following, but I don't hear anything. Big surprise, "Karea?" I ask, turning around,

"Kate!" She says, spinning and stumbling around, "I found something really cool! Take a look!"

"Karea, are you sure? We can't spend too much time in one place." I start walking towards her.

Karea trips on her own feet, and screams, "Owwwww!" Into the dirt, pointing up to something particularly valuable in one booth modeled after those that require you to knock over bottle stacked on top of each other, only they weren't. They were on hovering platforms, moving really fast and random, According to this booth, the number you hit determines the prize you get. There are about thirty bottles floating around, and only one prize it worth those thirty bottles.

A single baseball bat. Interesting.

"I thought it would be good to have. I look way cooler with a bat." Karea yells with her face in the ground.

I take a minute to think about trusting Karea with a bat…

…Maybe I'll hold onto it until she needs it. If I can win it that is.

Zeb Rendley (D1)

As I roll up my blanket and stuff it back into my bag, Jake gives orders to everyone.

"Alright, we're going to be splitting up into groups to search for tributes in the area. When we start, we're all going to meet up three hour from now," Jake looks around, and sees a ferris wheel "Over there." Jake goes on about how everyone should be careful using their powers that they received, and such, but doesn't even bother to mention Airian's death.

I won't fault him for not missing her. For the most part, she was distant to pretty much everyone here. Everyone was surprised to see her missing, and a few people were actually sad that she was gone. We all heard the cannon that went off, so most assume that she's dead. I'm slightly hopeful though.

Jake hasn't even bothered showing anything even relatively similar to concern. He just told everyone to pack up quickly so that we could get down to business.

He really hasn't been very kind to anyone in the arena, just cold. Even his own sister.

"Alright, I'm going to tell everyone what groups they're in, so listen up. I'll be with Sommer and Zeb, Avery, you can be with Atherton and Teddy, and lastly, Nimbus, you go with Cobalt and Austin. Now if there are no more questions-"

"Hold it!" Atherton shouts, and Jake winces. He's like me, a person good at manipulating people, but Atherton is someone you have to appeal to in order to get him to do what you want. With a sharp temper, and the fact that he can take anyone, including Jake, in a fight.

He isn't intelligent, but Atherton wants to be leader, and Jake isn't willing to give up his spot at the top. Saying that he's going to be difficult is an understatement.

"What is it Atherton?" Jake says calmly, looking him straight in the eyes,

"Why should you get to choose who does what?" Atherton says, "Shouldn't I get a say in where I want to go?"

Jake pauses for a minute, thinking of an answer, whereas I start coming up with an idea, "Well, do you have any problems with who you're paired up with at the moment?" Atherton grits his teeth, waiting a bit too long to answer with,

"Well… nothing, but you could at least ask me before you pair me up with someone." In other words, he just wanted to make a reason to oppose Jake. Pointless for him, but I think I can make use of his efforts.

"Actually, Jake, I have a minor issue." I say, surprising everyone. I'm not a fan of conversation, "Would it be alright if I was paired with Atherton and Avery?"

"And why do you want to be paired with them?"

"Well, it's mainly for Avery's sake. I'm just slightly concerned for her safety, aren't you? I'd just feel better if I was there to guard her."

Jake looks at his sister, then back at me and says, "If she couldn't take care of herself, I'd be with her."

Or, either way, you don't care at all, "Well, just to end my own worries, how about I switch positions with Teddy."

Jake gives me a cold stare and says, "Are you sure about that? I think it ould be best if we stuck with the groups I set up, just to keep things-"

"Hey, come on, didn't you just say that I had a say in who I could pair up with? Would it be the same or this guy... Zeb? "

I nod, reassuring Atherton that he got my name right.

I take a look at Jake who, for the first time since we came into the arena, is showing emotion.

Anger, though only slightly shown.

Like I suspected, Jake wants to try secluding Sommer so he can get closer to her. I was probably chosen because of my quiet nature, and would be the least likely hindrance. Then again, Teddy, Sommer'sother love interest, is possibly the worst person to have along with him.

"Fine, whatever! Just move out!" Jake shouts to everyone, signaling for them to move.

Jake, Teddy, and Sommer head into the forest while Nimbus, Austin, and Cobalt walk off to some sort of house we noticed in the distance from our camp.

Avery, Atherton, and I walk away into the park to inspect some rides and tents for tributes or, possibly some supplies.

I stick close to Avery, keeping an eye on her, just like I said I would, and glance back at Jake.

