"Do it" he hissed. "Make me believe you."
"Yes" Loki chuckled, a feral grin splitting his face. "That's the spirit!"

Chapter Five

He slowed for a moment, his thrusts deliberate as he focused on the sweet spot inside Steve. Steve relaxed his body, moaning unconsciously, and gently began thrusting very deliberately back against Loki, almost as if he were trying to scratch an itch he didn't even know he had.

After several moments of this, Steve sighed and looked back at Loki.

"That spot. Right there," he said breathlessly.

"I believe it's called the prostate gland," Loki informed him. "You may congratulate me on helping you discover its existence."

Steve was so wound up, he couldn't quite bring himself to laugh, so he gave the other man a distracted smile. "Why is there, inside me like that? It doesn't make sense" he murmured.

"Because our bodies are made for pleasure," Loki said lightly. "To be given, and received. Why deny yourself?"

"Because I've been too busy using my body as a weapon." Steve muttered.

"Not tonight" Loki told him. He continued working inside the man, giving him a first-hand demonstration of physical delight.

Loki smirked. "Why don't you stimulate yourself while I take care of this?" he suggested, squeezing Steve's ass.

Steve rolled his eyes "You can't get enough of me doing that, can you?"

"I do so enjoy watching you abuse yourself" Loki admitted.


Loki thought for a moment. "Because it humiliates you," he said plainly. And that's what this is about, is it not? Making you surrender to me completely?"

"Yeah, you win" Steve said, annoyed.

Loki laughed with genuine mirth. "Don't worry, Captain... I'll let you finish second."

He took firm hold of Steve's hips, and began to work harder inside the other man. Steve took hold of himself and stroked in time with the thrusts. He couldn't help the little noises of enjoyment that were escaping him.

Loki closed his eyes, listening with delight. "Mmm, good boy," he murmured. Steve shushed him and he smiled. Loki focused inwards on his own rapidly building gratification.

Not having to fight the other man so much now made it so much easier to focus on the delicious sensations he was experiencing. He found himself sighing with pleasure rocking faster and faster.

He took his hand away from the base of his cock to slide his full length into Steve again. The other man had no cry of protest this time; he simply moaned and rocked back harder.

"Yes" Loki hissed, a smile growing on his face as the heat rose in his belly. His cold fingers dug into the firm flesh of Steve's hips as he pounded the other man, his tempo increasing.

He bit his bottom lip, brow furrowed with concentration. He opened his eyes and drank in the sight of the Captain on all fours beneath him, the muscles in the other man's body tense with desire.

He watched himself thrusting in and out of Steve's tight, delectable ass, while Steve urgently rubbed himself.

A laugh bubbled up out of him and he rode the first waves of pleasure to his finish. His mirth turned into a moan and a cry as he came hard, and he thrust firmly. Steve gasped and braced himself again the sudden pressure. He grit his teeth and pushed back hard, feeling the strange heat deep inside as Loki's spent himself.

Loki continued to thrust and moan as he teased out his pleasure for several minutes. Finally, he came to a slow, trembling stop. He was breathing hard as he loosened his hands from their bruising grip of Steve's hips. He gave a long, deep sigh and caressed Steve's back.

Steve's legs were shaking from the intensity of bearing Loki's fall. He had stopped stroking himself in order to hold himself up, and he was achingly hard and uncomfortable.

"You bore that very well" Loki said, when he could finally speak again. He pulled his softening cock out of Steve's ass. Steve hissed with pain, and eased himself down to lie on his side.

Loki conjured a soft towel and cleaned himself off, then, as a small courtesy, gave the towel to Steve so the other man might do the same.

"Gee, thanks" Steve said, frowning as he took the sticky towel.

"Did you climax?" Loki asked casually.

"Uh, no" Steve said, trying to not sound annoyed.

Loki frowned as he leaned over to observe Steve's engorged member. "Well, why not?" he asked insolently.

"Because I couldn't focus on... myself... with you pounding me like that. What were you trying to do anyway, dig a hole to China?"

Loki laughed gently, and reached up to tousle the Captain's damp hair. "Silly boy. Coupling is meant to be at least that intense, if you're doing it right. And to be honest, I was holding back considerably. I could have pounded you straight to Hel if I'd really let go..."

Steve looked at him, highly disturbed. "Right..." he murmured.

"So, I suppose I should just lay back here and finish myself off? While you watch, of course" Steve said sulkily.

Loki studied him thoughtfully, his mouth pursed.

"I could do you a kindness, I suppose..." he murmured. He reached out and traced a finger down Steve's stomach, stopping at the base of the other man's cock. Steve swallowed nervously and watched Loki though half-closed eyes.

Loki leaned in slowly and kissed Steve on the mouth. Steve returned the kiss more confidently this time, and Loki smiled slightly.

"Seeing as you've been such a good sport..." Loki continued. He wrapped his hand around Steve's length. "Lie back" he said. Steve did as he was told.

Loki worked his hand lazily on Steve as he kissed down the soldier's body. He moved down the bed to straddle Steve's lower legs, and leaned in, running his tongue up Steve's hard length.

Steve whimpered and shifted beneath the other man. Loki looked up at him, a wicked smile on his face. "You liked this, didn't you?"

Steve swallowed hard. "Yes" he answered.

"Would you like me to finish you this way?"

"Please?" Steve whispered.

Loki licked him again, and then frowned. "Well, I'd love to, Captain... but I'm afraid our time is up," he said sadly.

Steve's brow furrowed in lust-addled confusion. "What?" he breathed.

