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I'm gonna smile, cause I want to make you happy

Laugh, so you can't see me cry

Im gonna let you go in style

And even if it kills me

I'm gonna smile

- Smile by Lone Star

Chapter 2: waterfall and movie

"How are you feeling?" Nick asked. They ended up going to a coffee shop a few blocks away from the school. Cassie took a drink from her mocha. "I'm really am fine, people really need to stop asking me. I feel like am a tap recorder on replay." Cassie said jokingly with a fake smile. That's what she saying but Nick new she was far from ok.

They fell into a comfortable silence. She always felt safe around Nick, he seemed to always be there when she need him. Cassie smiled to herself. She was so lucky she had him as a friend. "What are you smiling about?" Nick asked her. Cassie realized she was staring at him. She looked away and tired to hide her blush. "I was just thinking how lucky I was to have a friend like you." she admitted and her bush deepened. He smirked at that.

"Hey lets get out of here I want to show you something." Nick said. He got up and so did Cassie. They paid the bill for there drinks and went to Nick's truck. "So what do you want to show me?" Cassie asked nick as he started his truck. "It's a surprise but we might want to stop by your house so you can put on different shoes, we kanda have to hike to it." Nick said. Cassie looked down at her feet. She was wearing her black flats. Cassie probably could hike in them but it would make it even harder to hike. "You're probably right let's stop by my house so I can put on some tennis shoes." Cassie Said. She looked out the window. She could feel her throat tighten, she wasn't going to cry, not over him.

Nick pulled up to Cassie's house and Cassie got out of the truck. "I'll be right back." She said to Nick and walked into the house. Cassie walked into the house it was quite. A few days ago Cassie's mom went on a business trip leaving Cassie alone for three weeks. Her mom left four days ago so she didn't know Cassie broke up with Adam.

Cassie put on her tennis shoes and went back down stairs and hoped into Nick truck. "Ready to go." Cassie said and Nick started the car and drove down the road.

They stopped a few blocks away from her house, by the edge of the forest. Cassie got out of the truck and turned to Nick "You wanted to show me a forest?" Cassie asked Nick looking at him with one eye brow raised. "No of course not I told you we would have to hike to it didn't I." he said starting to walk into the forest, Cassie followed.

They were walking for about an hour and a half when Nick finely stopped. Cassie looked up and saw an amazing view there was a water fall. It was about 12 feet high and she was amazed at how green the trees where. There were so many different colors of wild flowers there. It was like something out of a picture but way better. "Wow Nick this amazing, how did you find it?" Cassie asked in aw. Nick looked at Cassie and smiled. "Deborah and I found it when we were little." Nick said and looked at the water fall without saying another word. Cassie looked at Nick his face showed no emotion but his eyes were sad. Maybe he is thinking about his parents or the good times belittle and having little to worry about. Cassie thought. She desisted not to push it further. They stay there for a few hours and talked about random stuff. It was fun to be with Nick when he wasn't being antisocial. Cassie had to admit she missed hanging out with him; he was a really great friend.

"Bye Nick, see you later." Cassie said closing the car (or in the case truck) door. She waved and turned towards her house. Cassie took out her key and unlocked her house door. She noticed that her kitchen light was on. That's weird, Cassie thought mom was not suppose to be home for about another three weeks. "Mom?!" Cassie yelled grabbing the closets thing she could find which happened to be a metal bat. She had no idea why they had the bat nobody played with it. Cassie slowly walked towards the kitchen with the bat held ready to swing. Someone turned the corner and Cassie closed her eyes and was about to swing the bat, "Wait Cassie it me don't swing!" Cassie froze that voice sounded familiar. She opened her eyes and came face to face with a dark haired which. "Faye?.. What are you doing here?" Cassie asked lowering her bat. "Well… I saw you at school this morning and I didn't see you the rest of the day and so I thought you went home sick. So after lunch I got in my car and drove to your house to make sure you were ok. I came here and went throw the back door. But it turned out you weren't here. In all the years of knowing you Cassie Blake I never thought a goodie goodie like you would skip school." Faye said shaking her head in disappointment. Cassie just stared at Faye for a little while then asked "Are you ok Faye do you have a fever?" Faye looked at her puzzled. "What are you talking about?" she asked. "Well you've been acting really weird and you're actually being nice and worried." Faye shrugged and sat on the couch. "Let watch a movie." Faye said. Cassie put "The Notebook" in to annoy Faye and sat down next to Faye.

Faye would never admit it but she actually liked this movie. Half way though the movie Faye felt Cassie head on her shoulder, she looked at her and saw that she was fast asleep. Faye smirked and put her head on Cassie. She did own Cassie. Cassie was hers, she just didn't know it yet.

"Goodnight Cass." Faye said and fell into a deep sleep.

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