Tenshi: Wahhh! All27! Tsuna should have a harem and-

Rei: Would you just shut up!

Tenshi: Noooooooooooo!

May: Shut up Tenshi! Just do your job

Tenshi: Aww you two are no fun~ Anyway moving on since I developed er-

May: A fetish for all27

Tenshi: Right a fetish for all27, I would write pieces and such involving some pairings or a lot of pairings and…

Rei: Basically, she has no plot in mind so she'll write whatever she has in mind.

May: And there will be little commentaries on the story. And that's Tenshi speaking.

Tenshi: Tehehe~ Anyway I don't own KHR and this disclaimer goes throughout this… series? Oh by the way, May and Rei are based on my nagging cousins~

Rei & May: Shut up.


Yamamoto, Tsuna, and Gokudera were in the bomber's apartment for their lunch this weekend.

"Haha, you have a nice house, Gokudera!" Yamamoto remarked good heartily

"Baseball idiot, don't call me casually!" Gokudera scowled as he got ready to throw some dynamites.

Fearing for their safety (and lives), Tsuna intervened "Hiiie! Gokudera-kun, Yamamoto-kun, please stop fighting!"

"Che, if Juudaime says so"

"Haha! Sure, Tsuna"

The young brunette sighed in relief. Of course he would! HE just prevented destruction in his friend's house. He opened his cartoon of milk but he held it tightly, causing the liquid to spill unto him.



And as a result, our favorite Tsuna was soaked in creamy white substance a.k.a. milk especially on his hands. This made his two friends blush.

(What are you two thinking anyways? Eh? What Rei? I'm the author so I should understand the characters? You see, sometimes an author doesn't understand the characters too~)

Tsuna sighed. Ever since he was small, Nana taught her little son not to waste food.

"It's such a waste," the brunette licked the spilled milk on his finger, making the two flush red. Tsuna was on a world on his own, licking the opaque white fluid as his two friends were content watching him. (And thinking of erm- other things.) They even forgot their own lunches!

Then the window suddenly opened, revealing an ogling Mukuro (which annoyed the two guardians for some reason)

"My~ Vongola I would like to-"

He wasn't able to finish as he was met by bombs and slashes from a sword (courtesy of an irritated bomber and an exasperated swordsman) and the pineapple head was sent to who knows where.

Tsuna, who was busy licking his spilled milk, hadn't notice the whole chaos. So he was surprised when he glanced and saw a broken window/wall.

"What happened?"

Yamamoto and Gokudera looked at him sheepishly before flashing winningsome smiles.

"It was just old, Juudaime!"

"Haha, it's nothing you should worry about, Tsuna."

Tsuna just looked at them questioningly but decided not to ask. His intuition tells him he won't like the answer.

Tenshi: Yes little tuna, be glad you didn't. You don't kow what erotic-er- productive minds your guardians have~ Oh please remain innocent and -

May: Tenshi! We have minors here!

Tenshi: *ignores* You need to remain inoccent…well until you re- well until you're legal in age!

Rei: Please review. And Tenshi I'll repeat what May said, we have minors here!

Tenshi: Yes yes review fuels an author!

Rei & May: Just ignore this stupid author.

Tenshi: Hey!