Sorry to make things difficult for you, but honestly, how easy did you think this would be?

Alyssa Ruth (D10)

I feel myself wake up, moving around slightly to feel the grass underneath me that I slept on, but I don't move or open my eyes. I don't want to do any of that at all don't want to do anything at all.

Last night I kept hoping that all of this was just a terrible dream and that I'd be able to wake up in my own bed and get started on my chores for the day. I've known that this is all just my terrible reality, but who doesn't wish for the best when they're experiencing the worst?

I open my eyes and take in the scenery around me. I fell asleep in between a bunch of trees close together. I'm smaller than most people here, so I figured it could keep me mostly safe. Last night, I didn't care, I just wanted to end one of the worst days of my life.

Yesterday I learned about the vile's that we were taught about and found out that it releases an animal in all of us…

Well, technically, humans are animals, just smart enough to look down on them. Sometimes, thinking about how people look down on animals makes me realize that life may have been better if we had just remained animals and never tried separating from nature.

Things would be simpler after all, an animal's daily schedule just consists of getting food, preparing shelter, going to the bathroom, it' just so basic compared to all of the complications of human lives.

The greatest irony is how the lives of the rich, people who almost always look down on people when they have the most issues. Cheating, suicide, warped views on the world, many are just absolute failures of what a personality should be.

We should all just go back to nature, everything would be great. We wouldn't be fighting over possessions, there wouldn't be any, we wouldn't need to lie to each other, surviving together would require trust, and we wouldn't need to kill each other because… because…

My eye start filling up with tears when I start thinking about how surviving could mean killing those who aren't useful, even abandoning them would be just the same.

Killing is just in the nature of animals. It's in the nature of humans.

So… that makes it okay... it's not my fault that I… that I kild Sparky, it's just who I am. I'm supped to kill to survive, others will killed so others can survive…

I begin crying, as I stare up at the deep blue sky, encompassed by beautifully green foliage that just seems so much duller than it would have to the old me.

My tears aren't those of fear, but happiness... I killed him because I needed to, right?

It's okay even though he was my friend , isn't it?

It has to be... please, it has to be…

I smile up to the sky as I cry… I'm happy that I know this. Happy that I can kill. I'm doing what I've always wanted to do…

That's why I have to kill… isn't it everyone's right to fight for their life?

Wit Lore (D13)

"The Hunger Game. The Hunger Games... something about it just doesn't sit well with me." I say to myself as I walk through the amusement park, which isn't very amusing at all. I've only been able to smash some bugs and spiders, yes there's a difference, and stomp a toad into the dirt, but no people.


"I mean, I know that that's to illustrate the point that you need food and you could go hungry, but seriously, who dies of hunger in these games." I say, stopping to ponder this. "It should be called The Bloody Games, or… the Games of Death… or… wait! The Bloody Death Games! You're all idiots for not thinking of it sooner! A twelve year old just thought of that incredible name! Twelve! Idiots!" I scream, as I point into the sky where I'm forty percent sure there's a camera, and kicking a stone away.

It rolls on the dirt in the woods that I'm stuck in, stopping as it bumps into an exposed root of a tree.

For the last two days, I've been lost in the woods. That's right, lost.

I haven't been feeling terrified in the woods.

I haven't been getting chased in the woods.

I haven't been wiring any more explosives in the woods.

And I am so bored it hurts. Literally. I'm actually getting a headache because of how stupid this all is. The only interesting things to happen to me were a bit of comic relief, thanks to some nitwit getting chased by a tree monster that happened to run right past me. I was behind some bushes, so he probably didn't see me. Then again, he probably would have been more focused on the giant monster chasing him.

There were some interesting plants as well, and by interesting, I mean menacing. When you go really deep into this forest, the trees slowly get more jagged, and the leaves become sharper, and not just in looks, not to mention massive thorns in bushes and pointed grass. Without my shoes, my feet would have had more holes in them than a block of swiss cheese

I couldn't get a good look at it, but it was more real than the monster my dumb colleagues in grade school think is in their closets. I've staked out my closet for days with a ton of kitchen knives ready to cut up that monster! What a letdown!

I continue to kick the same stone over and over again, constantly hearing the muddled thumping it makes against the ground, and the tapping against the wood I like to pretend it's alive and that it's begging me for mercy.

I giggle and step down on the rock, "No, you aren't getting any mercy… but I will give you a special gift for being brave enough to try asking me… or more likely stupid enough to beg me."

