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Arthur Kirkland was always an outcast. People were afraid to approach him. People thought he was a psychopath, a freakshow! Just because of a certain "gift" he received in birth.

"Oh cheer up, Arthur." A tiny voice called out. The Briton looked and saw a creature most probably called, fairy. He shook his head, "There's nothing to worry about, Natalie. I'm just experiencing a headache is all." He answered with his best fake grin.

The little fae pouted then another one came flying towards Arthur, "Have they been bullying you again?" this asked. Arthur shook his head, "No, no. I'm just tired." Natalie flipped her brunette hair and approached the other fae, Lili.

He blonde sixteen year old, opened his hand, allowing the fairies to sit on his palm for a while. The two faes decided to chat with Arthur when suddenly, a quartet approached them.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't Arthur Kirkland. Talking to himself in the school garden, yet again. Bonjour." A blonde boy with long wavy hair started off with a smirk. His thick French accent visible.

Arthur gave him a nasty glare, "If it isn't the frog, Francis Bonnefoy. Why don't you just mind your own bloody business?" he mocked. Francis raised a brow, obviously amused when the albino spoke.

"The frog's right. What in the world are you still doing here?" The group laughed and Arthur turned red from being pissed off. The faes look at him worriedly.

"Shut up or else." The brit now threatened, his eyebrows starting to twitch and his whole being getting filled with rage. "Or else what? You're little unicorn friend will attack us? Oh please, Artie. Do you think we'd actually believe such senseless crap?" This time it was that American bloke who teased the emerald eyed blonde.

The Briton snapped, "You…" he wanted to curse them. "You…" he wanted to shout at them, pouring out all his anger. "Do you…" he was tired of all their insults. He hated it. They were just insensitive gits who don't know what to do with their bloody life. "I…" he was now starting to sob. "Please just…" Hot tears flowing out his eyes and now rolling down his rosy cheeks, "I hate you." He mumbled.


"I said I hate you all!"

The quartet stared at him in shock. Arthur tried his best to avoid their wide eyes and quickly walked away. He started running further into the garden and found a large tree where he was sure that he could be hidden. There he continued sobbing, his eyes starting to get puffy while numerous tears still continue to flow.

"Whoa, man. You made him cry." The albino started off when Arthur was completely out of their sight. Alfred Jones, the American bloke nodded and gave out a nervous laugh. "I did, huh?" he sighed. His friends nodded at the same time.

Alfred just shrugged it off. He ignored the tinge of guilt in his chest, telling himself that it's no big deal. He tried his best to keep his cool and walked away. Bidding his farewells to the other three and went on.

"Arthur?" a unicorn approached the weeping boy. The creature nuzzled his head on Arthur's neck that made the brit giggle, "Oh Stop it. That tickles, Mr. Sparkles." The unicorn gave him a smile.

Mr. Sparkles was Arthur's all time best friend. He met him in his school garden when he was still a young chap. This creature is coated with the most beautiful white skin and it's got the same color for its mane. It had a horn on its forehead and it had the most beautiful, glistening eyes.

"I'm glad you're smiling now. What's the matter? I saw you crying while you were running." Arthur wore a childish pout. "They insulted me and even involved you." The Briton hissed at the memory and the unicorn just chuckled in response, "Don't mind them, Arthur."

"I know, I know. I just… snapped. Sorry." Arthur sighed as he wiped his tears, "Arthur! There you are!" two small voices shouted in unison. "Natalie! Lili!" the boy's face lit up. "Arthur, you suddenly ran off. Thank goodness we found you." Natalie sped up and landed on Arthur's head. Lili followed.

Arthur now chuckled, "Sorry, sorry. I just got pissed off. They so insensitive that… Oh, never mind. Let's forget about them, for now." The two faes grinned, as well as the unicorn. The Briton grinned back, his rage slowly fading away.

He was sixteen years old now. Sixteen years of suffering and getting insulted. Shouldn't he be used by now? But he isn't. How could anyone be used to such pain?

For Arthur, life was a cycle of pain. He spent his whole life getting bullied. He woke up everyday always feeling hesitant on whether or not he'd go out. He was always fearful of what would come forth.

The only friends he had were the fairies. Mr. Sparkles and other mythical creatures he would meet. They were the ones making him smile and they were the reason for Arthur to keep living.

Arthur tried to commit suicide once. But he was saved. His unicorn eventually caught him when he jumped of the school rooftop. The fairies were able to snatch all the sharp objects when he planned to slice his wrist. The rest just comforted him and assured to him that his life was precious and he shouldn't think of such malicious thoughts.

Since Arthur was gifted, he tried his best to ignore all the pain and just help out those supernatural and mythical creatures he saw. He helped some with their habitat and even helped some ghost crossover. Because of his ability, he never got scared of any horror movies and even complained on some inaccurate films.

People hated Arthur because of his ability. He was entitled a freak for talking to "himself". People even suggested that he should have a check up and he should be brought to Therapies. But Arthur strongly said, "No.". He was sure that he wasn't crazy. Seeing supernatural and mythical creatures is not crazy. It's a gift… No understands though.

"Let's go home, shall we?" Lili suddenly blurted. Arthur nodded in agreement. He then stood up and made his way home along with his friends.

As Arthur was in his room, Lili and Natalie flew out, wandering around in the garden. Lili sat down on a bloomed flower and Natalie did the same, "What Alfred said was insulting." The blonde fairy, which was Lili, muttered. Natalie nodded.

