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Chapter 1: Goodbyes and first impressions

Jack had come a long way since he became Eclipse and ended up saving all of existence and making a name for himself in the superhero community and also making more enemies but even that did not stop him from living his life.

He and May were together for two years but that changed at graduation…

"So we're doing this then?" Jack asked.

"Yeah it's for the best." May said.

"I mean sure staying together would be awesome but…" Jack lowered his head as May took his hands.

"I know it's hard, I'm feeling it too, it hurts so much to do this." May said as she began to well up with tears and Jack cupped her chin for her to look at him.

"Butterfly, I don't want to see you cry on this day." Jack said wiping her tears away gently. "We need to make room and explore new things, we can't do that clinging on to the past." he said as she smiled.

"You're right, we need to grow up and meet new people, discover new things and pretty much find love." May said as Jack just pulled her head to him and kissed her as they broke she kissed him back and they stopped looking at one another.

"You thinking what I'm thinking?" Jack asked as he had that look in his eyes.

"One more for the road Mister Redgrave?" May asked in a sultry voice.

Jack grinned as he took her hand and went right into the school as they headed to the one place where they would not be disturbed and where they usually did their business when they were in school.

"So many memories here." Jack said inside the nurse's office.

"Remember when I faked a stomach ache and you thought I was pregnant?" May said as she let out a laugh on that memory.

"Do not remind me, it was the most gut wrenching moment of my life, but at the same time I was like "What The Hell?" but I did step up did I not?" Jack said mentioning his act of valour.

"Yeah you did, you said you would raise this baby with me and even I heard you were planning on marrying me." May started to giggle as he was lowering his head and shaking it in embarrassment.

"I was thinking of it but then I found out you were lying so that you could buy me some time to get back here in time for my mid terms, but of course even after I did and you did we used our alone time in here for our "Quality Time" and since then we've had many "Quality Times" in this place." Jack said remembering their intimate moments in the office.

As then they took of their ceremonial gowns and then stripped down to their underwear and embraced one another and they stumbled backwards onto the bed and just furiously kissed one another as the passion ignited between them.

Jack then reached over to the drawer next to the bed and pulled out a condom and quickly got his underpants off and put it on as now they were ready.

May then removed her underwear with them both naked they engaged in their "Quality Time" and this was for the last time.

They both laid there exhausted but satisfied, Jack held May in his arms wanting this moment to last forever.

"This is it then." Jack said.

"It is, but we'll still talk right?" May asked.

"Yeah sure, we'll message whenever we can and I'll be back home from time to time as will you." Jack said.

"But I'm going to NYU and you're going to Oxford in England, it would be hard for us to even catch one another with our hectic schedules and you'll be working for Avengers International and I'll be back at the mansion with the others." May detailed the difficulties they would face with them not seeing one another as often.

"I guess we should try and arrange some time to hang out." Jack said as that made her smile.

"Jack Walter Redgrave, you always know how to turn a bad thing into something good." May said.

"Baby, I was born to do it." Jack joked as they had their final farewell as a couple.


"Oh my baby is leaving home!" Caitlin said as she bear hugged her son.

"Mom! Come on you're embarrassing me!" Jack said feeling humiliated by his mother's sadness he was leaving.

"Look, I'll promise to call when I arrive and besides I'm staying with Lilly it'll be ok." Jack said.

He looked to his Uncle and Aunt as they made the gesture for a hug as he went over to them.

"Our little man has become a Dude." Dave then lowered himself to his hear. "Just make sure when you get out there, nail some British ass for me." he said as he got a swat across the back of his head by his wife.

"Jacky do not listen to this clown, just be good, learn lots and use protection." Frankie said as Jack was laughing at that.

"No problem Aunt Frankie and Uncle Dave I promise to do that thing you told me to do but with caution." Jack said as then a Police car pulled up and out came a suited Detective.

"Sorry I'm late a guy shot up the entire of Lars International exhibit." it was Detective Daniel Williams Caitlin's boyfriend.

"I know you're is job is demanding, I knew that when we started seeing one another." Caitlin said giving him a kiss.

"Thanks for coming Dan-o, was hoping you'd come." Jack said as he hugged him and chuckled at the Hawaii Five-0 reference.

"Jack, I know that I'll never replace your father but I want you to know that you can talk to me when you need advice." Daniel said.

