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Fang: your such a procrastinator.

BBR: shut it. I own nothing.

Why? Why must we be trapped here? Is it some kind of punishment? Have my friends and I done something we weren't supposed to?

Whatever the reason, we're stuck here with no way to escape and no knowing what's going to happen and when that THING is going to pop out and attempt to kill us. And it's all because of me.

It's my fault. I heard the rumors. I told America. And now I'm paying the price for it.

Time loop after time loop, I've watched my friends die, felt their blood mixed on my skin, their words echoing in my head.

America, Canada and England…Japan and China…France, Russia and Prussia…and Germany…all of them die one way or another no matter what I do.

And yet I keep trying to save them, keep going back again and again and again, so sure that I can prevent their deaths. I've lost count of how many times I've promised myself that we'd get out, only to watch as they were killed brutally before my very eyes.

I don't even believe my own words anymore.

And still I pretend to be the hyperactive, oblivious, cheery Italy they all know me as, while hiding the insane, depressed, full-of-doubt one that is a stranger to them.

A stranger to me.

I no longer know how long it's been since the first time loop. I no longer know how long I'm going to be anchored in these time loops, witnessing over and over again scenes that haunt my nightmares.

I no longer know who I am.

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