Who got a Complex? (part 2)

As Dino was about to enter Tsuna's house, he felt murderous intents solely directed at him. It does not take a genius to find out.

Some of his rivals arrived.

The blonde boss smirked. Tsuna raised his brows at this. If he did not know better, he might think that Mukuro possessed Dino.

"Tsuna, Romario" Dino flashed them an innocent grin "Why don't the two of you go in first, I… have something to do first."

"Sure, Boss" Romario answered. He would not be clumsy without his subordinates… in that mode at least. The brunette only nodded, surprised at gracefulness the Chiavaroe do owned as he walked away from Romario.

"Did Dino have a twin or something?"

That would be too absurd so Tsuna shoved that thought away and entered the house with Romario.


"Come out Tsuna's not here" Dino ordered in a chilling voice as soon as he was out of earshot from the Sawada residence. Unsurprisingly, the Vongola guardians appeared. (sans Lambo, who was assured Tsuna-nii was safe and thus joined Maman, I-pin, Fuuta and Bianchi in shopping.) Their respective aura was murderous, even Ryouhei, Yamamoto and Chrome had an evil glint in their eyes.

"Kufufufufu~ so you dare lift my Tsunayoshi, Chiavarone?" Mukuro gave a sadistic Cheshire cat grin

"Haha, be a good sport Mukuro, Tsuna does not belong to you." Yamamoto's voice was friendly though it did not reach his eyes and he tightened his grip on his wooden sword.

"Rain-san is right, Mukuro-sama. Boss does not belong to you." Chrome seconded

"Pathetic herbivores are no match for Tsunayoshi." Hibari scowled, annoyed that he was crowding with the herbivores when he want to beat the blonde self-proclaimed teacher of his.


Hibari was ticked and was about to attack the loud boxer when Dino snickered.

"Are you going to gang up on me or you'll be destroying one another?" he taunted

"Why you bas-"

"I don't mind~ that way I ca solo Tsuna to myself."

There was tense silence as the Vongola guardians processed what he said. When they did, they brought out their weapons, intending to exter- eliminate the annoying blonde.

"Haha, this isn't funny now, Dino-san"

"I'll bite you to death"

"Kufufufu~ you wanna die?"


"I'll blow you to kingdom come!"

"I won't allow you to defile Boss."

Dino, being under the care and tutelage (Read: Spartan torturing, I mean tutoring) also has a sadistic streak himself (even Tsuna has it from time to time.). So instead of cowering and being the peacemaker, he provoked them.

"Children have no place playing adult's game" Dino brought out his whip elegantly, heck even his taunting was a feat itself when none of his subordinates were there.

Before a fight could ensure (and thus destroyig Namimori), a squeaky voice knocked them some sense.

"Hey, if you'll continue fighting, Dame-Tsuna would be pissed"

They turned and saw Reborn pointing a Leon-changed-gun towards them "I'll give you a minute to go before I'll accidentyou."

The guardians obeyed but Dino stayed.

"I never thought about the day you'll be my rival, insegnante"

Reborn smirked and lowered his fedora "So did I, studente"


After the short(heated) argument, the guardians sans Hibari (he hates crowding and he's a tsundere), Dino and Reborn entered the Sawada residence to drink tea Tsuna prepared for them.

And they were not alone.

Enma, Kyoko, Haru and Fon were there. And they were smiling daggers on them. Not glaring daggers… smiling daggers.

"Ah, I forgot the snacks!" Tsuna exclaimed "Just wait for a while."

Many… No all of them volunteered to help(sans Romario and Reborn).

"No, you're the guests here."

"But Juudaime!"

"No Gokudera. Please just stay here."

"I-if Juudaime says so."

Tsuna smiled (cue blushing/nosebleed) and went to the direction of the kitchen. Despite what Tsuna had said, a stubborn blonde still offered his help, much to the ire of the others. They could even hear their voices from the kitchen.

"Dino-san, you shouldn't!"]

"Now, now, Tsuna you shouldn't worry. I'm your elder brother so leave it to me. You need to relax!"

Wait, isn't the conversation a bit sexually explicit?

"Dino-san, Romario-san isn't here that's why- Hiieee!"


The occupants of the room hurried to the kitchen. They were worried on what trouble that idiot blonde gave to their sweet Tsuna.

