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"Fate controls who walks into you life

But you decide who you let walk out

Who you let stay

And who you refuse to let go


Chapter 1: lose one gain two

Cassie woke up the next morning to see Faye sitting on the edge of her bed. Cassie almost screamed see the dark hair which at her house. "What in hell are you doing here? How did you even get in here?" Faye gave her an amused look. "Well Cassie I got in though the back door. You should really start locking that by the way and as to why I'm here, because I heard that Adam broke up with you and I'm here to see if you're ok."

The brunette gave her a suspicious look. "Faye what are you playing at you don't go see if people are "ok" and by the way Adam didn't break up with me I broke up with him." Cassie said. "Why would you do that Cassie I though you and Adam had this silver cord, this bond that no one could break?" Faye said mockingly.

"Well silver cord or not, there is no denying that Adam is still in love with Diana and he will always be in love with her, and I'm just getting really tired of it. Faye are you going to leave anytime soon because I am not in the mood for company." The dark haired which suddenly jumped up, "oh no Cassie I'm not going to let you stay in bed and mope around. What kind of friend would I be if I did that?" Faye started pulling at Cassie's arm to try and get her up. "No Faye I don't want to go anywhere." She said and then as an afterthought she added "When did we become 'friends' wasn't it just a year ago you were blackmailing me and saying that you and I quote own me." Faye rolled her eyes "Cassie you should know this by now we have a very complicated relationship. Now we're going shopping. I will be down stairs and I expect you to be down there in 30 minuets or I'm coming up here and dragging you down stairs, dressed or not." With that Faye turned on her heals and headed out the door and down the stairs. Cassie got up and started getting dressed. She new Faye wasn't kidding when she said that she would drag her out dressed or not, and she rather not go shopping in her PJ or worse half naked.

Cassie went down stairs and saw Faye on the couch looking at her book of showdowns. "Wasn't that in my room?" Cassie asked sitting down next to Faye on the couch. "NO it was on the coffee table and while I was waiting for you I decide to read it." Faye said. "Any new spells you want to try?" Cassie asked. Faye smirked. "Of course."

"Well are you ready to go?" Faye asked. Cassie grabbed her purse and keys, "now I am."

Cassie was dreading going to school, she didn't want to see him…. She didn't want to see him with her. Cassie walked down the hall too her locker. When she got to her locker she was surprised to see a figured there. When she got closer she realized it was Nick. "Hey, how are you?" he asked with concern in his eyes. "I'm fine." Cassie said. Nick gave her a 'I know you better then that look.' I am fine… really." Nick could see the pain and hurt in her eyes but decide to drop it. "Whatever you say Cassie." With that he took her hand and started walking out of the building. "Where are we going class is in the other direction." Cassie said looking behind her then back at nick. "We are ditching today. You need to get your mind off so things." He dragged her to his truck. Cassie smiled she was happy because she knew in his own twisted way he was trying to cheer her up.

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