Loki sat up and shrugged. "Your hour of submission. It has ended. You are free to go, and the bargain for peace I made with Fury shall be honoured." Loki said formally.

Steve stared at him blankly. "Right. Yeah, that," he sighed, stunned. "We're done?"

"You have performed a great service to your country, and to this entire realm" Loki said, trying not to smile.

Steve swallowed hard "But what about..." he gestured to his straining cock.

"As modern Midgardians often say... not my problem."

Steve just stared at Loki, mouth hanging open. "You have somewhere else you need to be?"

"As a matter of fact, yes. I believe that shortly I shall be removed to Asgard by my dear brother for punishment. I should prepare" Loki said off-handedly.

He arose from the bed, and nimble as a cat. He sighed as he looked at his clothing. "It will of course, take me the next thirty minutes to get dressed." He picked up several garments and studied them, pointedly ignoring Steve, who continued to stare insolently at him.

"So... that's it then?" Steve finally managed to say.

"Yes, indeed," he spared Steve a glance. "You performed remarkably well, for a virgin. Of course, no one would dare to call you that any longer" he gave Steve a smirk.

Steve glared at him; his loins were throbbing. He forced himself up off the bed, trying not to hiss with discomfort. "I'm taking a shower" he grumbled.

"Yes, you really should, you look well and truly defiled. It's quite fetching," Loki taunted.

Steve ignored him, and limped into the bathroom. He turned the taps on until the water was good and hot and beat down hard.

He soaked for several minutes, before methodically shampooing his hair and washing his face. His cock was still painfully hard, but he didn't want to touch it.

He lathered up to gingerly wash his sore ass when cold hands grabbed his shoulders, stopping him. Loki stepped into the shower with him, still perfectly naked. "Allow me" Loki breathed into his ear.

Steve sighed with discomfort as the other man gently bathed him, his cool fingers massaging in small circles around his abused opening and bruised glutes.

Loki knelt down behind him and washed his legs, and then turned Steve around to face him. He smirked up at the other man, his face at eye level with Steve's cock.

"Beg me" Loki smirked.

Steve considered him for a moment. "No."

Loki gave him a look of amused distain. "Oh, come now. You don't have much more to lose. Don't be so proud."

Steve slowly shook his head. I've given you everything you asked for, so I'm not begging for anything. Not today. But I'll ask you nicely."

Loki's eye narrowed. He moved his face closer to Steve's cock and blew on it gently. Steve shuddered and shifted nervously.

"Say please, then." Loki smiled up at him. "Say please, Loki, will you finish me?"

Steve licked him lips, "Please, Loki... finish me."

Loki leaned in and took the soldier's cock completely into his mouth. Steve was so hard and over-stimulated that it almost hurt for a moment, and he gave a sharp cry of pleasure mixed with pain.

Loki hummed with delight at this reaction, and Steve trembled at the sensation. Loki worked furiously on Steve, sucked hard, swirling his tongue, pulling him out just to tease the tip.

Steve was pressed back against the cold wall of the shower, bracing himself against each wall, his legs already threatening to turn to jelly. He'd never felt such pleasure in his life. He gasped, his hips bucking wantonly under Loki's expert ministrations.

"Oh!" he cried. "Don't stop, oh, god" he breathed.

Loki backed off and looked up at the other man, eyebrows raised.

"I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch that."

Steve looked stricken.

"Oh god? Indeed... What were you saying before? Never mind, we all worship in different ways" Loki smiled slowly and dangerously. He reapplied his mouth to Steve's aching cock, drawing him closer and closer to his fall with every generous stroke of his tongue.

Steve arched into the wall, gritting his teeth, his stomach tense and legs threatening to give way. He moaned, teetering on the edge.

Loki reached up and gently squeezed Steve's balls as he sucked hard. Steve stomach trembled, his body tensed as Loki brought him over.

He cried out and thrust forward, and Loki pushed his hips roughly back against the wall, moving his mouth hard and fast as Steve spent himself. Steve gasped; his entire body trembled as he shuddered through the climax. He looked down briefly, and with wonder, at the dark head bobbing before him, then closed his eyes, drinking in all the sensation flowing though his body.

He was still breathing hard and quivering with exertion when Loki finally took his mouth away. He stood up before Steve and stretched lithely, then dabbed modestly at the corners of his mouth, smirking.

It took a moment for Steve to get his thoughts in order. He leaned back against the wall, willing his legs to hold him up, and looked calmly at the god before him.

"I believe this make us even" Loki said casually.

"Close enough," Steve managed. He studied Loki. "So, what do you think you're punishment will be once you're back in Asgard?"

"Oh," Loki sighed "They'll probably sew my mouth shut. Again." he said off-handedly, and then he smirked "And won't that be a terrible shame!"

"Not if it shuts you up a little" Steve said bluntly.

Loki pretended to take offence. "Shame on you. After what I just did for you. Or to you..."

"I'm not going to be able to sit down for a week, so don't look at me like you expect thanks"

Loki grinned fondly at the blonde man. "Then let's put this behind us, and part as friends."

Steve's eyes narrowed at the pun, and Loki held out a hand to shake.

"As us Midgardians say... whatever" he reached out to shake the gods' hand, but his hand closed on empty air. Instead Loki gave his right nipple a sudden, sharp tweak.

Steve jumped back with a cry, and Loki smirked at him one last time as he vanished.

"I'll have you begging next time!" a cool, disembodied voice whispered into his ear. "On your knees. The way it was meant to be…."

… … …


… … ..

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