Author's Notes: This collection is for my dear friend, and daughter by Lucius Malfoy, Violet Scarlet Lily. She wants to quit fanfiction, and this indulgence of her love both for angst and for Lily Luna Potter is an entreaty to come back or a going away present, all depending on how well it works.

Seven drabbles, Lily Luna-centric, possibly with Lily/Scorpius and Lily/Teddy, depending on how the spirit moves me.

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Keep these words forever as reminder of what sends a dying Lily to the lake…

~Lily Maid (Heather Dale)~


When Lily turned eleven and was at last sent off to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with her cousins and brothers, she began to keep a diary for the first time in her life. It was a plain, black, leather-bound book that she had found in one of her parents' shelves, unused, and she had adopted it for her own.

Other girls kept lists of boyfriends, school assignments, or petty little daily problems in their diaries, Lily knew from listening to them.

Lily didn't.

She kept a much more important list.

Every word that people said against Lily – from mumbles of "stupid brat" to allegations and gossip about uncommitted crimes from students that she had never met, to teachers' comments "why can't she be more like her brothers", or "Rose", or worst of all, "her father" – she faithfully recorded in the book, until she had filled every page with slander.

As long as the words were made concrete, in the form of ink upon a page, they couldn't hurt Lily.

It was only when she let them out of the pages, let them become thoughts that swirled dangerously around her head, that she had to run away from them.