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Chapter 4

Arthur faced the front door anxiously. As he was about to ring the doorbell right beside the door, the door swung open. "You're Arthur?" a woman was now standing right in front of the Briton. She had silk blonde hair right until her shoulder and she was wearing a dark blue blazer and matching skirt. She looked like she was on her way to work.

The teen slowly nodded and greeted her politely, "Ah yes, Miss. Pleasure to meet you." The lady nodded and gave a weak smile, "I'm Alfred's mother. Matthew said you'd be able to help Alfred. I'm really sorry for the burden, he's acting like a big baby and sooner or later I'll have to go." She sighed apologetically and faced Arthur with pleading eyes.

The sandy blonde nodded in understanding, "Is Matthew there?" he asked. The woman grinned sheepishly, "Ah, he escaped." This made Arthur massage his temple. "Oh, well, is that so? I'm really sorry."

The elder shook his head and chuckled, "No worries, Arthur. Oh, do come in." And she led the boy in. Arthur looked around the place, still amazed on how huge the house is when suddenly a little tune was heard. The brit looked at the female blonde and slowly tilted his head. The woman coughed in embarrassment before answering her mobile.

First, she gasped and nodded. Arthur couldn't quite hear the voice in the other line but he was sure the person was shouting. "I'm sorry, really. I know, I know. I've never been late. Oh- Of course! I'll be there soon! Goodbye!"

She looked at Arthur apologetically and waited for Arthur to nod before she ran her way back to the front door, "I'm really sorry! Alfred's upstairs! Good luck, Arthur" then BAM! She was gone. Arthur groaned, "How can she leave her house to a complete stranger? What if I plan on stealing from her bloody house?" he told himself.

"But you surely won't, right?" Arthur turned his head and saw Natalie floating around. The boy chuckled, "I never noticed you. And don't worry, I won't. She's just very… careless." The brunette fae giggled, "Yeah." The Englishman looked around once more and noticed that Lili was nowhere to be found.

"Where's Lili? He's usually with you." Natalie pouted, "He didn't want to come. And besides, he needs to do some chores. But hey, you'll have to move fast, Arthur. Or else you'll be late for school."

Arthur cursed lightly under his breath and quickly ran upstairs. He opened Alfred's door and found the boy was nowhere to be found as well. What the hell…? He walked around the room, checked under the bed, looked at the washroom and still… NO ALFRED WAS FOUND.

The Briton sighed and sat down on Alfred's bed. He honestly did not want to check the whole house. Well, why? For one, THE BLOODY HOUSE IS GIGANTIC! He screamed in his head. And there, he finally remembered that Natalie was with him. He turned his head to see Natalie just floating around.

Arthur pursed his lips, "Do you mind helping me out, Natalie?" he asked. Natalie faced him and smiled goofily, "Oh. Alright." And she flew out of the room to search some places of the house, most probably the first floor.

Once Arthur was alone, he heard some… noise coming from the closet. The Briton rolled his eyes in realization, "Oh God. Of course…" he walked his way to the closet and slowly pulled the door. He found Alfred hidden there, already dressed in his uniform and tightly hugging his bag.

"There you are." He said. Alfred responded with a sob. "You left me yesterday. We weren't done talking. Weren't you going to cure me of this… this… CURSE?"

"I had no plans of doing so!" The golden blonde raised a brow and faced Arthur, his eyes filled with shock. "Wh-What?" Arthur gritted his teeth, "Again, whoever said you'd be cured from the curse? And do you know why we weren't able to finish our talk? You fainted!"

Arthur forcibly pulled Alfred off the closet but lost balance and fell on this back. Same thing happened to Alfred (for the brit never really let go of the boy) and landed on the Briton. Arthur gave out a loud, "oomph!" when the boy landed on him and he groaned in pain.

"Arthur! Alfred's not around… Oh. You found him… Am I disturbing you two?" She giggled as she said her last sentence and there, the two teens realized what position they were in. Alfred was on top of Arthur, his head lying on the other boy's chest.

Quickly, the American got off Arthur. Arthur sat up as fast as he could as well and quickly grabbed the Alfred who attempted to try and hide inside the closet again. He pulled the taller teen as hard as he could away from the closet and slammed the closet door.

He glared at Alfred, then Natalie, then back at Alfred. He was starting to get pissed off at the boy. He's such a… big baby! Dear Lord!

"Alfred, I've never been late in school for years. Years, I tell you and if you ever break my perfect record… I wouldn't hesitate nor regret killing you." He said in a menacing tone. Wearing the scariest expression he could ever have. Alfred gulped in response. He might actually have a new fear other than ghosts.


No answer.


Still no answer.



"Get off of me, you bloody dolt!" Arthur tried to push to boy away but it was no use. The boy was cuddling him like he was some kind of teddy bear. Not that Arthur was really bothered with the hug (he felt bad for the kid) but… they were in public. That's right, on their way to their bloody classrooms!

"Arthur… on our way here, there was this translucent lady on the park… and, and in the school entrance, there was a dude wearing a tie… floating… FLOATING!"

"And I should care, why?" Arthur scowled and struggled even more with the other boy's touch. Alfred buried his face on the crook of Arthur's neck that made the sandy blonde squirm even more. "You see ghosts as well. You should've seen them, they were scary…"

"Alfred, the more you notice them… the more they notice you, alright? Now get the bloody hell off of me!" Fear filled the American once more, "You're freaking scaring me, Artie! How can I ignore them if I see them?"

"Just ignore them, okay? AND LET GO OF ME!"