"I will and look after my mom, New York is losing one hero but at least guys like you are there to protect my family." Jack said as they both hugged.

Daniel knew about his double life as Eclipse a year ago as he understood his motives and accepted him for that.

Jack then hugged his mom one last time as he got on his bike and put his helmet on, started his engine and revved the bike as he waved goodbye as he drove off to his new life.


Weeks later Jack was now in England and he was finally ready to start his few years in Oxford University in Oxford itself, he was given a position there after he applied and passed the entrance exams, he decided to take Philosophy, Advanced Mathematics, Theories of Quantum Physics, and a Masters in Archaeology as he wanted to be like his dad.

This decision to go to Oxford was brought on after he began to hang out with Cassie a lot and was getting interested in Archaeology, Philosophy and after his meeting with Reed Richards he was keen to learn more on Quantum Physics and other aspects of science which then enhanced his need to make him want to know what his father knew on the subjects as did his mom and knew he was smart enough even before the night his brain got zapped he could go this far but now he knew what he wanted, to make his father proud.

He was currently living there with Lilly who'd offered to be his roommate as he accepted and having a heiress and super heroine as your roommate was beneficial for Jack as he could go to school and be a hero at the same time.

"Now Jack I know you think that all this is paid for but I want something in return." Lilly said.

"I'm not having sex with you…already hit that." Jack said taking a shot in the dark.

She giggled hearing that from him. "If it was that simple I would've mounted you the minute we stepped foot in here." she said as he could see she was yanking his chain.

"So what do you want in return?" Jack asked as he was starting to feel a bit nervous.

"You have to do your fair share of the chores and walk Lancelot for me." Lilly said making her demands known.

"Okay chores and walk the jerk dog, got it." Jack said agreeing to it.

"Stop calling my little Lancie that!" Lilly complained.

"Your dog is a jerk, he takes a leak on everything and leaves trails of dog crap in his wake but the worst part is that he eats my shoes!" Jack gave his reasons to complain.

"He was just being a dog and besides he's a Jack Russell Terrier and marking his territory is what he does." Lilly said as Lancelot ran up to her as she lifted him up holding him to Jack.

"Are you going to be mean to this little face." Lilly said in a baby type voice.

Jack was being given the puppy dog eyes as he gave in. "Alright but know this little dog, I don't like you and you don't like me so for the next few years I am to walk you so either you show me the respect I deserve and I'll show you the respect you deserve." Jack said as Lancelot licked his face. "I take that as a yes then?" he said as Lilly cooed her dog for that.

"This is going to be a very crazy few years." Jack said to himself.


"Sorry coming through!" Jack shouted as he ran through the large halls of the University.

On his first day Jack was late as he'd decided to go on patrol with Lilly last night and they found themselves fighting some bank robbers, they managed to escape in their van but they pursued them by roof jumping and dodging bullets from a 12 gauge shotgun.

But after running several blocks and red lights they finally caught up with them as Eclipse dove from the rooftop to the flagpole across to the lamppost and flip swing over and down on top of the van's roof as he maintained his balance while it was swerving like crazy he could hear the sound of a gun being loaded and on instinct shimmied to the left as bullets fired through the right part of the roof as he then shimmied to the right and another shot was fired on the right.

Knowing how to stop this he went forwards to the drivers side as he threw himself over the side and with both feet he kicked the side window as it shattered by the force of the kick and collided with the driver face first as he was knocked unconscious as he brought the car to the sidewalk and to a sudden stop.

He saw in the mirror that they were making their escape but were stopped by the appearance of Silhouette as Eclipse got out and scaled the top of the roof and from there he shot a couple of discs swatting their guns out of their hands as Silhouette dispatched them with ease.

But now he was late because was so exhausted he forgot to set his alarm and was running for his life.

Starting his first class which was Quantum Physics, Jack was looking forward to learn more on this ever since he'd learned about it from Doctor Richards when he met him a while back.

However he was in luck when a guest speaker was there and the second name he heard was Richards so maybe he would be excused for his lateness this time.

Finally making it in he quietly made it in but saw the lecture was underway and saw that the guest speaker was in the middle of giving the speech but caught Jack sneaking in.

"And I take it that this lecture wasn't something you cared to join us for Mister…?"

Jack sat down in the middle next to some empty seats looking like a deer caught in headlights.

