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Chapter 2: New enemies and old

"You're leaving? But you just got here?" Lilly asked as Jack was packing his clothes.

"I know but I get a chance to work with Reed Richards and meet the Fantastic Five!" Jack said as he was excited.

"But your working with his daughter and you sound like a fan boy, since when?" Lilly asked.

"Not a fan boy it's just ever since I decided to go on this path of learning and wanting to be like my dad I guess I'm learning how to be him and what better way of getting an understanding than working with the best himself." Jack explained.

She walked over to him and just gave him a smile. "Jackson Terrier…you're finally growing up." Lilly said as he chuckled to that comment.

"Oh Lilly Flower I hope so but I heard that you are seeing a very delightful young man?" Jack asked.

"Ah yes, you've been reading the press news I take it?" Lilly asked as he nodded. "Well it's not true me and him are not and I repeat not seeing one another! As a matter of fact we're just friends." she said protesting her innocence.

"Nice try, I know when your lying." Jack said as he picked up on one of her quirks.

"I thought I stopped that." Lilly said trying to maintain herself.

"You still bite your lip when your about to lie, look I'm glad your moving on we both needed to grow up and anyway Reilly's a lucky guy even though I think he's an arrogant douche at times." Jack said as she hit him playfully.

"Now that is not who he really is! He's sensitive, chivalrous, kind and a real gentleman." Lilly said as Jack raised an eyebrow to that. "And there we go you are shocked at this revelation about a man that you find obnoxious." she said as she knew one of his quirks.

"Alright but do me one favour." Jack asked.

"Ok what?" Lilly asked.

"Don't tell my mom where I am, she won't stop calling and will be visiting me a lot and it will be really embarrassing." Jack said trying to get her to do this for her.

"Alright but for the record, Reilly Tyne is a good man, I adore him and he is fond of me." Lilly said.

"I'm ok with it it's just that…Reilly is a nice guy? Where did he come from?" Jack joked as she again playfully hit him.


Finally arriving in New York Jack was ready to spend his next few weeks in the Baxter building where it was also known as the headquarters of the Fantastic Five but his presence was not of the hero kind but to help their young genius with her work and how he got roped into this.

He entered the building and saw the doorman at his desk as he had his bags with him and went up to him.

"Uh hi my name's Jack Redgrave." Jack introduced himself.

The doorman looked up and checked the books. "Ah yes, go right on in and press the specialised button to call the elevator." he said as Jack grabbed his bags and went forward he saw the buttons on the elevator and pressed the symbolised 5 logo.

The elevator came down as then a cybernetic sort of eye popped out to get a closer look at Jack.

"Please identify."

"I'm Jack Redgrave, I'm here to help Valeria Richards?" Jack answered.

"Ah yes Mr. Redgrave, your expected upstairs and I am HERBIE, pleasure to meet you." HERBIE said introducing himself.

"Good to meet you HERBIE and call me Jack." Jack said.

"Very well then Jack, step in and I'll inform Doctor Richards you're here." HERBIE instructed as he got his bags and the doors closed behind him taking him up.

The elevator stopped and the doors opened to reveal the huge apartment/laboratory that was his home for the next few weeks.

"Welcome to the headquarters of the Fantastic Five." HERBIE said as he entered dragging his bags in.

As then in stretched the head of Mr. Fantastic to greet Jack.

"Hey Doctor Richards, I see your in the middle of something." Jack said as the rest of his body caught up with him.

"I was just updating some of the systems here." Reed said.

"Reed who are you talking to?" a voice called as then entered the wife of Reed Richards.

"Ah you must be Jack Redgrave I've heard so much about you, I'm Susan Richards." Susan said introducing herself as Jack shook her hand.

"Nice to meet you m'am, so I take it I've been talked about from a number of various rants and raves?" Jack joked as that she had a slight chuckle from that.

She also had a chuckle from that. "Unfortunately my daughter would not stop saying the words "Arrogant" "Ignoramus" "Greasy haired hippy" "Bad joker" "Show off" were mentioned among other things I've never heard her say." Susan said as then entered a huge orange giant.

"Hey Susie Q wha- hey who's this?" he asked.

"I'm Jack Redgrave, you must be Ben Grimm?" Jack said going over to meet him as he shook the large orange hand of his.

"Yep that makes you the guy that Val keeps on having fits over." Ben said as again they knew who he was.

"It cannot be that bad right?" Jack asked not believing this was all true.

