This was based on a dream I had while listening to Pain Redefined by Disturbed. *shudders* I just…own nothing. Enjoy.

The blood. There's too much. I…can't take it!

My fingernails dig into my blue uniform, drawing blood. It doesn't matter. I'm already bathed in the blood of the others.

Why must this happen. All of my friends…killed by that thing again.

The doorknob rattles and my shaking increases, tears staining my cheeks.

How many times must I witness this pain? This horrible agony? I'm barely hanging onto my sanity.

Japan, died in the piano room…America, died staying near Canada and England…Germany, dead side-by-side with his brother…it was just too much!

The rattling stops. I have no choice. I have to rewind time once again.

I find the big clock, staring at its ticking hands. I lower my head, my brown hair falling into my face.

"Take me back."

As the familiar white mist engulfs me, I vow to try anything to ensure my friends leaving this place alive.

Even if I must sacrifice myself.

As my memories begin to blur together, a thought comes that both ignites a flame of hope and extinguishes that flame just as quickly.

What if something…different happens?

This was just…so painful! I just…

Fang: *awkwardly rubs her back* it's okay.

Ghirahim: *standing awkwardly to the side*

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