'What… what would that be?' I pretend the stone is saying that, very afraid as all minerals should feel towards me, and respond with a big kick that sends the stone airborne,

"You get to fly for the first time in your life! Have fun landing, hahahaha-" my laughter over the stones folly stops as I hear a tap different than what I've been hearing as of late.

Not one caused by the earth beneath me or the forest around me, both of which I should get around to either burning or blowing up, but the sound made when a rock hits concrete!

"A road! An actual manmade road! That means that I can get out of these rotten woods and out into the park!" As I run, I spite mother nature by stomping on top of any plants that I can, "Eat it Mother Nature! That's right, humans like me know how better off we'd be without you, and all of the trouble you bring! You can't keep me trapped!"

As soon as I run out, I look up at the sun and the warmth on my face… stupid sun, always so bright and annoying. This is why I'm an indoor person. Still, it's better than having all of those wretched weeds surrounding me. Look back at the forest, condescending, and shout, "You see, you and your pitiful plants can do naught to stop me! I will survive! Take that Mother-"

"Hehehe," I freeze when I hear someone giggling to my right a few feet away. I grit my teeth and start grinding them together, turning my head slowly as I shake with anger, letting my rage show towards the person laughing at me, with that bubbly grin on her face.

Yes, she was laughing at me.

No, seriously, this bitch has the nerve to laugh at me. Me! Wit Lore! How dare she! People should be crying in anguish at the sheer sight of me, not laughing at me as if they're getting amusement at my threats to all things natural on the planet!

"Pray tell," I say, turning to face her as calmly as possible. As calm as anyone who has just been insulted by a mouth breather such as this can be at least. As I go on, she just keeps giggling in the same stupid tone only a dumb blonde like her can manage, "What is so funny? Was there a funeral that got ruined, and I missed it?" My eye begins to twitch… I have to give her credit, it's rare that I'm able to want to kill someone as much as her,

Suddenly she drops the happy look, cuts off her laughter, and puts on a bored expression, "A funeral?"

"Yes, a place where people are mourning the dead! Ruining something like that with something like an attack or maybe a maniac starts attacking people or something. It would be so painful and terrible, adding insult to injury to the people experiencing something terrible like that right after losing a loved one. You can't see the beauty in it because you don't view the world the way I can, otherwise known as the right way." Some of my anger fizzles out as I explain it, and I imagine a few scenarios for what I just said,

"Would people die?" The girl asks. I'm a bit surprised by her response. Normally people gasp in horror, stagger back in shock, cover their hands with their mouth, glare at me for saying such 'terrible' things, etcetera, when I tell them my own opinions on things like that, I never get a response as calm as that,

"Well… maybe, either way, it would be a huge tragedy, and many would be miserable. It really depends on what happens."

"But… would people die? Yes or no?" I pinch the bridge of my nose, and grumble under my breath,

"Oh my God, if it'll shut you up," Then I yell at her, "Yes! Yes people will die!" All of a sudden, her face lights up and she gives off a smile that looks as bright as the sun,

"Oh boy, that's great! I wonder how it might happen!" She starts walking from left to right, playing with her hands as she voices different ways things might happen with deaths at a funeral,

"Maybe a knife wielding maniac'll come and stab everyone!" She holds one hand up and pretends to stab it with her other hand, the hand getting stabbed flinching each time and eventually going limp, "Or what if there's an incident at a zoo and a wild tiger got loose and ran out from some bushes it was hiding in and mauled someone!" She takes one hand and grips the wrist of her other arm, shaking it around wildly, "Or, the dead guy's famil;y was all involved in some sort of bad thing and they were all gunned down then and there!" She makes one hand take the shape of a gun, and holds the other up, 'shooting' at it and flinching her other hand each time,

After a bit more of her ranting, the girl burst's out laughing, and for some reason, I join in eith her. The things she described were all hilarious!

We both just stand there laughing for a few minutes and after a while, we both stop. Unfortunately, I have a smile on my face, and it's actually genuine. This is one of the first times I've actually liked a person.

"Hehe, you're funny, what's your name?"

I respond in an abnormally polite way, "My name is Wit, and yours is?"

"Dreama! Well, Wit, it's a pleasure to kill you!"

"You too Dreama… wait, you said kill, right?" Dreama responds by taking out a bloody glove with claws on it, and a knife for her unclawed hand, and then nods, smiling, "I see… well, you can only kill me if I don't kill you first!" I begin running full speed away from this awesome girl as fast as I possibly can while she chases after me, and begin heading for some tents.

It looks like I'm about to play some games with my new friend.

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