"She hasn't stopped since coming back here, I tell you it's like living with a middle aged woman on permanent PMS." the voice belonged to one Johnny Storm.

"Now here's a guy I've been dying to meet." Jack said approaching him. "Jack Redgrave, "The" Johnny Storm I take it?" he asked as Johnny laughed hearing him say "The" insert on his name.

"That's me and you're the guy that's grinding Val's gears into overdrive, I never thought anyone was brave enough to step on her toes…not even Reed." Johnny said as Reed made the look that he was right.

"So when do we begin?" Jack asked.

"When I see fit." he heard that it was the very familiar and annoyed voice of his partner Valeria.

"Now Val, we've all talked to you about this and you need to let him help you." the other voice came from something that surprised Jack. "And this must me the infamous man himself." approaching him was the alien member of the team.

"You must be Lyja Storm, the brave soul who married that guy, no offence dude." Jack saying to Johnny.

"None taken." Johnny replied.

"Yes I admit he is a challenge but I would rather that than face another planet full of Kree along with the Shiar Empire's entire royal army." Lyja joked as Johnny was giving the "why?" face to his wife.

"Alright then Jack we'll let you get settled in and you can start as soon as possible." Reed said.

Ben came over and helped him with his bags. "Follow me mac, yer in for a hell of a ride." he said as Jack gave a light chuckle to that.

Jack then stopped in his tracks. "Oh and Val, we're gonna have a lot of fun working together." he said grinning as he followed Ben but that just infuriated her more to his presence there.


It was now night time in New York and the city was shrouded in the nightlife and darkness as a warehouse was being robbed.

"Quickly load those up before any uninvited guests arrive to spoil our heist."

Two men were loading a truck full of crates, trying to finish their job.

"What're we stealin again?" one guy asked.

"The Boss said that this stuff right here will be able to disarm anything with Cosmic power, I wanna use it for my traps." the other guy said.

"Little late for a midnight robbery gentlemen?" they looked up and saw it was a certain dark hero. "Now I'm going to try and ask you to surrender before I have to save the day…or night as it is now." Eclipse said.

"Hey you're that Eclipse guy." the one guy said.

"Hold him off, I'll get the stuff in the truck." the other said as the one guy did just that.

Eclipse jumped down to the ground and was face to face with this guy and saw he wore a suit with tech all over it and had a gun linked to a pack on his back.

"I take it by the get up you're the gardener right?" Eclipse joked.

"Nope but let me give you a quick hint." he said as he fired a sort of goop out of his gun and Eclipse dodged it seeing it just stuck to the ground.

"You're that Trapster guy…your boss not here with you or he send you two to do his dirty work?" Eclipse asked.

"Not telling you anything hero…but I know your about to get trapped!" Trapster said as he fired on him again.

Using all his speed and agility, Eclipse jumped, sidestepped and flipped over every shot thrown at him as he landed on the ground he went to make his move…

"What the-oh come on!" Eclipse shouted as his foot was stuck in some of Trapster's glue.

Trapster smiled seeing he had him right where he wanted as he changed his setting on is gun and marched forward to the trapped hero.

"Okay hero, it looks like I'm adding you to my list of captees any last words?" Trapster asked.

"Yeah…is that the bat signal?" Eclipse pointed out to him as he looked away.

Giving him the opening he needed Eclipse fired a disc out from his gauntlet and it managed to cut the link from Trapster's gun to the pack rendering his only weapon useless.

Eclipse then managed to free his foot from Trapster's glue as he yanked his foot out of it and went right at the villain and just hit him with a right hook to the face and followed it up with a roundhouse kick taking him down as the dark hero stood tall over his defeated foe.

"Never make it easy now what were you guys trying to st-"

He was cut off as it felt like his head was being shredded into pieces by a shattering sound.

"Let's get out of here!" Klaw said as Trapster followed him and both got into the truck as they drove off.

But Eclipse headache and all shook it off and went after them as he shot a line and swung after the getaway vehicle and he managed to swing his way towards the truck and cling onto the back of it and opened it up and had a quick look at what they were stealing.

"Looks like they robbed Radio Shack." Eclipse joked as he looked at the crates and looked at the ID numbers and went to put an end to this as they were driving erratically a tap on the driver's window was heard and they saw the dark hero and he rolled the window down.