The two never noticed that they were already in the entrance of their classroom and when Arthur shouted, "LET GO OF ME!" once more, he caught the attention of most of his classmates. The room was filled with awkward silence and all the attention was on the two blonde teens. Alfred, being dense and all, never even noticed the atmosphere and had no plans on letting go of Arthur.

Arthur quickly kicked Alfred that caught the boy off guard and immediately was free of the other teen's hold. As soon as he was free he ran to his desk and sat down. Perfect timing, the school bell rang and the Homeroom room teacher entered the room, ordering Alfred to go to his seat.

The Briton turned his head to look at Alfred. The boy was hugging his bag tightly like how he was hugging it inside the closet.

"Alfred Jones! Sit properly and please stop hugging you're backpack!" Arthur winced at the sudden bark of their teacher. Alfred slowly nodded and dropped his bag beside him. He sat in a more comfortable position but his back was slouched and tried his best to stare at his desk.

The teacher continued on checking the attendance and announced some news for the students. Arthur looked around to make sure there were no ghost in sight and he sighed in relief when there really weren't any ghosts in the classroom.

He noticed that Alfred was fully aware of that fact and Arthur felt relief that the American started feeling more comfortable. He was actually glad when he saw Alfred chatting with Kiku during class or when he'd see him make faces at the Russian guy and the guy would do the same.

"I'm glad he's back to normal…" Arthur told himself. "Somebody's worried~" The brit yelped a bit in surprise, his green eyes widening when he turned his head, "Goodness, Natalie. This is the second time you've caught me talking to myself." He narrowed his eyes, "And I'm not worried. Just… troubled he'd act weird again."

Natalie gently landed on Arthur's book that was lying on his desk. As she looked up at Arthur, she grinned mischievously, "Whatever you say, Arthur, whatever you say."

The boy's cheeks flushed red, "Oh, shush. You seem worried for him as well!" he sputtered. The brunette fae giggled. "Of course I'm worried. But I'm more worried for you, Arthur. There are a lot of mythical and supernatural creatures lurking in the school." She started, a smirk now plastered on her pale face. Arthur rolled his eyes, "Sh-shut up…"

"I'm going to hang out with Mr. Sparkles in the garden, Arthur. See you there in Recess?" Arthur nodded and smiled, "Of course. As usual."

"Yo Al! The awesome me decided to visit you in your classroom!" The albino announced as he entered the room. Alfred laughed loudly at the entrance scene of his bestfriend. "Hah that was lame, Gil!" he spat out. Gilbert rolled his eyes and approached Alfred.

The silver haired boy slapped the blonde's back, "I see you're doin' great now! Matt was rantin' 'bout you not wanting to go to school. Big baby!" it was the American's turn to roll his eyes, "Yeah. Shut up. Where's Mattie, anyway?" he asked.

Gilbert shrugged, "With Francis. He really wants to learn French. They're prolly in the library." The boy grimaced. Alfred sighed, "Yeah, you better take care of Mattie, alright? Like, when I'm not with you guys! Francis' a pervert! And YOU, you better not touch my brother, you idiot!"

The albino raised his hands in mocking defeat, "Hey. I'm not like Francis. And don't worry; I won't ever do anything to Matt." Alfred smiled in understanding, "Hehehehe. Of course you won't."

Gilbert's cheeks flushed red, "Shattap." He looked away, "So wanna hang out in the Art room or something?"

Sudden pictures of ghosts and moving objects flashed through Alfred's head and a slight chill climbed up his spine. He shook it off uncomfortably before answering, "N-No thanks." I'll stay in the classroom. I see no ghosts in the classroom. No fairies as well. I'm safe here… Hehehe…God, I'm going insane.

"Well alrighty. Suit yourself. I'm hungry, See you later, man."

"Arthur! Hello there!" Mr. Sparkles greeted him. Arthur quickly ran and hugged the unicorn, "Oh I missed you so much, Mr. Sparkles!" he was able to say in a muffled sound. The unicorn chuckled, "Yes, I missed you too, lad. How've you been? Natalie told quite a lot of interesting stories."

Arthur groaned, "Did she mention their carelessness in using spells?" Arthur pouted that made the two creatures giggle. "Yeah, I told him that, Arthur." Natalie grinned. Mr. Sparkles gave out a soft laugh, "They did it for you. But I might say, it really was careless." He added.

The Briton nodded and wore a gentle smile, "Yes, I know they did. And I'm really flattered, Natalie. Thank you. And send my regards to Lili as well late, okay?" The fae nodded her head, "Okay then!"

"But, how is Alfred doing?" Arthur groaned at the sudden question and lied down on the green grass, "Horrible, that's for sure!" he merely chuckled at the memory, "He was cuddling me like some kind of stuffed toy. God, Mr. Sparkles, he's a bloody coward!"

"Well, I wouldn't blame the kid. Everyone in the whole school knows that fact, right?" Arthur nodded, "Yes. I guess you're right." The boy thought for a while, "I better get going. Maybe he's screaming like an idiot again."

The unicorn laughed and turned his head to see Natalie, "I never thought I'd say this but I think what you assumed is correct, Natalie." The brunette pumped her fists in the air, "See? I told you so! It's written all over his forehead!" Natalie laughed louder.

Arthur raised a brow, "What are you two talking about?" he asked in curiosity. The two creatures smirked, "Nothing~" they cooed in unison and the brit responded with a scoff, "Well, alright then. I'm too tired to argue, anyway." He sat up. "And I better get going. I'll see you two during lunch time, farewell." Then stood up and walked his way back to the building.

When he arrived, he found that Alfred wasn't on his desk. He didn't mind it at first because he assumed that he just went and hung out with his usual friends.

Classes started soon and sudden worry filled his being when Alfred wasn't back by then.

Where the bloody hell did that fool run off to?

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