New, long story about Thor and Loki. It will mostly be from Loki's point of view, but every once in a while I'll do a Thor's point of view, because I know just how sweet it is to read the story from the "other guy's" perspective. :)

Loki is around nineteen; so is Thor.

It was a pretty peaceful day. The sky was clear, the breeze was nice, the leaves were tinted red as a sign of the advancing Autumn. The grass rustled and whispered songs of sleep, while birds chirped here and there to prepare one another for the annual migration. In all, the atmosphere was one of light calm. It was the perfect day to end summer break.

Loki sat on a large oak stump reading a spells book. Once school began he wouldn't have time to learn the spells that interested him, so he was grabbing what time he had left to learn a last bit of fun magic to prepare to amuse himself during school. He loved learning, and he loved magic. Fortunately, he was gifted with a talent for magic, and this combination allowed him to be the top academic student in Asgard Secondary. There were no rivals; no one had the level of intelligence remotely close to his. Thus, he had no one to hold a grudge against.

Perhaps Thor was an exception. He almost regarded him as a rival, and a rather hateful one. He didn't rival Loki in academics, though; while Loki held the spot for being the smartest student, Thor held the spot for being the most popular. This wasn't jealousy. He was irritated at how Thor attracted the favour of nearly every person in the school, including teachers, so effortlessly, while the smart one toiled with his studies to gain a mere smile from one teacher. He didn't seem to care about life, while Loki did, but Thor got more from life than he did. So he hated him for it. And though they knew about each other's existence, they've never exchanged a single word. And Loki was quite happy that way. He loathed his crass, flippant, guts -

Loki took a deep breath. No. This was the last day of summer break, and he mustn't waste energy on hatred. He refocused on the page before him.

The spell he was learning was a complicated, but delicious, one. It involved much time, concentration and many words, but the product, he believed, would be more than worth it, and the effort it required appealed to his studious nature. It was a spell of transformation: directed at any organism - a plant, an insect, or a deer - the creature will turn into a young girl. Loki'd always wanted to know what an insect would look like as a human girl. Besides, if any of Thor's hulking friends decided to gang up on him, he could always use this as a defense.

Now that would be hilarious.

Smirking to himself quietly, Loki began to gather energy onto the tips of his fingers, and aimed it at a lonely dandelion swaying in the breeze. His mouth smoothly formed the words, and he let it flow.

A shout sounded nearby. Loki paid it no attention; spells can go dangerously awry if interrupted or stopped in the middle. Continuing as he did before, as if there had been no interruption, and he hoped that the person would go away.

He - the voice was rough and masculine, vaguely familiar - didn't go away. Rather, he came nearer, and trailing him was the sound of rude laughter of several friends. Loki didn't know who it was because his eyes were on the flower. Still he continued the spell, though Loki was becoming slightly irritated.

At last, Loki was on the final four words. Three words. Two words.

One wor -

A sudden, jaw-shuddering force shook him off his seat on the oak stump, and sent him flying into a nearby pond. The shallow but cold water paralyzed him for a few seconds, but his senses returned quick enough afterwards. His hands were buried beneath his torso and bruised against rocks, while his fingers jutted into his chest, causing slight problems in breathing. He freed them, however, and was boiling with rage, the spell momentarily forgotten. He turned to see who it was, and was not surprised.

It was Thor, and his stupid, stupid friends.

The worst thing was that Thor didn't even see who it was he pushed over. No, he didn't even know he had pushed someone over. By this time he was already halfway across the field with his lumbering friends, his back a mocking, sneering eyesore to his sight.

Loki hated his guts.

He stumbled back into his vast, empty house, soaking wet and numb.

What a bloody great way to end the summer vacation.

Nobody lived in his house so he didn't have to explain to anyone about his disheveled appearance. His father was away on another one of his billion business trips to Jotunnheim, he had no siblings - that is, none that he knew of (he has suspicions since his father was often surrounded by young girls, and his father wasn't the most passion-free man out there) and his mother had died, before he could remember, for a reason his father refused to explain.

Dropping the bag and textbook on the floor, he went into the nearest bathroom to change clothes and take a shower before the cold of the pond-water seeped into his skin. Loki fumbled with his shirt, his fingers stiff. Then something long and black curtained Loki's vision.

He looked up, startled. Had something followed him inside?

The mirror caught his eyes, and what he saw in the reflection gave him a fright he had never known. Standing there, bewildered and strange, was a slender, pale girl who resembled himself in every way except in gender, and he supposed that if he had a sister, this was what she would look like. Her hair was black and straight, trailing down to her waist, her face small and oval with soft angles and large, green eyes. The mouth was slightly opened, as if in shock, and it opened even wider as he realized whose reflection it was staring back at him.

Horrified, he rushed out of the bathroom to find that textbook. How does one undo the spell? It was the day before school began; he couldn't go to school in this form. Loki vaguely remembered that when he had fallen into the pond his fingers had pointed towards himself, and cursed heavily at Thor for being the cause of all this.

Finally, he managed to flip to the desired page. Skimming hurriedly over the words, he finally found the passage about its effects:

This spell must be used with the utmost caution, and should be used sparingly, for the effects are nearly impossible to reverse. The spell will last for a whole week, during which nothing can be done to lift the magic, so please review your intentions most thoroughly before you cast it…

A week. An entire week.

But the worst was yet to come. Loki continued reading.

...further emphasis on caution must be given in that under this spell, one may have little or no ability in magic, severely weakening the user in duels or in events where self-defense is essential...

Loki wanted to go to Thor this instant, strip him of his flesh, bash his eyes out with rocks, and knock him senseless with all the forbidden spells he could think of. He hated him. He hated him so much the world began to shake, and he swore with such rotten fervor he was surprised the air didn't turn pungent from the foul words.

What was he going to do? Loki stalked back into the bathroom, and stared at his reflection again. He was a female version of himself. The jeering from the students he'd get if he walked into a classroom with this appearance would kill him, if the embarrassment didn't get to him first. What the hell could he do?

An idea formed in his mind. It wasn't a good plan, but it would do.

For a week, he'll go to school as an imaginary sister, filling in for a brother who was on an educational trip to the city of Midgard. For a week, he'll have to learn independence from magic. He couldn't ask for a week of absence; the Asgard principal, that kind fool, having nothing better to do in the rather small school, would hunt for absent students himself and pay personal visits to them to give them kind but absolutely unnecessary wishes. Loki had to go to school to avoid this problem. He'll have to play around with the school records a little, but that he can do. He wasn't the smartest kid in Asgard for nothing.

He hated Thor, but what happened had happened, and what else could he do but adapt? Loki swore to himself that he would have revenge one day.

First chapter finished. I really hoped you enjoyed your time reading it. Please let me know how you felt! Thank you!