"Pull over now!" Eclipse ordered as then the massive surge of supersonic waved hitting him again and the force was mentally and physically splitting his skull from being so close to it as he just fell off the truck and landed to the concrete as they got away.

Getting up and now not seeing the truck in sight he began to think on the situation.

What the hell were they up to?


The sound of an alarm went off as that immediately woke Jack up and he checked the time.

9.23 a.m.

Might as well get up and get an early start.

He got up, brushed his teeth, washed, did his hair the best way he could by throwing the bandanna around his forehead and throwing his casual wear on and went out of his room to the main area of the apartment.

There he saw that Reed, Sue, Johnny, Lyja and Valeria were there having their breakfast as Jack joined them.

"Morning everyone." Jack greeted them all.

"Good morning Jack did you sleep well?" Sue asked.

"Yes m'am thank you." Jack said as he sat down next to his co-worker who was just trying not to show hatred and decided to ask him some questions.

"Jack do you know a James Redgrave by any chance?" Valeria asked.

Hearing that Jack put on his brave face. "He's my father you know him?" he asked curiously.

"I read a paper he published on ancient discoveries several years back." Valeria said.

"Yeah he was fascinated by history and it was his life's work." Jack said as it just made him think about him more and also the day it all changed for him.

Reed knew about what happened to his father as he motioned to his daughter to stop talking about it.

"It's why I'm doing all of this for him, to learn what he was thinking but mind you I could've gone into engineering like my mom but I know I'd be making too many mods for my bike, maybe I could make it fly." Jack said as he went off into a thought of that.

Valeria shook her head seeing he drifted off quickly as the entire group gave small snickers over his short attention span as then Sue switched on the TV for the morning news.

"Today's news, a warehouse last night was robbed by two super powered criminals who only managed to get away with half of the contents thanks to the efforts of the masked hero known as Eclipse." it then showed Eclipse in action.

"Not bad for a guy who has no powers, he reminds me of Batman looking like that." Johnny said.

But hearing that Jack had one thing screaming in his mind.


As then Reed looked to Jack and knew he wanted to chat with him quickly.

"Jack can you come with me I have something I need to show you." Reed said as Jack nodded and left with him to another part of the place.

"Do you know what they took last night?" Reed asked him.

"None but I take it you might have an idea?" Jack asked.

"Yes, it was something I was having brought here to further my experiments in cosmic energy and it seems the Frightful Four have some of it." Reed said as this was a cause for concern.

"I did memorise the ID numbers just in case so if I give you them you could find out what exactly they took and when you have what they did take I'll try and stop them the next time they strike." Jack said.

"Jack I appreciate the help but Eclipse won't be needed, we'll deal with it as always and I'd rather you stay here and help Valeria with her theory as you are supposed to." Reed said trying to stop him.

"Alright but I'm here to help if you need it, now I guess I'd better get to work and hopefully a villain attacks before your girl tries to murder me." Jack joked as he went off to do so.


Meanwhile in an undisclosed location Trapster was being chewed up by the leader of The Frightful Four.

"How could you let that costumed fool stop you?" Wizard asked.

"I thought I could take him but he caught me off guard." Trapster said as Wizard levitated him off the ground with one of his discs.

"I should send you into space to face oblivion but luckily Klaw was able to subdue him and get some of the items we need but your incompetence caused that masked meddler to lose us the last component." Wizard said.

"But how're we going to get it back?" Klaw asked as Wizard dropped Trapster to the ground.

"It's not like we can go back and get it the authorities probably would be ready for us." Thundra said making a point.

"I am aware of that and I have located another source for us to steal it from." Wizard said as he projected a holographic view of a building from his gauntlet.

"Were gonna hit those heroes at home, I'm game!" Trapster said.

"Yes let's crush them!" Thundra said.

"That's good and all but what if that Eclipse guy shows up?" Klaw said.

As then a dark blade cut past them and put a hole in the wall nearby.

"Leave that to me precious." a sultry but malicious voice said.

The person walked by Thundra as it was a she giving her a look of sorts repulsing the warrior woman. "Who are you?" she asked.

She looked to the warrior woman and gave another look and licked her red lips. "Call me Dark Reaper precious." she said in that sultry voice of hers as she flicked back her black hair and flashed her ruby red eyes to them.

"We will be more prepared with our newest member, Richards and his team won't know what hit them." Wizard said.

Eclipse has now made himself known to the Frightful Four and it seems an old enemy of his has returned. What will happen when they make their move? Will Jack and Valeria get along?

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