Lo! They saw a scandalous scene.

And what did they found?

Snacks on the floor.

And what did they found worse?

Dino was on top of Tsuna.

And what did they found the worst?

He was kissing their Tsuna!

All hell went loose that time










Just kidding! Of course, when the brunette regained his senses, he broke free. He even apologized to Dino(who was in a daze) when in the other occupants' opinion, it was the blonde who should be sorry and not their Tsuna. Well, they'll act like angels since Tsuna was here. They looked at each other and silently formed a pact.

After Dino will leave, they would get rid of him.

Romario, Tsuna and Dino shivered as they felt the room's temperature lower.

Who will be killed?


"Primo," Alaude began, attracting the attention of all the Vongola bosses and guardians present "You brought your descendant another pervert."

"I'll haunt that Chiavarone till he die!"

"It's really all your fault Primo" Daemon casually said earning raised eyebrows from the occupants.

Did the Daemon who tried to maim Decimo really said that?

"I know, I unwittingly brought Decimo another wolf!" Giotto cried as Ricardo muttered "Idiot blonde bringing Decimo another bitch."

"No no, Primo I don't mean that. I mean it's your fault for bringing your genes to Decimo."







"What?" Giotto stared shocked at Daemon as did the others.

"Look at your resemblance with him." he sighed as the others looked at the screen with Decimo and Primo.

"Well, they look like twins" Daniella commented "And so adorable!"

The First generation Mist Guardian nodded "As Octtavo said, they are… ukeish material."

"Yes~ But Primo would be the seme with Decimo or in HDW mode!"

Ignoring her fangirl mode, Daemon continued "You know when Elena introduced you to me, I could feel the leer the men directed to you, Primo. I just shrugged it off since most of them were perverts anyway."


"And?" G pushed further.

"I always wondered why Decimo would really look much with his great-great-great grandfather when his own children don't even look like him nor does Decimo look like his father even one bit."

"You know what Daemon, just shut up."

"With pleasure Primo."

The other occupants in the room stared at Primo. The Vongola Sky guardians being Vongola bosses, were the ones who voiced the opinions the room held.

"Che, so the bastard Primo was the one who passed his idiocy and leniency! " Secondo started with a scowl.

"Poor, Decimo" Terzo sighed

"I agree" Quarto agreed

"What a cruel great-great-great grandfather Primo is." Quinto gave the Vongola founder a disappointed glance.

"His genes brought trouble to Decimo" Sesto nodded

"Decimo is really unfortunate" Settimo lamented

"Kyaaaaaaa! It would be more forbidden~ G27! Primo, thank you for bringing Decimo his looks! You're the reason for him having a harem!"

Tick… Tick…

"You ungrateful successors!" Primo growled as he attacked the other Sky guardians in punishment for their insolence.

Meanwhile, the other guardians were left to watch the show or listen to the first generation talking with each other.

"Ne, do you think Primo would tell Decimo whose plate knocked him out during the party before." Lampo asked (referring to the Omake in Chapter 5)

"Maybe not" Knuckles answered with uncertainty.

"Haha, we don't even know who exactly from the two who did it anyway." Asari laughed though rather forced.

"Hmm, Miura Haru and Sasagawa Kyoko are not to be underestimated" Alaude said "The plates they have thrown before were enough to knock other guest down."

"So whose damn plate accidentally made way to Decimo?" G asked

"Only Primo knows" Alaude and Daemon chorused. They blinked and glared at each other.

"Stupid melon, stop copying me."

"Nufufufu~ wasn't it you who is copying me, you kink."


"Nufufufu~ wasn't it you who always check on the Decimo and his ass?"

"No, you're the pedophile for attacking Decimo, most likely with an idea to deflower him."

"Hoi" G, wanted to interrupt, lest Primo could hear them. Unfortunately, they did not listen to him. The other fellow guardians tried to pacify the two, even Lampo. Heck, they don't want to be at the end of an angry blonde's rage.

"Hmm, to think that there are even perverts among my guardians," a cold voice stopped their argument. Behold, they saw a very pissed off Giotto and on the background, the other Vongola Bosses were encrusted in ice. Even Daniella was not spared.

"Since I've made human popsticles already. Daemon, Alaude, I'll make human barbeques"

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