Here is the English Version, for the Hungarian version go to Az ido Minket, enjoy the poem.

Her brown kitten was always there,

And this chatlin cat was smiling,

Her rough hands stroking her hair,

Her tiny kisses were like the rain starting.

"Can you tell it's me?

Can you look at me?

To see that it is not someone else?"

The brown kitten was startled of what she would say.

Her body curled onto a tight ball,


But, it's you, right?

I know that this person beside me is real,

And not a fake,"

In her eyes,

Snuggled by the cat,

"I can tell it's you.

You supported me,

And that it makes me very happy,"

The chatlin-colored cat smiled,

"So, you believe it is me?

And not another person?"

The brown kitten nodded,


I do believe in you,

Don't you think…?"

"Oh yes,

I can always think so…"

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