"Redgrave…Jack Redgrave and yes it was as my alarm was not set thanks to the revolutionaries at Target that designed it." Jack joked as some chuckles were heard. "Sorry you are…?" he asked.

"If you were on time you'd notice the white board." pointing out his answer.

Quantum String Theory by Valeria Richards.

"Ohhhhh…but in my defence, I only just got in and now I know and knowing is only half the battle." I said quoting a famous line getting some more laughs.

"Then I shall continue with no further interruptions." she said as she continued on with the lecture.

Jack listened on as he was enjoying the lecture but was shocked that it was done by a different Richards, she looked around his age and yet he'd not heard of her until now as the lecture went on he saw a formula for her theory on the projector as then his brain picked something up.

"Now are there any questions ?" she asked as then a hand was raised to her surprise until she saw who it was. "Yes Mister Redgrave?" she answered.

"Now you said that all matter is compressed within the theory that the particles are stable permanently?" Jack asked.

"Yes in theory as I explained." she answered.

"Well I just spent the past few minutes looking over your theory and well…there's a minor flaw." Jack pointed out.

Valeria was taken aback by that. "Really? Then why don't you show us then?" she asked as Jack took the invitation and got up from his seat and walked on down as he looked at it again in depth.

"Okay starters your algorithms were flawless I'll say that but when I saw your formula on the compression of the particles is where I saw it." Jack explained as he began making his own formula. "The compression can be done but however the particles will break up within about thirty seconds causing a chain reaction that would collapse it's infrastructure." he detailed the mistake further as he was done.

She looked at what he'd done and began to analyze it for herself hoping it was a mistake but it wasn't…he was right and she was wrong.

"But…how did you…not possible?" Valeria said as she was gob smacked by this discovery.

"I just saw it and had to point it out to you before this went further, better knowing now than later right?" Jack said as she could feel the humiliation building in the room as students were talking and sniggering that he'd corrected a theorist in her own lecture.

Her blue eyes were staring daggers at him as he knew that look all too well…

"I think I'll take an early leave now and again hope you don't take offence to this, only trying to help." Jack said trying to defuse the situation but walked out hoping this would not come back to bite him in the ass.


Jack had spent several hours being chewed out by the Chancellor and his lecturer as now he was banned from talking to future guest speakers for life.

Now he was walking Lancelot for Lilly as per their agreement and took him through the park trying to get his head around how he let this happen.

My first day and I go and open my massive trap and use my huge ass brain to make her look like a fifth grader.

Jack then saw a bench and sat down as Lancelot hopped up to the bench and sat next to him as he petted him while in thought.

Maybe I should apologise to her and hopefully she could try and get my ban lifted? Yeah right she hates me…smart people hate being corrected.

"Is this seat taken?" someone asked him.

"Uh yeah sure it's o-" Jack was stopped in mid sentence as he saw who it was.

"Doctor Richards? What're you doing here?" Jack said as it was the other Doctor Richards.

"I was here to look around and see the campus science wings and spent time with my daughter but I heard she had an very eye opening morning?" he asked referencing to the incident.

"I know my bad that I corrected her but she made a mistake and I saw it, I was just trying to help." Jack said.

"Oh I understand and I must say I am impressed by your keen insight on the subject because I would like to make an offer to you." Reed said.

"What kind of offer?" Jack asked wanting to know.

"Would you be willing to spend a few weeks in New York working in the Baxter Building along side Valeria on the theory and helping her improve it?" Reed offered.

Hearing this he could not believe it as the world's smartest man was asking for his help but the downside he had to work with his equally smart daughter.

"I'll help but I need you to clear things up with the Chancellor and my lecturer." Jack asked.

"Not a problem I'll tell them and better yet I'll lift than ban they put on you and this will give you extra credit." Reed said making the offer even better.

"Alright it's a deal but I may have to pop out once in a while to do some heroing." Jack said as Reed smiled knowing he would have to go and be Eclipse as well.

"Well Jack I'll get things sorted and we'll see you in two days." Reed said leaving.

"Guess things can go from bad to awesome, what a first day huh boy?" Jack asked the terrier. "Aww seriously? I thought we had a deal?" he said as the dog barked at him happily.

Jack makes his presence known fast. What will happen when he arrives at the Baxter Building?

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