"Do you want to punish him?" this made the brunette smirk. The blonde look up, "Well, what do we know about Alfred Jones, anyway? I mean, we've already pulled pranks on the other three, Antonio, Gilbert and Francis. But they never suspected us, that's a good thing."

"Mhm. And… Well, those pranks were childish. How about we do something different with Alfie?" Natalie answered with a malicious grin. "And what might that be?" Lili chuckled.

"I heard he was afraid of ghosts."

Alfred awoke with a headache. He winced at the sudden sting and quickly got his glasses on the bed side table. "Oh you're awake so early in a weekend." He turned his head to see his brother, Matthew, all dressed up. Alfred raised a brow, "Goin' anywhere, bro?"

Matthew smiled and nodded, "Yeah, I'm going to go to Gilbert's place a little later. Wanna come?" Al wore a childish pout, "Even if Gilbert's my friend, I don't trust him. He's friends with Francis who's my friend as well but he's a pervert … And not to mention, he's bi! Well, I have nothing against homosexual and such but-"

"Yes, I know. Don't worry. We're just friends; I won't let him touch me. I know you're older than me by dunno… seconds, minutes? But you don't have to be such an overprotective big bro." Matthew chuckled that made Alfred smile. Matthew was precious to him. Ever since their parents divorced, he was very relieved that their parents never decided on separating them. Now, they lived with their mom in England while their dad stayed in America.

"Alright. But it's my duty." He tried his best to wear a serious expression but failed for his lips won't stop curling, "I trust you to protect yourself becauuuusssseee… I'm too lazy to join you. It's a Saturday and I wanna sleep." The younger twin giggled, "Some brother…."

"I heard that…"

"No, you didn't"

"Yeah I –"

"Yeah, yeah. I was kidding. I better get going. Bye Al!" Then there, Matthew walked towards the door and exited. Alfred waited until he heard no more footsteps before lying back down on his bed.

He was having an unusual nasty headache and it was starting to get on his nerves. He got off his bed, fixed it then went down to look for his mom. Soon, he found a blonde woman in the kitchen.

"Mom!" he called out and he eventually got his mother's attention. She turned and faced him with her bright purple eyes then grinned, "Well, you're up early on a Saturday. Breakfast is ready, by the way." Alfred grinned back at the elder lady, when his head started aching even more, "Ah… mom, do we have any medicine for headaches..?"

The woman gasped, "Oh dear!" she approached her son and touched his forehead. "How do you feel? Do you have a runny nose?" The boy shook his head, "Nope. My head just hurts… so much." He whispered back. His head was now starting to get to him.

"Go back to bed. I'll bring the medicine there. I want you to sleep all day, okay? No going out for today!" She commanded and the boy followed. I was going to do that… he thought and lay down on his bed. He didn't feel like he had a fever. Whenever he had a fever, his whole body ached and he would feel all chilly. But this is different. His head just hurt. Not the dizzy hurt. And it's not like he was hit yesterday either. He never ever drank.

He tried his best to ignore all the questions in his and closed his eyes with a groan. Suddenly, he heard high pitched giggles that made his eyes pop open again. He slowly sat up and looked around, "What the hell was that…?" he mumbled to himself and analyzed the room once more.

He heard the giggles again, "Mom? Is that you?" No answer. "Guess not…" he gave out a sigh and took one last glance around the room. "Hi, Mister…" Alfred yelped in surprise. His eyes widened when a little girl appeared, leaning against his bed. A chill climbed up his spine as he tried his best to reply, "Y-Yeah?"

The little girl smiled, "You're not afraid of me, Mister?" Alfred held back a scream. Was this a ghost…? A prank…? A REAL GHOST? "I'm n-not afraid o-of you. H-Heroes never get… scared…" He hid under his blanket and shut his eyes. I'm just sick… This isn't real…

He heard the door squeak open and his heart started pounding rapidly. His whole body started trembling when he felt a light tap on his shoulder, "Y-You're not real! I'm just sick. Really sick! Just leave me alone, please!" he practically snapped and hid deeper in his blanket.

"Alfred! Alfred, dear. Calm down. It's your mother." Alfred felt like he could breathe again and stopped hiding, quickly hugging his mother waist, "M-Mommmm!" he whined, his eyes still closed, afraid that he might see the little girl again.

"Alfred, you're acting like a nine-year old. What happened, dear?" Alfred pouted from being called a kid and slowly opened his eyes to look around. No little girl was seen. He shook his head and faced his mom, "I think I'm sick… Really, really sick." He told his mother.

"Just stay in bed. I'm starting to get worried." The elder told her son and gave him the medicine then laid the glass of water she was holding on the bedside table. As Alfred drank the medicine, he looked around once more, feeling uneasy. Making sure the little girl's gone. Or maybe it really was his imagination.

He forced himself to fall asleep and ended up waking at seven in the evening. He awoke with his brother watching the television too loud but he didn't complain. He sat up and greeted his brother. Matthew greeted him back and told him he should eat supper already and Alfred agreed.

His headache was completely gone that made him relieved. He stood up and went out of the room, ready to go downstairs when he saw the little girl again, grinning at him. Then two little boys appeared and walked towards the little girl. "Do you know him?" the one with… translucent blonde hair asked with a thick English accent.

The other boy had black hair and the little girl was a brunette. Alfred stared at them wide eyed, tears starting to sting in his eyes, "GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

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