Children of The Sky King

You would think that despite having two unfinished stories, I would not begin writing a third, but when inspiration literally strikes you in a dream, you should definitely go through with it. This story is a sweeping epic that takes place in a world based upon the various regions of the Pokemon world, where Legendaries rule as god-kings and it is possible for one person to make a difference. Inspiration come from the movie "Gladiator", the story of Spartacus, the tale of Saint Joan of Arc, with a touch of Game of Thrones and the Minotaur Wars by Richard Knaak.

Note: There is somewhat heavy violence, mentions of slavery, torture and alcohol. It can be dark at times, so be warned.

For sanity's sake, well, mostly mine, this "prologue" is actually a cast list, with a minor description of sorts. Some characters that appear in later chapters will not be on the list, because they would become spoiler alerts if they were on here. If this sort of chapter turns out to be "illegal", then the characters will be introduced at the end of each chapter, for sanity's sake :)


Rayquaza: The Sky King and ruler over the Sky Kingdom.

Reshiram: The Emperor of Fire and one of the three Tao Emperors of the Tao Empire.

Zekrom: The Emperor of Thunder and one of the three Tao Emperors of the Tao Empire.

Kyurem: The Emperor of Frost and one of the three Tao Emperors of the Tao Empire. Currently missing.

Kephra Longspear Vulkanus(blaziken): Protagonist of the story.

Akhom Vulkanus (blaziken): Kephra's father

Akhum Vulkanus(blaziken): Kephra's oldest brother.

Ezra Vulkanus(blaziken) : Kephra's older brother.

Serena Vulkanus (blaziken): Kephra's mother.

Kara Vulkanus (combusken): Kephra's younger sister.

Micah Aurum(raichu): Kephra's friend and merchant.

General Tamar Imasu(samurott): High General of the Sky Kingdom's armies.

Rain Imasu (lucario): Adopted daughter of General Imasu. Runs a spy network.

Commander Kratch (fearow): Second in command to General Imasu.

Rei (honchkrow): Runs a thieves guild of sorts. Works with/for Rain.

Nimblefingers(sableye): Cleaning girl in the Tao Emperor's home. Spies for Rain.

Pott(murkrow): One of Rei's followers. Helps Nimblefingers with her spying. Kettel's brother

Kettel(murkrow): One of Rei's followers. Helps Nimblefingers. Pott's brother.

Merro(slowking): Current Steward of the Sky Kingdom

Viiker(volcorona): The High Magistrate of the Tao Empire. Works for the Tao Emperors.

General Rufus Tiber(emboar): Commanding general of the Tao army.

Siegfried(alakazam): General Rufus' personal alchemist and teleportist.

Ransee(sawsbuck): High priest of the Blossom Temple.

Willow(wartortle): Ransee's assistant.

Tarroq(salamence): Gladiator slave in the Tao capital's coliseum.

Merrik(servine): Gladiator slave in the Tao capital's coliseum.

Kitt (marowak): Gladiator slave in the Tao capital's coliseum.

Xerax(aggron): Gladiator slave in the coliseum. Azro's adopted brother.

Azro(ferilgatr): Gladiator slave. Xarax's adopted brother.

Cura(nidoking): Slave master of the arena and former soldier

Nico (zangoose): Cura's assistant

Savro(Zoroark): A slave owner.